Monday, April 2, 2007

Advice from My Inner Voice
I write directly from my intuition and often I ask questions: What do we need to pay attention to now? What's most important? This is part of what I received:
  • Stay in the moment, don't project into the future. Keep your intuition open.
  • Engage with what comes; everything you need will be provided by the unified field.
  • What comes will either look like a thought in your head or an event coming from the world; do what produces the greatest happiness and be happy about what you do.
  • Monitor your moods, your internal state; prefer a level of awareness that is closest to your soul frequency and thus allows guidance from your soul to flow to you. Enthusiasm, even mild enthusiasm, cheerfulness, sincerity, innocence, and curiosity work best.
  • Appreciate and use what you have right now; digest it and get all the food value; this is what you told Us you wanted and needed. Nothing new can come until you use what you have."
  • "Learn to be extremely quiet and deeply attentive on a regular basis and often during the day, to listen for the soul’s urges. How do they differ from the mind's shoulds? Hint: Listen for a difference in tone; notice if there's tightness — if there is, the idea probably originates with the mind."

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Susan said...

I liked what you wrote to much that I included a link to your post on my blog. I especially like when you said, "everything you need will be provided by the unified field." That's good to keep in mind.