Monday, December 11, 2006

Orbs and Pom-Poms
I met with one of my Japanese friends, Yoshie Usuba (who took this picture) who was in town the other day, a successful professional woman who is also highly intuitive and sensitive to energy. For many years she has been taking photos with her digital cameras and finding circles of light all over them. At first she thought it was a camera anomaly, but it happened with every camera she used. Sometimes there was one large sphere of light in the image, and other times, as when she photographed a large fashion show or a Buddhist ceremony, there might be hundreds, of all sizes, scattered over the whole image like water bubbles. She fondly calls them "pom-poms" and has been collecting the images for years. Now, I discover that my publisher is doing a book on this phenomenon — it turns out it is quite widespread — and in the US the images are called "orbs." In fact, there is a conference on Orbs in Sedona in April. Are these things related to crop circles? Are they manifestations of collective consciousness? My friend has closeups of large ones and they show distinct mandalic patterns at their core, as well as spirals. Are nonphysical beings imprinting their energy on our digital media? This is intriguing to me, and I wonder if it only happens to people who are somewhat "conductive" in nature, who have a particularly receptive energy field...

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