Monday, May 21, 2007

My Jury Duty Day: Mind Over Intuition?
I spent the day at the county civic center waiting through the interminable process of possibly serving on a jury. I had a number of things in mind for ways to get out of it, things I'd say to be disqualified: I know police officers, I believe you create your own reality. I wasn't let go at the first weaning, when half the people got to leave. So I surrendered to whatever Spirit and my higher self wanted to do with me. I'd just "be in the moment" — nothing else better to do, right?

We went into a courtroom, and I wasn't called to be in the first 18 to go through voir dire. I sat in front
, though, so I could feel like I was participating, imagining myself telling the court what I do for a living ("I'm a professional intuitive, your Honor"), in front of the many doctors, lawyers, and financial planners present. I kept reminding myself that I didn't necessarily want to go home, that we live in an amazing country where we do get to have the fairest possible trials (and I was witnessing the tedious care that is taken in the jury selection process), and I might learn something I didn't know I needed to learn.

They called the next batch. Did I want them to call my name? Yes! No! Surrender, surrender.
Let a higher force create this day. I wasn't in that group either. Then another few folks were called and I was still sitting in the peanut gallery. At 4:30 we were all released. Driving home I thought: Today — What's the Point? I got that I was looking at a structure for finding truth amidst duality and conflict, clarity amidst the "monkey mind," that doesn't, and at this stage in our human development, CAN'T, involve intuition. The justice system is amazingly complex and detailed, almost a monkey mind in itself, but it is all the mind has for approaching divine harmony and teaching people about universal laws. And yet, how much more nourishing to live by Spirit's ultra-simple, perfect, mindless system.

As for me, I practiced being fully present, letting myself be surprised by the flow of events, and watched my mind with its silly biases, as well as witnessing other people and their clever ploys, including the attorneys and judge. Actually, quite an entertaining day after all!

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