Monday, September 25, 2006

Meditation on Problems
I've been watching a DVD of Gary Renard and one of his Disappearance of the Universe workshops. In it he tells of a meditation which I like very much because it is so simple and effective. You imagine you ask Jesus or the Holy Spirit (or whatever guide works for you) to take you to God. On the way there is an altar. On the altar you place all your problems and things you need or want. The idea is that you will have nothing before God, nothing in the way that is more important than placing your whole consciousness on the divine. By placing your problems on the altar, you are saying that you have faith that God can take care of all of it easily, and all you really want is communion, to be in the joy. Then you go the rest of the way into God and allow yourself to feel the love that results. I have been doing this, but also decided to go back in my life and do it at various times in the past. That was an amazing process; clearing the seeds of issues that eventually built up into more major problems later in life. I wonder if at some level I have changed something fairly profound. . .

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