Monday, July 24, 2006

The Heat Is On
Well, Al Gore sure picked a perfect time to launch his movie on global warming! We've had 2 weeks of over 100 degree temperatures here in the San Francisco area, with no fog, no breezes, not much cooling off at night—and my house is limited at best in its air conditioning capacity. It's an interesting challange to BE with heat. If I relax into it and don't resist it, don't resist sweat running down, or hands swelling, I find my mind goes very soft, and easily unconscious. It's hard to maintain mental focus. I am reminded of being in South Africa last year—in the spring—and yet there were some very hot days. I noticed men sitting under trees at various spots around town, not selling or doing anything—just staring into space. I wondered about them then, why they just sat there. But if you live with heat and no way to find relief, I can imagine your mind develops a habit of fuzzing out around the edges. Action, just moving your body, seems difficult. I am leaving soon to drive to Denver and New Mexico, by myself. I like driving long distances; it's meditational and centering. Everywhere, it will be over 100 degrees. What will I encounter? I am going now because it wants to happen now. Logic has no place in my planning. I will move and be moved.

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