Monday, October 23, 2006

Mapping Global Dreams, and More
I'm in Baltimore and met today with John Petersen, the founder of The Arlington Institute, which focuses on futurism and global transformation. Their work is fascinating — a synthesis of many thinkers and visionaries, everyone from Whitley Streiber to Ingo Swann to Joseph Jaworski. John listens intently to every visionary dream and insight, persistently plugging the data into some big databank in his awareness. Our intuitive information about coming trends lined up fairly well, and I ended up doing a reading for them on their own future. One fascinating project they have in the works is the WHETHER Report, a new Global Strategic Early Warning Capability. They are interested in tracking largescale "global surprises." Part of this is to record global dreams: people write their significant dreams into a global database with software that will analyze the content for themes, locations, intensity, etc. It would enable us to see that water dreams, or earthquake dreams, for example, were happening with more frequency in certain parts of the world. I encourage you to check out their work.

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