Monday, January 30, 2006

Let in the Light!
I'm not usually drawn to gurus or the kind of spiritual growth where transmissions of energy are required, preferring to access higher states directly myself. But some people have come to my attention who are giving transmissions of an energy that comes from a guru who says that if we can achieve 64,000 enlightened souls on the planet, the earth can easily shift out of duality, divisiveness, and suffering. Curious, I went to a demonstration for a small group, during which the practitioners walked around placing their hands on our heads for a few minutes. During my experience, I had a quick, spontaneous vision of an older, warm, dignified, relaxed me taking her seat at a higher level among a group of beings who were both colleagues and family. We were done! We were satisfied. I experienced a flash of my own self-assigned mission being accomplished, that everything I've ever done has been in concert with the other beings, and everything has been on purpose. And some part of me has always known this. Such a shift of identity! I don't know what the energy did, if it was "special" energy, or if I was just ready to open more and used the session as an excuse, but I feel much less anxiety. There is a feeling in my body that may be a precursor to something akin to enlightenment. I want to start using this word a little more; I sense enlightenment is within reach for many of us in this lifetime.

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