Monday, June 12, 2006

I've been reading the latest Abraham book by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Ask and It Is Given, and am aware of a couple bad habits that get in the way of me manifesting new levels of good stuff from my soul. I see that when people ask me, I occasionally complain about what's happening in my life. I usually do it with a smile and a chuckle, as though I don't take it too seriously—"this too shall pass" sort of thing. Maybe it's not good luck to say things are going well? Maybe other people will think I'm egotistical? Maybe I'd make them feel uncomfortable if my life were superb and theirs wasn't? In any case, it's still creating a block to the flow of my imagination. It's causing my own vibration to be lower than that of the thing I'd like to create, and that prevents me from receiving what I want. Second, when I'm at the end of a period of activity and about to begin a new one, my mind complains about the old one, as though it's limiting me. I created 6 months of very busy work last year and as I was finishing it, I complained that I didn't have time to watch a video. Then I created a period of rest with videos whenever I want and I am now complaining because I don't have enough work. Not letting myself be in the joy of receiving the universe's answer to my requests slows my vibration. It's all about upping the vibration of my field or state. It's about telling myself: Good job! Now what would I like? And imagining something intriguing and fun. Nothing blocks us but our own densities.

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