Monday, February 27, 2006

Preparing the Guest Room
Over a year ago, for reasons I did not fathom at the time, I dismantled and removed the double bed in my guest room and took the art off the walls. The room has sat, echoing and nearly empty, all this time. Somewhere along the way, I painted it a warm yellowish-orange that changes with the afternoon light, and pleases me. It took me awhile, though, to be able to tolerate the lack of order, function, and settledness in this compartment of my home, and life. Why did I do it? Take away the open invitation to guests to stay with me? I get that I have been examining the whole idea of intimacy and who to bring in close. So, it is odd, that for the same unfathomable reasons, I have bought a new sofa-bed and cute floor lamp, hung new art, and added music to the room, where I now go to read and meditate. Who will appear next as the Visitor?

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