Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'll Be Working in Baltimore. . .
If any of you are on the East Coast, I'll be doing life readings and a variety or talks and workshops in the Baltimore area from October 30-November 12. The pdf of the flyer can be downloaded now at my site (top of index page):

There will be a half-day "Intuitive Shortcuts" intuition training; a full-day intensive called "Get Into Your Zone: Find Your Best State and Stay in It — In Spite of the World!"; and three evenings where I will do public research readings from my intuitive "trance" state on "Future Trends," "Intuitive Relationship Advice," and "Intuitive Insights for Consciousness Workers."

Call Pamela Sabatiuk at 410/203-2256 to sign up.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Eliminating Unnecessary Contraction
The last few days I've been becoming aware of my relationships — the ones that hold tension. I made a list of all the people I'm worried about; I feel them as disconnected from their true self in a way that could result in illness or death. I also listed people I feel contracted about because they have misinterpreted me and rejected me; there was a misfit of what they expected and what I offered, and there is a resulting feeling of guilt and fear in me — some old codependent panic in my gut about displeasing. Then there are the people who I have truly been insensitive to, and to whom I owe an apology.

I began meditating and sending heart energy to them, one by one, and I actually called a few and spoke my apologies to them, and said what was most important to me — that I didn't want to injure our friendship and I was sorry for being arrogant in any way. The ones I called were grateful and acknowledged the imbalance and rectification. I was so relieved. Then — surprise — 2 of the ones I simply meditated about actually called me out of the blue today and without much effort, just allowing the natural flow of conversation, all was made well again, as though the past had never gone wrong. It was magical.

My friend Henry Smiley, a wonderful intuitive in TN, wrote to me with a little "reading" the other day — again, sort of "out of the blue." He said: "Your skills and understanding continue to expand, but there exists an inconsistency in others to pursue their paths more fully. The inconsistency is, I think, a universal, latent energy that we all share in some form or another. There are so many 'themes' and 'concerns' in people's lives that they simply feel more inclined to sleep it away, be immobilized by fear, medicate it away, sexually repress it either by too much sexual expression or none at all, or just forget it 'til another day rolls around. There is a clear and present space where there are no needs. This is an inner space that affects the outward world. I think you are aware of this space. This is where your next ideas will flow from. They have emanated from this place in your life for decades now. You have yet to reach the expanse of your potential — no where near it, in fact."

Henry could have been speaking for all of us. Perhaps I wander a bit in my thoughts, but I am getting clearer and clearer that petty emotions and negative thinking, even positive thinking if it's locked into a structure, are SO in the way right now of us being all that we can be. I do not want to hold contractions in my mind, emotions, or body anymore. In fact, I cannot stand it! Reality TV is still glorifying the immature behavior of people whose growth was arrested at age 5 or so, but so many of us are moving rapidly beyond this drivel. We must act NOW, I sense, to refuse to hold contraction in ourselves, to be limited to such mental handicaps. It starts with feeling like a victim, with blaming, and moves into more expanded ego expressions, even to how we feel stymied politically — refusing to take action about an administration that is bankrupting the country and setting us up for failure due to underdeveloped character in our citizens, unrepaired infrastructure, uneducated children, unprepared emergency response systems, and rampant apathy.

Let us look for contractions in ourselves! Let us look for the places we've resigned ourselves to numbing entertainment and "news" that is more mind-controlling than mind-challenging. Let us make amends where we have been wrong. You cut someone off in traffic? Let the next guy in with a smile. Let us learn the art of blessing others in our inner mind, telepathically. Let us live without thinking that contraction is "normal."

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Too Much Mind!!

The Perceiver in me is weary
of old conversations made of concepts
and brilliant insights that fortify or blame;
eyes and ears turn away to the peace
that dwells in cells.
A preference exerts itself:
puppy love, wide-open awareness like vast virgin landscapes,
naïve exploration of the small and ordinary.
The Perceiver ignores the things of the world
to notice the things of the world.
Opinions are boring, problems laughable,
kneejerk reactions so unnecessary.
The story does not want to be told again.
It is exhausted and grey, words will not clump
or rise to be animated,
the puppet has died.

The leaves are turning brown and falling from the elm
early this year,
Their falling brings the Silence,
reminds me of the peace of low light that I crave.
I'm remembering that Presence does it.
I can rest.
I just love,
and that's the magic carpet
I shall ride out on.

Copyright Penney Peirce 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Creativity Exercises from THE INTUITIVE WAY
To get your creativity going, you'll have to loosen up and dare to be slightly silly. The following technique can help you engage your limitless imagination. I've had great fun with this in seminars — I particularly remember a group of inscrutable Japanese businessmen who had surprisingly spectacular results. They came back from the meditation and drew pictures of goggles that took Polaroid photos, ceramic pinecones that generated an endless supply of heat and a bluegreen gel that hardened in the sun but turned liquid in the dark.

1. Close your eyes, get centered and quiet. In the clear space in front of you imagine a huge building up on a hill. Walk up the wide pathway to the giant front doors and the guard will let you in. Walk into the great rooms and notice the endless corridors of shelves stretching as far as you can see. On the shelves is an endless array of boxes — all different sizes, shapes and colors. Some are so big you have to get them down with a forklift. Some are so small you can only see them if you get up very close.

2. Let your body decide which way it wants to walk and when it wants to turn down one of the aisles. Let yourself wander around in the Inventor’s Library for a while, looking at the grand variety of boxes, wondering what might be inside each one. Soon one of those boxes is going to catch your attention in a special way. When you notice "your" box, go over and get it off the shelf, and take it to the end of the aisle where you will find a private viewing room.

3. In the viewing room, remove the box's lid and see what's inside. Take the invention out and examine it carefully. Look for the instruction sheet that comes with it. What is the title of the invention? How is it supposed to be used? What components is it made of? If you have any difficulty understanding what your invention is or how it’s to be used, ring a buzzer and a guide will come in and explain it to you.

4. Come back to your normal awareness and draw a picture of the invention. You might want to write about it: how could this be a symbol for something you need in your life right now?

Let's continue exploring our artist brain, so stay loose and experimental. Have you ever wished you could be a musician, or a great painter, sculptor or poet? Well, in your imagination, your inner artist is capable of anything!

1. Close your eyes, get centered and quiet. In the clear space in front of you imagine your favorite place in nature and a fabulous getaway house: an infinitely charming cabin in the woods, a mountain chalet, a beach house, a high desert adobe with rock gardens or even a penthouse in Paris, high above it all. This is your private place for creativity and self-reflection. Go in and look around.

2. There are rooms for every kind of creativity: a music room with every fun instrument you can think of, a kitchen with state-of-the-art gadgets and mounds of fresh foodstuffs and spices, a studio with huge flat tables, easels, paints, pens and brushes of every kind, and wonderful natural light. There is a place to sculpt, or work with clay, or to make paper, or work with metal and jewelry. There’s a dance studio with mirrored walls and a stack of CD’s next to a CD player. There’s a woodshop, or a darkroom if you want one. There’s a place to write on beautiful handmade paper with fountain pens, or to type on a full-size color monitor. Anything you can think of, you can have here in your art house.

3. Let your body and your artist brain lead you to the kind of creativity you want to indulge in first! Go into that room, touch the tools and materials, smell and feel it all. Surrender yourself to a total involvement with the medium you've selected, letting yourself experiment fully. Concentrate your energy, then release your energy. Enjoy the natural movements of the currents that want to flow through you.

4. When you're finished with your art play, come back to normal awareness and make notes in your journal about what you did and how it felt.


Saturday, September 8, 2007

No Time to Be Asleep
Here's another message from my colleague PMH Atwater (see August 31), on how astrology is figuring into our growth process these days. I always like to see how unseen forces might be affecting us. . .

What is so special about all of 2006, 2007, and 2008 is the continuous and intense interplay between Pluto and the Galactic Center, along with a parade of strong, heavy configurations of various types that leave us with little time to recover before another rolls in. Exhaustion and depression have been common complaints. It's like we the people are constrained to simply run in place, even when it seems like we are making progress. Add to this the downturn in our country's energy factors and our place in the world (progressed Mars now retrograde in our nation's chart — for 70 years!) along with another major downturn in our nation's chart to occur one month after the elections in 2008, and you can see that it really doesn't matter who wins the Presidency. What does matter is that the average John and Jane Doe wake up to the fact that this is our country and it is us who must change it.

On September 2nd, Saturn made its initial move into the sign of Virgo, an earth sign, and will be there for 2 1/2 years. Virgo is business, jobs, education, health, that which is practical and down-to earth. Saturn says "get real." So what are we seeing, right on cue? Mortgages and mortgage brokers failing at a rate that is unbelievable and the economy in such an unusual slump that it is virtually in recession. Toys are jerked from shelves; food is proving unsafe. No matter were you turn in the practical, physical world around you, there's another challenge — another opportunity to reassess, revamp, and reconsider. We knew this was coming, and we were right — it's here. And, Pluto begins its shift into Capricorn — January 2008 until January 2024. That's a long run, one which will take us from a focus on freedom, inspiration, religion, spirituality, imagination, intuition, the arts, gambling, and world travel to quite a different factor — one centered on banks and banking, politics, government, corporations, big business, earth changes, security, status, achievements, sacrifice, and nationalism. (Take a look at what's happening already in Russia with the rise of the Nashi — young people encouraged by Putkin to act in a manner similar to the Nazi Brown Shirts before Hitler took over.)

These movements are part of the larger movement in our universe, called "The Great Shifting," where the cosmic year does a complete roll-over, ushering in a whole new 25,920-year cycle. We really cannot compare what is now happening in the energy world and directly affecting us, to anything else we have record of. We can get hints from the geological "record" and from memories encoded into each of our dreams and hearts, but, that's about it. Yes, the activity between Pluto and the Galactic Center, not to mention T-Squares and other strong configurations, have been unusually intense throughout this entire summer, right now, next month, and again in December, and, yes, next year will be another "doosy." Where we kid ourselves is in seeking predictions instead of waking up to the order of the day, which says "be in your center — practice what you preach — and be flexible and ready to change on a dime."

Every natural cycle, in my opinion, is in good timing. We become ready for what a new phase brings because it comes. There is a synchronicity here, and it is good to know the general flavor of a new phase, both the positive aspects and what is likely to happen as fear distorts the tendencies. We can be ready for real action, we can be on the lookout for people who want to control others with their belief systems (aren't we already seeing this in our current administration?). We may soon be seeing the real loss of external freedoms, the trashing of our constitution, at the need to fight within our own country for what we came into existence to embody. Certainly, this is no time to be asleep!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Princess Diana & Mother Teresa:
Resurfacing with a Message for Today

This is the beginning of my latest editorial, on the parallels between these amazing women, and the messages that lie beneath the 10-year anniversary of their deaths. You can download the pdf of the whole thing at

. . .I was shocked when I saw the photo of Mother Teresa as a young woman, in the September 3rd issue of Time magazine. When I placed it next to one of Diana, the two women became mirror images of each other, as if they could almost be the same soul. I remember being struck by the synchronous close connection between Princess Diana and Mother Teresa, both at the time of their actual meeting — one so tall, one so tiny — and when they died literally within days of each other: August 31 and September 5, 1997, respectively. One's candle was snuffed out early, the other's burned all the way down. When two such prominent souls weave themselves together by death, where there is an almost forced comparison between the meaning of the two lives in the consciousness of a planet — I acknowledge: "Spirit" is up to something; a lesson is being imprinted on us!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

When We Are Interconnected. . .We Must Think Differently

This is a sample prayer from the "Pick-a-Prayer" section on my website. There are also random generated Daily Intuition Quotes, and Daily Meditations called The Present Moment Practice. You might want to try it. Check the top of my index page.

Knowing how deeply our lives intertwine,
We vow not to kill.

Knowing how deeply our lives intertwine,
We vow to not take what is not given.

Knowing how deeply our lives intertwine,
We vow to not engage in abusive relationships.

Knowing how deeply our lives intertwine,
We vow to not speak falsely or deceptively.

Knowing how deeply our lives intertwine,
We vow to not harm self or others through poisonous thought or substance.

Knowing how deeply our lives intertwine,
We vow to not dwell in past errors.

Knowing how deeply our lives intertwine,
We vow to not speak of self separate from others.

Knowing how deeply our lives intertwine,
We vow to not possess any thing or form of life selfishly.

Knowing how deeply our lives intertwine,
we vow to not harbor ill will toward any plant, animal, or human being.

Knowing how deeply our lives intertwine,
We vow to not abuse the great truth of the Three Treasures.

—Stephanie Kaza, Green Gulch Farm

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The End of Intuition — Ha!
Thinking about the super-crunchers and their prediction about the end of intuition, I found this that my friend and author Doug Boyd (Rolling Thunder) wrote once:
"Without the use of intuition, conscious or otherwise, we’d all be stuck with the rational mind which, left on its own, would atrophy pretty rapidly. Therefore, fortunately, none of us has a choice about that. It is with the intuitive mind that we learn anything and everything. The rational mind is incapable of learning anything. That’s not what it’s for. As with any computer, it deals only with its content. It is only the intuitive mind that can see all the pieces. It is only the intuitive mind that can put the puzzle together. Both these minds (or parts of mind, if you prefer) are tools of the Higher Self. The Higher Self, with its constant unconditional love (sometimes called submissive love), allows the personality the gradual unfolding of all aspects of mind with infinite patience. . . . By the grace of intuition I can now delegate the articulating capacity of my rational mind to speak of its own limitations. I appreciate this arrangement."