Monday, July 10, 2006

Live Music in My House
Last week I was visited by 2 Japanese men. One is a man who has worked as my interpreter, and the other is a scientist. Both had attended the ISSEM conference on subtle energy in Boulder, CO. We had a great breakfast, during which Shin told me that he had been a stubborn scientist; "most are, you know," he said, laughing. "And that is why I got cancer. But I healed myself by getting rid of negative emotions and by playing the cello every day." He and Kaz were both full of joy and almost glowing—like divine elves. And after our omelettes, they came back to my house and Shin set up his cello and played a mini-concert. I play music often in my house, but there is a decided difference between what comes off a CD and the living vibrations that emanated from Shin's cello. I could feel the harmonious resonances going into the walls of my living room and into my body. No wonder Shin healed himself! The cello is nearly the full length of his body and the tones would go right into the cells. After they left, merrily on their way to Mt. Shasta, I sat in my empty living room. It felt alive. Me too. Spirit had struck our tuning fork.

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