Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm Happy that You're Happy
I called my youngest niece Julia to wish her a happy 15th birthday today and we chatted wittily away. Finally I said, "I'm happy that you're happy," and she immediately followed with, "I'm happy that you're happy." We laughed. Later in the car, I thought: this cyclical, nonending commentary is the true talk of souls. I'm happy that you're happy. We cause each other's joy by our own joy because the other's joy IS our joy. Later in the day, I went to an outdoor meditation with a group, hiking down to a tiny beach looking up at the Golden Gate Bridge from the Marin Headlands. We sat in a row along a log, with me on the end, and practiced open-eye meditation, following along as one of the men guided us into a relaxed, allowing state. In spite of the fact that the sun was setting, turning the bridge a radiant red and glinting golden off the city's glass buildings, and gentle waves were lapping at our feet, I could feel through the surface mirage and experience the patience and love of pure space.

I closed my eyes, fell into a world of light particles, and felt the soul in everything. The world was playfully coming together to create millions of reality bubbles. A voice said, "This shining universe is yours." I felt the meaning loaded into the words. I was being reminded that our existence, this cooperation of soulforce, this warm love-light that makes us, IS our birthright. We can use it, enjoy it, splash in it to our heart's delight. It made me think that in spite of being busy and productive, I am only scratching the surface of what's possible to experience in a single lifetime. Suddenly, I began to feel that someone was coming onto our little private beach and might invade our sacred space. I opened my eyes, looked to my right, and found myself face to face with a large Canada goose, standing just feet away staring at me. l smiled at my cocreation, not knowing for a moment if the goose was real, not actually caring, just thrilled at life's imagination.

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