Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween and the Other Side
I did a research reading on the unique power of this time of the year. People brought many interesting questions, especially about what happens after death. What came through repeatedly was that nonphysical beings are extremely telepathic, as are we when we quiet down. The minute we think about a loved one who is "on the other side," they think about us. They don't know if they thought of us, or we them. It's so simultaneous. In those higher mental realms, thought processes are lightning fast. Also, those who are connected by love are consciously intentional about helping and serving each other. It also came out that many people work with souls who are crossing over or who have died and are not clear where they are. If you dream of catastrophes where many people die, you may actually be there helping, and not seeing your role in the scenario. The information we got is fascinating, and I am going to edit it and put it on my site soon as a podcast.

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