Monday, October 9, 2006

Crystal Cave of the Heart
I have been describing the energy intensification and the process it has triggered over the past few weeks, but it seems to have started mid-August and built toward the crest. After the full moon the other day, it seems to have softened, and an integration period has ensued. Yesterday I wrote a poem about going into a crystal cave in a quiet mountain, and this morning I got an email from another intuitive I know, Jan C, who is very perceptive and she says: "For the past week and a half, the energy has morphed very rapidly. Spirit told our groups that a core healing has occurred, all we have to do now is give permission, and that we can easily release to the Light anything that no longer serves. A Heart Crystal (size, shape, color determined by the individual Soul) was placed, with permission, in the physical heart, and began resonating and expanding according to the mission and purpose of each person. This is not a crystal as we think of the word, but a living, expanding experience of ourselves from Source. This contiunes to pulse and stretch to receive. In addition, an experience was presented to link the Heart and Mind, so that the mind comes back into service of the heart. The Love energy has now started to arrive in quantum waves, and is impulsing the Heart Crystals. The Light has paved the way for Love, and it is now here, so that we can truly begin to be the Love that we are. Some physical bodies are responding to this with additional clearing that must take place to be able to hold the Love frequency, but Core Healing will help with that. All we have to do is give permission."

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