Monday, June 19, 2006

Our Last Bits of Resistance?
I notice a theme in some of the clients I've been seeing lately. They are coming in with a very vague sense of what they want to know, of what they want, and are more focused on their problems. When I refocus them on their desires and needs, they jump back to the problem within minutes and remain focused on the negative drama. They want answers about what new forms will appear in their lives to relieve them of the situations they feel trapped in. It's always been interesting to me that in readings, my guidance speaks about what's needed next: when people are at the end of a cycle of form, like the end of a job or marriage, they must next go inside and work on their inner process, digest what went right and wrong with the last phase so they can know what to create next. At this point, I don't get alot of information about new forms, because that would interfere with their creative process. Instead, the guidance is about how to clear blocks to moving forward, how to clarify their mind and work with universal principles to allow the necessary shift to occur. I speak generally about what things are possible, to help trigger imagination, but always emphasize that the all-important "choice to change" has not been made yet, and nothing will happen until there is conviction inside the client. If, however, the person has been working internally for awhile already, I get detailed descriptions of new work, relationships, houses, a move, or whatever is waiting in the wings to manifest.

It seems that lately, people are hesitant to face the last core level of blockage that is between them and living their destiny. I sense that many people are very close to being free of limitation and negativity, yet perhaps the avoidance of chosing to go through, instead of fly over, their anticipated "most painful blockage" still wields the most authority in their lives—more than their soul, which would move them forward in a compassionate way were they to trust themselves and life. But I don't think we can hold out against the soul too much longer—it will have its way with us! And thank goodness. But it's frustrating when people are in this stubborn resistance space and want the answer to come in only one way, but they're not clear what they actually want to hear, and can't seem to hear very well anyway, no matter if I rephrase an insight 6 ways from Sunday.

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