Monday, March 13, 2006

Armageddon Meditation
I realized a couple days ago that I was having symptoms of a sort of "bi-location" I often experience just before a world event where people die en masse. Often I need to sleep in the middle of the day, or find myself thinking thoughts that are not mine. This time I was thinking about giving up, how difficult things are and how nothing is working. I thought I might be possessed in some way and called a psychic friend who is attuned to these things. He said "No, you're picking up on a world event; and that's what the world is thinking right now." I had thought earlier this year that we had entered the Armageddon time, that it was possible we would see a first sign of nuclear or biological warfare soon. I seem to work on the other side with mass deaths, helping people use the energy of the event itself as an aid to enlightenment. It's a strange notion, but as I meditated on this later, I saw that many people, both in the body and between lives, help stabilize souls who choose to leave with a group in a dramatic physical event.

We can all help with this: my guidance showed me that we must practice breathing: "I inhale and receive everything from the world; I exhale and give everything I know and have to the world. I inhale and lovingly include everyone inside my ball of awareness; I exhale and communicate love to every particle of every body in the world. I inhale and expand into a huge ball that includes huge amounts of universal wisdom, I exhale and transmit that wisdom to all sentient beings." We can include people who are about to die in this meditation, and we can do it as we're stopped at a traffic light or waiting in line at the market.

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