Monday, June 26, 2006

Turn on the Faucet!
My friend Karen and I got together one night last week to have a study group—just the 2 of us. We read passages from some books and settled into a theme concerning how we were going to call forth and manifest the next period of our lives. She is good at manifesting things she needs, and I asked her how it feels when she's in that particular flow. She said it was like a big faucet had been turned on, and she was in the stream of energy and it was doing everything. All her needs were taken care of, everything was perfect, and she could relax knowing that. So she went into the state, and I closed my eyes and went in with her. Up 'til then, when I looked out into the world, I could only see a charcoal grey dense fog. The future was greyed out right up to my nose. But as we sat in the streaming energy and let it go out into the world as far as it wanted to, the fog began to clear. I could feel my own frequency rising to a high state, and slowly, I began to see lights and crossing lines of light. These, I knew, were people, situations, and events that were lining up to begin occuring in my world. They'd been there all along but I was only seeing the sludge. Was what I could see just a function of my energy level? Indeed, over the next few days, I received phone calls from people I hadn't thought about for ages, invitations to work in new places, go swimming at someone's beautiful pool, and one person gave me a new book that I think will be important.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Our Last Bits of Resistance?
I notice a theme in some of the clients I've been seeing lately. They are coming in with a very vague sense of what they want to know, of what they want, and are more focused on their problems. When I refocus them on their desires and needs, they jump back to the problem within minutes and remain focused on the negative drama. They want answers about what new forms will appear in their lives to relieve them of the situations they feel trapped in. It's always been interesting to me that in readings, my guidance speaks about what's needed next: when people are at the end of a cycle of form, like the end of a job or marriage, they must next go inside and work on their inner process, digest what went right and wrong with the last phase so they can know what to create next. At this point, I don't get alot of information about new forms, because that would interfere with their creative process. Instead, the guidance is about how to clear blocks to moving forward, how to clarify their mind and work with universal principles to allow the necessary shift to occur. I speak generally about what things are possible, to help trigger imagination, but always emphasize that the all-important "choice to change" has not been made yet, and nothing will happen until there is conviction inside the client. If, however, the person has been working internally for awhile already, I get detailed descriptions of new work, relationships, houses, a move, or whatever is waiting in the wings to manifest.

It seems that lately, people are hesitant to face the last core level of blockage that is between them and living their destiny. I sense that many people are very close to being free of limitation and negativity, yet perhaps the avoidance of chosing to go through, instead of fly over, their anticipated "most painful blockage" still wields the most authority in their lives—more than their soul, which would move them forward in a compassionate way were they to trust themselves and life. But I don't think we can hold out against the soul too much longer—it will have its way with us! And thank goodness. But it's frustrating when people are in this stubborn resistance space and want the answer to come in only one way, but they're not clear what they actually want to hear, and can't seem to hear very well anyway, no matter if I rephrase an insight 6 ways from Sunday.

Monday, June 12, 2006

I've been reading the latest Abraham book by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Ask and It Is Given, and am aware of a couple bad habits that get in the way of me manifesting new levels of good stuff from my soul. I see that when people ask me, I occasionally complain about what's happening in my life. I usually do it with a smile and a chuckle, as though I don't take it too seriously—"this too shall pass" sort of thing. Maybe it's not good luck to say things are going well? Maybe other people will think I'm egotistical? Maybe I'd make them feel uncomfortable if my life were superb and theirs wasn't? In any case, it's still creating a block to the flow of my imagination. It's causing my own vibration to be lower than that of the thing I'd like to create, and that prevents me from receiving what I want. Second, when I'm at the end of a period of activity and about to begin a new one, my mind complains about the old one, as though it's limiting me. I created 6 months of very busy work last year and as I was finishing it, I complained that I didn't have time to watch a video. Then I created a period of rest with videos whenever I want and I am now complaining because I don't have enough work. Not letting myself be in the joy of receiving the universe's answer to my requests slows my vibration. It's all about upping the vibration of my field or state. It's about telling myself: Good job! Now what would I like? And imagining something intriguing and fun. Nothing blocks us but our own densities.

Monday, June 5, 2006

I was talking to a wise, highly experienced colleague of mine, who recently had a novice medical intuitive volunteer a diagnosis. It seems she had something growing in her brain, possibly a vein was going to explode. My friend's intuition told her the information was way off, but it had been delivered firmly as a pronouncement of truth. In spite of her common sense, this intrusion of negativity into her reality made an unwelcome impression that she couldn't shake. She checked it out with medical professionals and, as she'd thought, it was nothing. But the fear, for awhile, had a grip on her. I had a similar experience not long ago; a psychic told me blithely, and uninvited, that I had 15 years left to live. I was shocked, upset, and infuriated. I didn't want that sticky, dirty, cruddy thought overlaid on me like a suffocating wet blanket. How dare someone intrude into the realm of influencing my future?!!

It took me several weeks to find a way to let the pronouncement go and reclaim my right to die when I want to. One friend told me that he has seen repeatedly that spiritual sources often know the circumstances of how we will die, but the timing is not clear. That helped. But I also had to ask myself: Why did I create that shock coming into my consciousness just then? Yes, it was a wakeup call. Get going; life is shorter than we think! Yes, it was a way to force me to take control of my own destiny and not be dictated to by outside authorities. And yes, it helped me let go of HAVING to live a long life because that's what I thought I needed to do to accomplish some great work. It helped me examine what I was living for and let go of old motivations. I made that pronouncement useful. For my friend, the message she was giving herself with the misdiagnosis was to work more intentionally with rewiring the energetic circuits in her own brain, through meditation. And yet, we both noted that these uncomfortable experiences reminded us of the ethics of how WE want to empower our clients.