Monday, February 5, 2007

What Is Africa's Destiny?
I spent 2 months in South Africa in 2005, and I knew at the time that the experience was so intense and complex, and happening on so many levels, that it would take a long time for me to digest it. Today I feel that it is still only partly integrated, and strangely, the place calls to me whenever I see articles about it, and deep-down, my cells are vibrating to the low, pleasing tone of that continent. I feel the place is pregnant with feminine energy. While I was there I did readings for many women in positions of influence and a large Intuition for Businesswomen workshop. I met so many amazing souls!

When I tune in on what role Africa is to play in the world's evolution, I sense it is the next most important place. It is waking up and remembering deep truths, like
Ubuntu, which says "I am because we are," or "a person is a person because of other persons." This awakening of light makes the old unconsciousness, poverty, disease, crime, racism (including intra-tribal hatred), and oppression come sharply into focus. It really may be Africa that first realizes how to live according to the universal principles of the unified field, and it may set an example for the rest of the world. I often thought while I was there how Africa parallels the experiment taken on by the United States to discover a way for diverse peoples and religions to live together under one roof in harmony. We seem to have forgotten in many ways what our country is all about. Perhaps Africa needs to remind us.

As light builds inside ourselves and in the planet, it certainly points out atrocities and everything that is NOT in harmony with the universal laws of love. These things, so widespread and visible in Africa, cannot stay in existence anymore. Healing is afoot, yet the first phase is often a healing crisis, where things look like they get worse before they improve. I feel women are the leaders in this healing, that our wisdom is especially suited for creating new government based in unity awareness. That's why I was so happy to see Oprah's new school for girls, where women leaders can be trained. I encourage you to check out
Africa Renewal magazine, and this article on women:
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