Monday, June 5, 2006

I was talking to a wise, highly experienced colleague of mine, who recently had a novice medical intuitive volunteer a diagnosis. It seems she had something growing in her brain, possibly a vein was going to explode. My friend's intuition told her the information was way off, but it had been delivered firmly as a pronouncement of truth. In spite of her common sense, this intrusion of negativity into her reality made an unwelcome impression that she couldn't shake. She checked it out with medical professionals and, as she'd thought, it was nothing. But the fear, for awhile, had a grip on her. I had a similar experience not long ago; a psychic told me blithely, and uninvited, that I had 15 years left to live. I was shocked, upset, and infuriated. I didn't want that sticky, dirty, cruddy thought overlaid on me like a suffocating wet blanket. How dare someone intrude into the realm of influencing my future?!!

It took me several weeks to find a way to let the pronouncement go and reclaim my right to die when I want to. One friend told me that he has seen repeatedly that spiritual sources often know the circumstances of how we will die, but the timing is not clear. That helped. But I also had to ask myself: Why did I create that shock coming into my consciousness just then? Yes, it was a wakeup call. Get going; life is shorter than we think! Yes, it was a way to force me to take control of my own destiny and not be dictated to by outside authorities. And yes, it helped me let go of HAVING to live a long life because that's what I thought I needed to do to accomplish some great work. It helped me examine what I was living for and let go of old motivations. I made that pronouncement useful. For my friend, the message she was giving herself with the misdiagnosis was to work more intentionally with rewiring the energetic circuits in her own brain, through meditation. And yet, we both noted that these uncomfortable experiences reminded us of the ethics of how WE want to empower our clients.

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