Monday, May 22, 2006

DaVinci Code Mania
I love movies! And in spite of how critics are panning this film, my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and didn't feel either the casting or the length was inappropriate. In fact, it brought the images from the book to life in a way that greatly enriched my capacity for imagination. I think the messages in the movie/book are important: That there is a hidden history of mankind that is on the verge of being uncovered, and the missing pieces of Biblical history are a part of the overall saga. That the divine feminine is crucially important as a doorway into higher states of awareness, that it facilitates an experience of the divine in each person that need not be regulated and doled out by priests. That feminine awareness (intuition)—and women—have been suppressed by the patriarchy that has ruled religion and politics for generations as a way to maintain a power that has now become corrupt due to contraction, isolation, and imbalance. That the literal interpretation of the Bible and other sacred texts needs to shift to a more intuitive interpretation where we see the teachings pointing to processes that help us become enlightened, rather than to objects to be hoarded. That the Holy Grail is not a cup, but the feminine principle, which translates spirit into matter and vice versa (thus the inverted, tip-touching pyramid symbol from the film is highly accurate).

The material backslides a bit into materialism, in my opinion, in its depiction of the feminine principle as represented by one divine woman and a "special" blood lineage, when metaphysics tells us that all women, and the female part of all men, can act as this transformer of awareness, this bridge between realms. And that we are not limited by our ancestral heritage, but can draw from all beings at any time to create our life experience. The film does us a great service, though, by showing us how to interpret symbols, look below the surface of things, and how to think in more intuitive terms.

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