Monday, October 16, 2006

Release Isn't Always Relief
The elm tree out back is raining yellow leaves. The sun, even at noon, has taken on a yellow cast; the overexposed white light of summer has finally shifted. And my energy is coming back! It seems there is "release" in the air. A nuclear explosion in Korea, an earthquake in Hawaii, the surfacing of hypocrisy in the "anti-gay gay Republicans" (thanks, Al Franken and Jon Stewart). Release is an important function, especially when the egomind has been trying to control life for too long. But release isn't always pleasant. It's reassuring to know that the soul force in all of us (I believe there is one soul force permeating everything) absolutely WILL break through when we become too calcified, but what happens immediately after the breakthrough is fairly chaotic. Radiation in the air, toppled buildings, a change in the power structure in government — or, more personally, our own minds run rampant through worst possible scenarios, rage and blaming games, and addictions of choice. Now is the time to get ahold of ourselves, to give ourselves a good talking to! I thought awhile ago that I needed Dr. Phil to come into my living room and lay it on me! Then I realized I was going to have to do it myself. "So, girl — what exactly ARE you taking responsibility for? Is it fun living with you? Are you willing to do the work?" I can just hear him. I also heard on the news that people today expect to work less for more money. No one values the ethic of working hard anymore, putting in dues, or perfecting their skills and craft. Release is not relief. In spite of people flocking to the Abraham-Hicks teachings and Donald Trump seminars, I sense life is in the process of releasing some big-time energies that will challenge our inflated, lazy ways and return us to our roots.

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