Monday, March 6, 2006

Spring Rains
It's been raining for days here in San Francisco. A couple weeks ago, before this series of storms began, I dreamed I looked in my back yard and the water was up to the lower edge of my picture windows and about to come in. Yesterday I moved my night stands in the bedroom to vacuum, and water was seeping in along the baseboard; the carpet was sopping wet. Flashing back to the dream, I thought about the meaning of both my night dream and "day dream." Water like this feels like an outpouring of emotion, perhaps from my own personal depths—things I hadn’t known were there—or perhaps it’s an invasion of feelings from society and the world. Whatever is surfacing, I haven’t fully realized what it is yet. I’m just acknowledging that when emotion needs to become conscious, it seeps in no matter how protected you think you are.

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