Tuesday, December 11, 2018

"Feeling Into" the Holidays

I was just thinking how the holidays elicit the adjectives MERRY and HAPPY. It's so easy to think that means twinkling lights, presents with bows, tinsel, silver bells, noise-makers, champagne, and a cute array of decorated cookies. Perhaps I've been watching too many Hallmark Christmas movies? Anyway, nothing at all wrong with merry and happy. . . I just started to feel into a deeper function of this "turning of the year" ritual time, which we often forget to notice.
I have been interested in how we generally avoid dealing with endings, how we rarely allow ourselves to experience pleasure and satisfaction of a job well done before our mind leaps ahead to the next task on the "To Do" list. At the end of a cycle of creativity, our mind often panics as it thinks we are now facing "the Void." Thoughts of loss, loneliness, the undertow of the unknown, depression, and failure can loom large. It's natural to want distractions from this sort of anxiety. So let's eat, drink, and be merry!
Is this part of why these end-of-year/start-of-year holidays are so important? To ease the transition between creation cycles? At the end of a cycle of creativity, it's important to recognize what you've created and what you've been learning. Take stock. Feel the benefits. Feel good about yourself and the choices you made, the way life unfolded for you. See how you affected the flow, how you allowed the good, how you found the gifts in the garbage. Learn from what you did. Then: STOP! Take the pause that refreshes. That means a bit of quiet time, not necessarily partying!
Enter liminal space—that magical experience before a threshold and after a threshold, the place where the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly. Here is where you allow yourself to merge again with the imaginal realm, get out of your left brain and will power, and simply be. Remember you ARE the soul. You are connected. You know what you're doing and have lots of help. The right thing will occur next when it's ready. Meantime, you are a fruit getting ripe. Soak up what you need.
Thanksgiving (for those of us in the US) helps us enter the right frame of mind: gratitude is such a mind-relaxer and heart-opener. It prepares us for the end of the year, when ideally, we should take a little time to review the year, assess our accomplishments and the strength of our character, and celebrate the presence of love all-around.
And then, as New Year's Day occurs, we might want to take some quiet time to focus, not so much on resolutions we might not keep for more than a week or two, but on how we want to be, and feel, and act in the coming year. And it's nice that we have "a year"—it's a manageable amount of experience we can chunk and remember easily. After we determine our preferred attitudes and states of being, out of that frequency will come ideas for what we'd like to create. Hold these things loosely but feel your core enthusiasm for doing them. These things do not have the word "should" attached! No! It's "I want it! I love it! I want to dive in."
Ask for the first steps, the hints, the glimmers, the synchronicities, and make an agreement with yourself and all the beings who help us: "I will pay attention to what I'm noticing. I will act on those things that feel just right, that allow me to stay in my home frequency. I will act in each moment in alignment with what feels courageous and uplifting." The holidays, or holy-days, are times for remembering wholeness, or unity—your belongingness, your value in the scheme of all things, and for speaking of that, giving gifts with that in mind, and acting in alignment with that truth.
I wish you a sacred, meaning-filled, bright, self-affirming, luminous, laughterful, and warm-hearted time of yearly transition—into the new amount of yourself.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Chivalry: One Great Power of the Heart

I post this piece mainly because it struck a chord with me concerning the lack of chivalry—and what it truly means and what state of being it can produce—in the recent debacle around Judge Kavanaugh and what I consider to be the almost criminally insensitive and immoral leaders of the Republican party in the United States. There are many interesting ideas in Olson's piece—worth some deeper contemplation. The bold emphases are mine.

The Rules of Enchantment
by Bradley Olson, Ph.D.

As we at the Joseph Campbell Foundation wrap up our celebration of the month of September with the theme of Timeless Tales, I want to return to an exploration of the Grail Romances and the relevance these stories have to the challenge of living a contemporary life. In Wolfram’s Parzival, the grail is described as “a stone vessel brought down from heaven by the neutral angels.”

Campbell also discusses the symbolic significance of this act in Romance of the Grail: The Magic and Mystery of Arthurian Myth. The neutral angels refused to participate in the heavenly war between God and Lucifer and thus, symbolically, they and their neutrality represent the transcendent principle, the function of which is to reconcile pairs of opposites. Read this way, the grail and its various narratives are seen not simply as the search for a priceless relic, but rather as an effort to move towards a profoundly life-affirming ideal culminating in healing and wholeness, not just limited to the individual, but extending outward to others and to the world itself. It is a union of the spiritual, the psychic, and the physical; it is the phenomenon that C.G. Jung described as the coniunctio. 

The knights-errant who rode forth seeking the grail didn’t ride under the banner, Amor, as was the habit of the suffering Grail King Amfortas. Amor is a tricky thing: it is often convention masquerading as freedom, infatuation posing as love, a frequently ecstatic projection that leads one unavoidably, at some point, into wounded, impotent grief. Knights-errant striving to attain the grail labor toward an ideal of chivalry which, contrary to the ecstatic rapture of Amor, exposes them to difficulties, trials, and suffering, the very experiences that prepare them to apprehend the sublime. Chivalry may well be the generative, procreative quality of the heart, and it gives birth to individual expressions of courage, nobility, mercy, curiosity, patience, and charity. Chivalry expressed as the action of living lifts the veil of quotidian life to reveal an enchanted world, a world of mystery, of wonder, a world of meaning, a world of soul.

There are people mentioned in the grail romances who lack the ethos of chivalry, and thus lacking, lack what the grail represents. They live fine, probably even honorable lives as clergy, merchants, farmers, fishmongers, servants, husbands, wives, and children. They, in all likelihood, are not aware that the world in which they work, play, live, emote, speculate on, laugh about, and die in, is enchanted. All they know of the world are its instinctual pleasures and its unpredictable terrors. For them the world is often harsh, nasty, and short; they commend their souls to God and let fortune do what it must to them, for God and fortune are all they have to rely upon. For them, it’s inconceivable to operate in and on the world with anything resembling individual agency because human agency relies upon the qualities of chivalry. Agency knows the value of risk, of effort, of imagination, and dignity; all those qualities that teach us that breathing is not the same thing as living.

The only chance one has of finding the grail—or finding that which the grail represents—is through the living of a life predicated on the values of chivalry. Now before you scoff at the notion of chivalry as an antiquated, old-fashioned, straightened notion that contemporary people can disregard, what if I told you that chivalry is not merely a way of life, it is a science? In fact, in his famous paper on phenomenology, "Don Quixote and the Problem of Reality," Alfred Schütz calls chivalry “the queen of all sciences.” Chivalry, Schütz argues, encompassed all or most of the sciences in the world at that time: the knight-errant had to be an expert in criminal and civil law, a theologian, a healer: both physician and herbalist, an economist, an astronomer, an athlete, an artisan who could shoe a horse, mend a saddle, or repair weapons and armor as the need arose. Above all the knight-errant had to be a philosopher, one who knew and defended truth, while simultaneously understanding that such a defense might well cost him everything, even his own life. In contemporary life, some will see such individuals and identify them as renaissance hominum, renaissance individuals, while many others will probably call them fools. But, it was said of Don Quixote, and it is no less true of ourselves: that one may live as a fool and yet die wise.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Role of Ancient Teachings in the New Paradigm

As we yearn for a larger explanation of what’s happening in the world today, many turn attention to the spiritual, esoteric teachings of ancient cultures—teachings that have been recorded by both priesthoods and mystics. These systems were ways of symbolizing and preserving universal experience so it could be duplicated for those to come, and to hide knowledge from those who might misuse it for personal gain. In times past, it was mainly those few in spiritual service who received the knowledge and discipline necessary to train their minds to experience “enlightenment.” 

Today, though, everyone is involved in a global process of spiritual growth—no more is enlightenment the realm of a special few. Esoteric teachings can serve as established roads into understanding the large-scale transformation happening today, but often they don’t go far enough or communicate how the phases of the process actually “feel” or how the teachings may have evolved to fit with our accelerated reality.

The Many Paths
Since people have varying levels of readiness and many cultural biases, there are many paths to the same goal. The Universal has been fragmented the way the Tower of Babel fragmented knowledge into so many languages. Throughout history many souls have incarnated to create and re-create ascension ceremonies and practices, suited to specific cultures and time periods, to help people remember who they are and what they know. Sometimes the methods were updated for the times, and sometimes the teachings remained dogmatic—ie, the teachers were loyal to past codified forms of the knowledge and processes. 

Back when an individual’s world was limited to their village or country, one narrow path was fine. But today we are becoming global citizens, looking for commonalities among peoples. There are core truths at the heart of all paths to spirit. Should we let our definition-loving left brain limit us to only one way? Should we allow ourselves to become captive of a form?

The Limits of Ancient Teachings
In many ancient practices the teachings originated with partial perception. People were seeing in a linear way where there appeared to be a separation between earth and heaven, humans and the gods. Heaven was way “up there” and there seemed to be a huge gap between the realms. Various methodologies were defined so people could cross that gap—Charon, the sacred ferryman, carried souls of the newly deceased across the river Styx. Some souls were taken up in the chariots of the gods, while others had elaborate burial rituals to ensure they would make it to Valhalla or Olympus with all their worldly possessions.

Back then, we needed heaven to seem like earth, to believe there was “something” rather than “nothing” out there; we needed physical proof. We needed the gods to be like us, rather than we like them. We gave them powers we didn’t grant ourselves. Visitations were needed to convince the left brain that heaven was real. Similarly, we needed physical representations of abstract sacred patterns, or frequencies of consciousness, to feel the reality of how the nonphysical realms functioned. We sought to replicate sacred geometries in our temples, churches, cities, and arts. But for the large part, we didn’t go into the direct experience of the abstract, nonphysical realms.

We are still coming from partial perception today, still seeing a gap between self and soul, between matter and spirit—because we’re still knowing through the filter of linear perception. It’s logical, then, that many of the old teachings are appealing. But we are experiencing an intensified acceleration of energy and consciousness that’s causing our physical reality to increase its frequency; we are now able to experience that the nonphysical spiritual realm is within the physical one. They are one! As we flow with the acceleration on the planet and experience greater integration of soul with self, spirit with matter, our identity and reality transform. We are actually transforming faster and in larger collectives than ever before on the planet. Ancient teachings don’t address this.

Today’s Fragmented Consciousness
I see the attraction to Hermetic teachings, shamanism, sacred dance, mediumship, Wicca, working with gemstones and herbs, yoga, the Kabbalah, and so forth, as healthy beginnings. Many paths can facilitate higher states of consciousness when practiced diligently. As in ancient times, with enough work, people could experience initiation, during which the divine collective nature of the individual soul was revealed and memory of the spiritual realms returned. But this was a lifetime commitment. Becoming part of the Freemasons, for example, was a serious undertaking with many tests of character along the way.

Today, people may grasp hold of just one segment of broader teachings or may misinterpret techniques as ways to have a successful relationship or make more money—in other words, they want a better quality of life in the physical world, and don’t go any further. This “spiritual materialism” blocks transformation. In addition, given the shallow, fragmented nature of our consciousness, many people want fast answers and don’t want to put in the time to do the necessary work. They aren’t curious enough to see the magical, joyful results that occur when we take things far enough. Many seem to be grazing from one practice to another. Are we dilettantes or synthesizers? Are we splitting our consciousness further or unifying methods and inner experiences into a cohesive core understanding?

Watch for Subtle Forms of Ego and Distortion
A problem comes when teachers of ancient systems want to lock the teachings down as “the” answer or way. Or when they are caught in subtle forms of ego: the need for attention (to feel special) to validate themselves, identifying with the teachings as a way to integrate past life experience, or using the teachings as a security blanket to not have to truly dissolve the “clutter” they hold—which might be fear-based or based on pride, past successes, or habit. Then they don’t move beyond the forms, techniques, definitions, and processes of the specific system they espouse. And they can’t become universal enough for what is happening on the planet today.

I have never trusted people who tell others they’re enlightened. I’ve always sensed that the truly enlightened live in the world in a way that quietly empowers others, not in a way that draws attention to themselves. Enlightenment, when it comes, is so ordinary—the memory of the way it is just occurs, along with “How could I have forgotten?” So I watch for teachers who claim special expertise, use superlative language, coin their own terminology to stand out from the crowd, have special processes you need to experience to achieve high-level results, or who create online empires. I watch for people who don’t walk their talk and who are in the “work” to unconsciously heal themselves while acting as if they know what “you” need. I watch for spiritual guidance (even from myself) that comes from left-brain projections.

I watch for people who channel holy or healing energies so they themselves can feel them but don’t go further to become them, or to see that the recipient is already full of sacred energy and doesn’t need any more. To become a master is an old way of thinking—that we need an expert intermediary to connect us, or that mastery is a superior or unusual thing. Enlightenment is actually everyone’s true original state and this should be popularized. Spiritual growth still requires work and persistence. It’s not something you get quickly in an online course or training. We need discrimination about the caliber of teachers we work with and our reasons for pursuing certain paths. 

Also watch for people who misrepresent universal principles through lack of understanding or who anthropomorphize spiritual beings so they seem more human. For example, in my understanding, angels and archangels rarely take on physical form, but are more likely to merge with morphological fields of high-frequency vibration, the kind created in ceremonies. Angels are not outside us but are more like an immense field or kind of light—a bridge-like clarifying frequency we can share with them. We give nonphysical beings names, but it’s for our convenience. They are more like tones that lead attuned people into new states via resonance. 

Also, since there is no outside world, we can’t “attract” anything or anyone. Willpower doesn’t work. Forms emerge from our field when we match vibrations. The new Intuition Age frames things in terms of energy-consciousness-fields-frequencies-collectives-soul groups-pools of knowledge—all resonating. Tune yourself to any and you can know within that band of knowledge without intermediaries. The help we get from nonphysical beings is via telepathy and event coordination, timing, and helping people be conscious of when and what to do. 

Work with Forms and Direct Experience
So, if you’re grazing to synthesize knowledge from different viewpoints, the way a college student might take a variety of electives, great! If you’re diving deep into one path, great! Get as much from it as possible and then look for similar, parallel paths as well that can broaden your worldview.

Ancient wisdom practices can be useful if we don’t get stuck in definitions and attribute the universal experience to special individuals. Just go deeper, trust yourself. You are the soul and you are the master teacher to your own personality. Certainly there are levels of readiness. Until you merge soul and self, a supposedly “separate” teacher will appear for each and every level. In the end, though, all teachers are you. The key is to feel for ego, lack of fluidity, and either too much, or not enough, seriousness. Choose what feels just right, and notice when something begins to feel limiting. The next thing you need will be revealed. And watch for your own impatience or the subtle anxiety that can convince you to jump ship. Sometimes it’s important to hold your attention on something one minute longer. Use what you can from specific paths, but forge that direct connection and merger with your own inner world.

copyright by Penney Peirce 0918

Monday, April 9, 2018

Join Penney for Intuition & Energy Dynamics for Counselors (and Helping Professionals) June 1-3, 2018

We're gathering again this year in Copenhagen, Denmark for another immersion workshop, June 1-3, this time drilling down to focus on how intuition and higher frequency consciousness can transform the work of counselors and helping professionals. How can therapists, counselors, HR directors, and other helping professionals reframe the healing process, care for themselves, and handle overwhelm and negativity?

You'll become familiar with the dynamics of personal transformation and the acceleration of the healing process. You'll learn to access intuition and work intimately with the imaginal realm to bring greater inspiration and accuracy to the work of assessing inner patterns and healing emotional and mental contractions. By shifting the inner energy blueprint—in the present moment—many miraculous openings can take place. And: What is the role of transparency?

We’ll focus on the following issues, and more:
—the dynamics of the Flow and the Creation Cycle; how we become stuck
—things that can sabotage your clarity
—unhealthy energy habits related to the reptile brain and left brain
—the power of alignment and maintaining your “home frequency”
—working telepathically with others
—the inner energy blueprint and power of working in the nonphysical realms first
—reading others clairvoyantly and clairsentiently
—subtle energetic causes of blockages
—clearing subconscious blocks easily
—how we become transparent
—how healing actually occurs; can it be instantaneous?
—the ethics and subtle dynamics of the new healing and counseling
—finding a vision for the expanded expression of your work

Even if you're in the US, flights are reasonable and you can find a nice AirBNB if you'd like a little educational vacation in a great city! We usually have a great international turnout.

Download the 2-pp flyer here. Or email Nanna at nanna@nannaagerlin.com

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Join Penney Peirce for the Intuition & Writing Immersion Retreat, April 11-16

Hello Writers,

Intuition and writing go together like clouds & rain, sun & sand beach.
Radical honesty infuses your words with a vibration that carries power.

Something exciting is coming this spring! April 11-16, I’m conducting an in-depth writing  workshop with a wonderful novelist and author of Writing WildTina Welling from Jackson Hole, WY. Tina has been a longtime faculty member at The Jackson Hole Writers Conference. I love Tina's novels, set in the West, and I definitely think someone should make movies out of them!

Here's what Tina has said about me: "I wrote about Penney in my book Writing Wild. In fact, my book’s central idea arose from reading Penney’s The Intuitive Way. She has written several other books on intuition and consciousness transformation since then. Her newest is Transparency'The thing about Penney’s advice is that it works,' says Martha Beck, bestselling author and columnist for Oprah Magazine. I am so pleased she and I are doing a workshop together."

Our workshop takes place on Hutchinson Island at a beautiful Marriott resort, off the coast of Stuart, FloridaThe soft energy of the tropics provides a tremendous amount of creative energy swirling as deep and alive as the ocean we’ll be working near each day. Tina visited there regularly as a child, and I live up the coast a few hours, so this is home territory for both of us.

I will guide participants in a 2-hour workshop every morning on intuition and how to use it to loosen up and enhance your creative process. Tina will conduct a 2-hour workshop every afternoon on the process of creative writing—both fiction and nonfiction. 

Tina and I will be onsite all day and evening, making ourselves available to you. We will host lunch for all the writers, and share beach walks, cool drinks poolside, writing quietly overlooking the ocean, strolling around the golf course, and visiting the nature preserve.

Tina has arranged for a limited number of rooms to be available for at a reduced price. You can check out the Hutchinson Island Marriott at the Indian River Plantation here: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/pbiir-hutchinson-island-marriott-beach-resort-and-marina/

To reserve your spot and find out about the logistics and cost, contact Tina: Tina@TinaWelling.com or call her at 307-413-0900. She's looking forward to talking with you.

Both Tina and I feel grateful to have this opportunity to learn from each other and from all of you, and we look forward to offering our experience writing nonfiction, novels, and short stories. We will both share our experiences in the mysterious world of agents, editors, publishers, and promotion. 

The intensive is open to attendees of all levels and interests. Please join us in this adventure; together we’ll create wonders! 

Download the flyer here: www.penneypeirce.com/pdfs/WritingWorkshop2018/pdf

Monday, January 8, 2018

Penney's Direct Writing Guidance: from 2000!

When I feel lost in the undertow of my dominating mind, just let the motion go and look someone in the eyes. Just let the motion go and let another motion be. Any motion. The motion of the mind is just another Wind among many, blowing, blowing.

Let all meanings be. Let there be no set of thoughts that are right, none that are wrong. Let things stop. Let things change. Let things emerge. Let my mind be tricked by the larger FLOW. There is a Plan, but I must give up my limited way of defining this concept: the plan is I AM. Nothing is special. Nothing is a letdown. It is what it is.

Let my name have no meaning, no meaning in the arrangement of the letters, in the sound, in the associations I have about myself. My name: it is a moment, a place. A changing but steady vibration. A cooperative steady point for emergence of: BIG I AM.

Stop looking for meanings and control my mind!! How? Breathing. Moving the body artfully without internal commentary. BEING WITH other people beyond their mind patterns, beyond their winds. Get beyond the weather patterns. BE REAL. Don't COPE. Let my mind be a simple receiver. Let my mind be a simple relay of energy packets. Simple simple simple.

Where does it all come from and where does it all go? It's happening at once in all parts. The mind is just God looking at HimHerSelf, and it gets caught loving Itself — don't love yourself in the mirror. FLOW FLOW FLOW, feel love in action. Don't get caught in the senses. Don't stop unless it's an eternal moment. Forget MOMENTUM. Forget DRAMA. Get rid of disappointment. Don't be defined.

The ACTION is happening. I'm part. It pulls me into an awareness of it, shows me I AM it. Let go of the small identity. Become the ACTION.

I can't just save me, protect my private space and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist. It's ME. I'm in all those people. I have to find myself first in this body, then in all the bodies. ME isn't my name. ME isn't hurt. ME isn't disappointed. ME isn't coping. ME is ACTING already in total commitment — it's OUT THERE doing big things and showing up beautifully in all good works all over the world. I'm already busy all over the world in big ways and small ways. Let the pace be set for this body here as it needs to be. But how will this body be drawn into the ACTION?

Remember how many channels for action there are, how many dimensions it's possible to function on at once. Greater I AM will drop me into channels and gently lift me out and transfer me to others. Be as much of the Greater ME as possible as it's happening. Let the moments blur into each other as they slip through me. Time moves through me, not me through time. Space moves through me, not me through space. ACTION moves through me, not me through it.

I must join the ACTION, already in progress. I hear the voices in there, hear the laughter. The kisses, the lovemaking, the rolling around in each other. Oh, the joy! I alone hold myself out of it and WHY? Waiting for the world to love me. When I am the world, already in ACTION, already in love. I am an I, not a me. ME needs, ME wants to receive. ME is one way: involutionary. I simply AM.

I am learning to unlearn. No MEMORY!! Have it all as I need it. Memory is a function of identity and only belongs to the limited mind. Accept that I already know all now. Let God/I focus it. Different amount of knowledge at different times, but there are no different moments — that's only a function of mind again, trying to be safe by being partial.

Receive the MOTHER through every mother I've ever had, through every child I've ever had. Receive the FATHER through every father I've ever had, through every child I've ever had.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Penney Peirce, channeled reading transcript, from the early 1980s

The human kingdom exists as a zone between the purely spiritual realm, or "the Father", and the physical, earthly realm, "the Mother." The human experience could be likened to "the Child," the fertile place where the two great forces meet and generate unending creativity. As we become consciously aware of the universal Father force while being fully committed to the physical body, or fully "ensouled" in the Mother, then the third and fourth dimensions collapse into each other, and the two ways of knowing reality fuse. Our experience of physical reality will transform as a critical mass of people have a conscious realization of this new, blended state of awareness, this reunification of body, mind, and spirit. The resulting new reality is what many people call the New Paradigm.
Fourth dimensional, spiritual awareness emerges from the center of atomic particles, literally ascending out of the cells of our bodies, and it simultaneously affects us in a descending fashion through our thoughts and inspirations. It is as though the sun is burning through our fog of illusion, and quickly now! There is to be a divine marriage soon, as the veil of separation between the realms dissolves. This will result in a greatly enhanced conviction of unity and a flood of clarity and new understanding. We will know that matter itself is conscious and alive, and will also have access to the vast knowledge that lies beyond the logical mind.
 As this process occurs, there will be a lightening, literally, of matter––more light and energy will flow through physical form, as increased vibration, and the refinement and sensitivity of our bodies will improve. As higher energy begins to run through us, we often mislabel it as anxiety or panic, and suppress it. Then it causes problems. We're seeing this in the dramatic psychological and emotional changes many people are experiencing now, and in the proliferation of "high frequency" diseases.
 As the transformation process accelerates, the need to clear the body of old, locked-in patterns of thought, belief, and personal identity becomes paramount. Otherwise these blockages will eventually "explode" in the presence of such white hot energy. So, one of the major functions of education now is to assist in this process of release and purification. Humanity, and each individual within it, is becoming a clear lens, a transmitter, a tuner. 

Copyright by Penney Peirce, from "Transforming Education: An Expert Intuitive's Look at Future Trends"

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Transparency: from the "Final Thoughts" Section of Peirce's Book

As I read back through what I have written in Transparency, I wonder: “Am I being naïve?” There is so much chaos in this bridge time, and so many are sure it’s leading to the destruction of much of humanity and a terrible shock for our planet—yet I see it as a positive thing, a vast clearing phase. I don’t know exactly where my optimism comes from, but it seems to originate way, way back in time, and deep down below the surface of events and thoughts. 

Perhaps it comes from the “me” who lives in that higher frequency reality we used to call the future. In this source place, sight goes away, hearing fades to a soft hum, and the tactile turns to something nearly unfeelable, like the neutral between hot and cold. What’s left after the senses are gone is a shiny nugget. It’s a bright little sun, the memory of the big suns in the universe and perhaps of the kind of sun the universe itself might be if we could go beyond it and look back. That’s where I go when I look for the source of my naïveté. It’s something about what the soul knows for sure.

I can’t say enough about the difference in the two realities—the opaque, linear one and the transparent, spherical-holographic one. Everything we know in linear terms is about to change into a new kind of functioning, and we’ll know it all with such added dimension that we’ll have to redefine life. Yes, the ego needs to go! Yes, our human consciousness needs to be shocked into waking up and breaking out from the familiarity of its hypnotized, glazed-over, prison-cell mentality. You don’t have to be shocked into it, though, because you are finding the knowledge you need, just as you need it, to wake up on your own. 

When we think in linear terms, achieving the transparent world seems logistically impossible. The left brain starts cranking hard to imagine every single person touching every other person, creating a linked network of clarity that will certainly take a very long time to occur. And overcoming millennia of vengeance, violence, apathy, and suffering definitely has the odds stacked firmly against it. Steam is coming out of our ears! 

But shift to spherical-holographic perception and transparency, where spirit and matter merge and intermingle, and it’s easier to sense the powerful effect a high-frequency, wisdom-rich, compassion-loaded, collective inner blueprint can have on humanity. Just as enlightenment can happen in any ordinary second, just as the reality you’ve dreamed of can become your daily life, so transparency can come upon you and become normal—with no apparent, logical cause. It simply emerges from your own field and from the field of humanity that has reached a critical mass of clarity. 

Not everyone on earth has to do all the work of becoming transparent alone. When the critical mass occurs, the transparent reality will seem like the next most natural thing. When the automobile, telephone, television, personal computer, and internet materialized, it didn’t take long before people couldn’t imagine the world without these things. So it will be with transparency.

Copyright by Penney Peirce from Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Changing a Global Mindset

Years ago, I worked closely in a partnership with trance medium Kevin Ryerson, (who became well known through his connection with Shirley MacLaine and Gary Zukav), for four years. At the end of 1981, we did a large public event together.

During Kevin’s full trance state, when the enitities he worked with were speaking through him, one of the beings (John the Beloved) said that it was possible for our minds, when aligned with peace and compassion in a state of unified collective consciousness, to change the flow of events on the planet—in effect, to change destiny as it had been written.

John Lennon had just been assassinated (12/8/80) and I remember feeling so incredibly moved by his death, as though it were a sacred event somehow, even though I wasn’t an avid Beatles fan. John the Beloved, speaking through Kevin, said that it was indeed a powerful event and that the worldwide meditation for peace, organized by Yoko Ono afterward, was an even more powerful event.

He said that it was this worldwide aligning of minds in a common vibration of peace and harmony, that had changed the history of the planet. He said that President Reagan had been slated to die in an assassination attempt (3/30/81) and that the Queen of England was also supposed to die in an assassination attempt (6/13/81). It was this “global prayer for peace,” focused through the essence of John Lennon’s spirit, that had eliminated the need for these shocking deaths to bring consciousness to the masses.

Shift to 2017. We have been experiencing intense waves of heightened energy streaming through us and our organizations and systems. The energy that was stuck last year seems to be moving with great force now. Some days we want to scream, some days we want to sleep, some days we want to stuff our rising feelings (and the discomfort with receiving more of our own light) under a blanket of numbing food or addictive behaviors. But stuck energy is breaking loose anyway, materializing as devastating hurricanes and floods, mass shootings, and vast wildfires totally destroying huge areas of homes and farms.

I have a friend who was vacationing in Italy, and returned to Santa Rosa, California, not knowing about the fires, to find her home and all her possessions, all her files, flat-out destroyed. I can’t imagine the shock. When I spoke with her, she said her friends had been incredible, taking her in, providing for her, and she was actually fine. She said, “I guess this is my opportunity to experience a blank slate and create a new life.”

It occurred to me later, since I had lived just a few miles from the Sonoma County devastation for 30+ years, that this area of the country was filled with an inordinate number of highly spiritual people—people who have been clearing themselves of fear for many years. I wondered how many of those people had had deep positive responses to the losses like my friend had—where they did not add more pain into the world over the brutal “clearing,” where they did not take the victim stance, where they walked into the spaciousness that had been given them with open arms.

I imagined the power of a large group of people, faced with what most of humanity would think of as overwhelming tragedy, who united in a mindset that instead embraced compassion, harmony, possibility, and growth. If history could have been changed by a global meditation for peace in the early 1980s, how might we transform our attitude toward these sequences of mass tragedies that have come rolling at us like bowling balls? How might a group like that affect the need for the planet to undergo many more shocking events before the bulk of us wake up to what’s really happening?

We are learning to not validate tragedy, negativity, and the “poor me” reality—but to clear ourselves of all the limitation we cling to so we can rediscover who we REALLY are. To do that, it’s sometimes necessary to eliminate the comfort zone and old forms of identity we’ve been locked into, so we can find new talents and an expanded sense of self. Sometimes, deprivations occur so we can consciously choose to live fully instead of being apathetic, depressed, and half alive.

I ask us a question: How can we contribute to the stabilization of a positive mindset, shared by many people, that can change the need for the planet to go through the wringer in order to evolve?

Friday, October 20, 2017

Two High-Quality Free Summits: "Mindset Mastery" and "Sound and Soul"

Penney Peirce is participating in 2 very interesting—and highly useful—free summits:

Your Mindset Mastery: Winning Strategies to Create More Time, Money & Meaning in Your Life & Business hosted by Judi Glova, Oct 24-Nov 5. Penney's Talk is the first one, on October 24th! Tune in for some fun insights.

My friend, Judi Glova, executive business coach and leadership development facilitator, is bringing together over 25 experts, including me, for a brand new, no-cost, online video interview series focusing on: SHIFT YOUR MINDSET, TRANSFORM YOUR RESULTS.

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The Sound of Your Soul: 12 Days of Sound Healing, sponsored by TogetherWeAre, runs Oct 26-31st. In it you will learn to reconnect with your intuition using sound, music, and 3D binaural beats. Join us for a unique online sound journey.

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Workshops will be led by 12 visionary thinkers, scientists, musicians, and sound healers (read about them here) who can help you find and express your inner voice and inner wisdom. You will learn:
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  • How music and sounds influence your mind, body, and spirit (and it’s science—you’ll never look at music the same way)
  • How various frequencies can help you find your own inner voice and personal “joy zone”
  • How to open your inner wisdom by singing or simply listening to music (or gongs!)
  • What morning and evening routines you could set in place to find harmony
Among the other presenters are: David Gibson, Lynne McTaggart, Kevin J Carroll, Satyaa and Pari, Vilmar Schiff, Lilia and Denis, Donna De Lory, and Richards Walters.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Transparency: Moving Out of the Opaque Reality

“Most of us live in opaque bodies in an opaque world. We do not see through to what’s real and are rarely seen for who we truly are. We are resigned to an old, slow kind of perception in what’s becoming a painfully dense—or opaque—reality. Think how much of our time, energy, and resources is spent on self-protection and defense, keeping secrets, lying, hiding, and living by outmoded mores. Think how much misunderstanding and waste result from the belief that we live in a destructive, inimical world instead of an evolving, compassionate one.
These things are symptomatic of a reality we’ve long considered to be inevitable. It’s a reality where we live, partially hypnotized, believing we’re at the mercy of uncontrollable, unfair, random forces that prevent us from becoming our totality. It’s a reality where our original Light is dimmed and often blocked from penetrating into, flowing through, and radiating from us. This is the “old normal” way of life—the opaque reality.”
So begins Chapter 3 of my new book, Transparency. The planet, our bodies, and our reality have been accelerating for many, many years, and we are reaching a point where the old dense way of life, where suffering has been the norm, just doesn’t cut it. At this higher frequency, we naturally think there must be something better, lighter, more free, more loving. We want to be free of the opacity and fear—and many of us actually are finding the doorway through to the reality we have always called the “ideal.”
We are fortunate to live at a time where this magnificent transition, or transformation, is taking place. The early stages of it, granted, are chaotic and it can seem that negativity is dominating (I almost said trumping!) the good-hearted, common-sense way that has been valued by those who possess “character” throughout the ages. But this is a clearing of fear-based ideas and behaviors is part of transformation. We must clear our clutter—everything covering over our true, core selves, or our souls—so we can experience who we are without distraction. We now need to understand what causes the opaque reality and that can clear it to reveal the transparent reality where souls, in their vast wisdom, cocreate an enlightened world.

Here are some of the things that contribute to the opaque reality:
·    Physical/individual consciousness, only seeing the physical, isolation
·    Either-or thinking, polarity thinking, narrowing possibilities
·    Negative emotion, negative thinking, contractions of the Flow
·    Fixed ideas and rules, too much definition, partial view of life
·    Separation from soul, from others; fear of attack; need to defend
·    Linear perception; seeing gaps between things; breaking time into past, present, future; projecting the mind away from present moment
·    Lack of trust in self, others, the Flow

And here are things that help facilitate the transparent reality:
·    Connection to nonphysical realms and identity as soul
·    Naturally entitled to your destiny and self-expression
·    Positive emotion and thought; joyful creativity
·    Experience of oneness and belonging, safety
·    Trusting self, others, and the Flow; experiencing fluidity

I invite you to read more about this process of becoming personally and societally transparent in my new book, Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity. It’s widely available at bookstores and online.