Monday, November 13, 2006

Practicing in Dreams
The last week or two I've noticed that my sleep/dream state has been deep yet mildly disturbing. I have not been able to remember distinct dreams but wake feeling like I've been very busy and pressured. I remember vaguely that I am "practicing a new formula" and it seems to have to do with a way of thinking or manifesting the world around me. I recall impressions of a sequence, and of subtle body postures that go with the progression. The practicing is not "fun." It is work. I go over and over it. And the next night, I repeat it. When I don't get it quite right, I experience tension from the poor alignment of intention and skill. About 3pm in the afternoon, I want to eat dinner, and about 6pm I want to go to bed. When I ask my inner self what I am doing, the answer is: You're tuning to a new source place, creating new pathways. The world will change.

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