Thursday, September 6, 2007

Princess Diana & Mother Teresa:
Resurfacing with a Message for Today

This is the beginning of my latest editorial, on the parallels between these amazing women, and the messages that lie beneath the 10-year anniversary of their deaths. You can download the pdf of the whole thing at

. . .I was shocked when I saw the photo of Mother Teresa as a young woman, in the September 3rd issue of Time magazine. When I placed it next to one of Diana, the two women became mirror images of each other, as if they could almost be the same soul. I remember being struck by the synchronous close connection between Princess Diana and Mother Teresa, both at the time of their actual meeting — one so tall, one so tiny — and when they died literally within days of each other: August 31 and September 5, 1997, respectively. One's candle was snuffed out early, the other's burned all the way down. When two such prominent souls weave themselves together by death, where there is an almost forced comparison between the meaning of the two lives in the consciousness of a planet — I acknowledge: "Spirit" is up to something; a lesson is being imprinted on us!

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nyah said...

I enjoyed reading your posts... esp the one about Princess Diana & Mother Teresa...