Monday, December 29, 2008

A Worthy Goal for 2009

"Love is unlimited, but it needs scope to expand and rise; without that scope, life is unhappy."
—Bowl of Saki, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

This quote came from a friend, and I like the thought that love is a given, and our job is to provide it with a means of moving and expanding—so we can actually experience what it feels like. I'm thinking that this is a worthy motive for 2009—to experiment with making a bigger love container, a stretchier, perhaps even more detailed, experience of what love can feel like. We hold an unconscious idea that love should come to us, that we should deserve love to flow TO us. But truly, it is our job to feel love, to extend it to others, or to invest loving attention or expectations in situations, which moves it.

If you feel your aura as a "love ball" and expand it so it becomes more inclusive, you'll experience those people and situations inside your aura as lovable. How expansive and inclusive can we be in 2009? What people and things that we have previously excluded from love, can we now include in love—in other words, can we feel love as it exists in its particular form in what we've previously judged negatively?

Here's an idea: as the new year begins, write in your journal, or on your computer, describing how you feel you're successful at loving, and how you feel deficient at it. Put it aside and determine to be loving in new ways this year. At the end of 2009, get the document out and write about your growth toward being more loving. . .and in what new ways you've discovered that love works to create greater success.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Left and Right Brain: Let's Work Together!

I may be the only person left who hadn't read the various articles about Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke, chronicled in her book, My Stroke of Insight (Viking 2008), which taught her so much about achieving a state of peace and harmony. She says, "When you're really paying attention to the richness of the present moment, that's right-minded (right-brained) awareness. The left hemisphere is preoccupied with past and future, projecting fears, contemplating ideas that aren't relevant to the here and now. Once you realize you have these 2 different brains, you can learn to choose, moment by moment, how you want to live.

"I use the tools of the left hemisphere to PUSH into the world, but as soon as it becomes stressful, I can feel that in my body, and I switch to the right hemisphere to PAUSE. . . .You can say, "If I pull the plug on this circuit, I don't have to think (stressful) thoughts anymore."

I like the simplicity of the idea of PUSH and PAUSE, and using the 2 motions to stay in tune with whatever energy flow, or awareness flow, you're in at the moment. I talk about this a whole lot in my new book, FREQUENCY: The Power of Personal Vibration, due out Feb 3. We are now learning to use our ever-heightening sensitivity to monitor the phases of the waves we're in, and to choose right action, right feeling, right thought. If something feels stressful, or too dull and sluggish, you're just at the end of a wave phase, in the turn to the next (often opposite) phase. Out to in, head to heart, body to soul, etc.

Blessings for the holidays. . .

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Fine Line between Prediction & Cocreation

My intuition colleagues have of late been discussing the idea of prediction, thanks to Kevin Ryerson, who introduced the topic. He wrote, "To what extent is prediction drawing cues from the unconscious and sometimes uneducated collective will and extrapolating based on current beliefs, fears, desires and so on?

The intention to predict can potentially accelerate the prediction to become reality by mobilizing collective will and publishing the prediction into the social sphere, which drives it even further. It seems potentially dangerous to influence social will, to 'prove' a prediction is accurate, thus giving a 'you were right' acknowledgment to the people who agree with the prediction, when in fact they are using a creative agency to cocreate the prediction based on the laws of creation in our universe.

Collective conscious cocreation is something we seem to be working on in our world currently. We haven't extended enough successful collaborative models yet. So far we're getting there by default, through media and partisan policitics — the net effect."

We've been thinking about an idea we've begun calling "proactive intuition" where, when someone predicts something, either positive or negative, that same person might take a form of appropriate action to either help it happen or change the situation so a negative situation might not to happen.

Another colleague, Dr. Marcia Emery, responded: Something that has been rumbling around in my head is the notion that the new government will pay more attention to the wisdom embedded in dreams. In time, I envision their intuitive doorways opened to input coming from precognitive, intuitive dreams. For my part, I want to contact officials whoever they may be to let them know how to keep a dream journal, access suggestions via books for dream interpretation, read samples of dream research, learn about the many viable ideas that have sprung from precognitive dreams, and last but not least, let them know of a reputable international organization doing dreamwork (IASD). If you know anyone in government I can contact, please let me know.

I knew this was a viable idea when I received this message in a fortune cookie last night that said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Just as an aside, I first started keeping a dream journal in March 1970 and two months later, my intuitive gateway opened through precognitive dreams that were coming fast and furiously. I want to see dreamwork with an emphasis on intuitive dreams openly honored by those who can use the input for the benefit of all concerned.

So, what's rumbling around in you that you sense might be a precognitive intuition? And is there something proactive you might do to help it materialize?

A Thought from Rainer Maria Rilke

"Ah, the night demands nothing of me. However,
when I turn toward the stars,
the incapable to the capable:
Where am I standing? Was I here?"

from a letter to Frau Magda von Hattingberg, Feb 26, 1914
translated by Rod McDaniel, Heidelberg

Monday, December 15, 2008

An Alignment for the Holidays

I place my faith in God first, and then I know how God is in all things, and in all people, and in me. God makes the Flow go places. God brings out the Light in things, and in people, and in me. God makes me notice. It is God that makes me live and God that helps me learn to experience more of God. I give my whole attention to God moving through me, and God moving in the world. There is nowhere that can be empty of God's attention, so I am never alone. The God inside things and people will always recognize me and help me see myself in them. Knowing this is such great relief, such great freedom.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Current Mayan Creation Cycle

by Brian Myers, Mayan Astrologer

This is a piece I've had for several years, written by my friend Brian, and I just reread it and realized how right on the Mayan cycles are.

The New Year (2005) started off with a bang with the tsunami, and it turned my mind to the Mayan Calendar. I had hoped that the Mayan new year 3 Caban, starting on March 21, 2005, would offer relief from the challenges we have experienced under 2 EB, but I realized some other factors may be involved.

The Mayan numbers (13 total) are a creation cycle. One is reception, two the split into duality, three activation, four definition...and on to ten-manifestation, 11 integration with what existed before, 12 stability and new understanding, and 13 the release, and breath before starting a new creation cycle.

To really describe the quality of a year's events we have to also take into account where it fits into the creation cycle and more importantly, what the creation cycle itself is about. This cycle is also THE MOST CRITICAL creation cycle ever, since it occurs at the very end of the Mayan Calendar's largest cycle. That's the one everyone has heard about that ends in 2012.

What is interesting is that our creation cycle comes to manifestation in 2012. It's important to note though that the cycle doesn't complete until 2015, which might be worth considering for anyone who thinks the world will end in 2012. It won't end, but much of our current way of life will be changed by then.

This current creation cycle began last year in 1 Manik. That means "Initiate Healing and Cooperation." This creation cycle is about healing everything that has arisen and leaves us with a cooperative and nurturing way of life. That's pretty good news, but if you consider all the things that will have to be let go of or restructured to make that happen, and all the resistance to the process that will occur, you can see what to expect of this 13 year cycle. These really are the "End Times," but that doesn't mean we all die, it just means our way of life must end and be replaced by something better. But it is a bumpy ride and many people will die before it's over.

The Mayan Year starting on March 21, 2005 is 3 Caban. It is about activating the core connections that link our cores to our earth's core to our sun's core to our galaxy's core, etc. It's about activating a new integration and holism. In the creative process it is where we begin to get an inkling of what the new creation will be about. I believe, however, that these hopeful developments will occur in the background to the larger events tied to the creation cycle: the breakdown of our old way of life. More war, natural disaster and economic collapse.

We need to look at the coming years like an expectant mother in birth pains as she births a new child. It's agony and suffering and we feel we are coming apart, but we feel good about the new life that is coming. We will soon sense what that new life is. It may be just a hint, but it will be very real and beautiful. Also, "Activate Core Connections" implies creating our support network for dealing with the struggles of this transitional period. It's time to dig in for the long haul of war, scarcity, disasters, etc. We will begin to establish that core network we can count on in crises.

We really won't begin to have smooth sailing again until about 2014, but there will be some better times ahead. EB 2 is trial, challenge and loss leading to rebirth. To experience that means we are in one position, EB happens, and we are knocked into the opposite position. This is basically a harsh slap in the face and isn't that what we've been experiencing? We will go through EB two more times in this 13 year creation period. Once in 2008 (6 EB), which should be challenging but fast, regular, and ongoing. I am concerned about this period as it will be an intense period of change and breakdown. The next will be in 2012 itself, when we experience 10 EB: "Manifest Rebirth." This is sure to be challenging and extreme, but it holds the promise of bringing the new reality into creation at its close.

After 2005 Activates our Core Connections, 2006 is 4 IK, which "Defines the Winds of Change." IK is a wind that blows down anything that will not stand with integrity. This should be a powerful time of change, and clear delineations. Then in 2007 we have 5 Manik: "Centered in the Healing Hands." This should be a balancing period, a time of reconciliation. It will literally be the calm before the storm though, as it is followed in 2008 by 6 EB, the "Cycles of Rebirth" which I discussed above. That year is followed by 3 years of positive regrouping which lead to the manifestation in 2012.

So in a nutshell we are in a tough period of years, but we can begin to watch what is being created as it starts to unfold for us. That is what we must turn our attention to and put our faith in as we weather the storms.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Emotions in Your Dreams

(An excerpt from Penney's book: Dreams for Dummies)

If you're interested in recording your dreams in a dream diary — or in interpreting your dreams — some emotion you've experienced is probably the driving force. Every time you express or deny an intense emotion, you can be sure there is fodder for a powerful dream. Though dreams heavy with emotion can be disturbing, they provide guidance about what's going on in your subconscious. Some topics of emotional dreams are:

* Psychological processing: You root out fears, pain, vulnerabilities, blind spots, and subconscious blockages so you can become conscious of what holds you back, clear it, and be courageous and free. You may dream about fears of being powerless, in pain, unworthy, unsuccessful, out of control, overwhelmed, victimized, rejected, changed, or of dying or facing the void.

* Taboos: You explore forbidden territory, inhibitions, and suppressed desires, often about sex, crime, or antisocial behavior, as a way to free self-expression. For example, a sensible accountant by day may dream of wild sexual trysts by night. You might find yourself acting out secret vengeance thoughts about an unappreciative boss or relative.

* Relationship dynamics: You receive insights about how you relate to others and how you give and receive so you can improve your ability to love. This includes learning to balance your internal yin and yang energy. You might dream you are a helpless passenger in a car driven by another, aggressive person, or that you took your obnoxious neighbor a cake instead of reporting him to the police.

* Past life memory: You travel in time to revisit memories of other lives, or to clear blocked energy where emotion is stuck. You re-experience, in a dream, a previous death, trauma, remorse, deep grief, terror, or a situation where you had too much ego.

* Precognitive warnings: You receive forewarning of sudden change or upheaval: A loved one is about to die, you are soon to lose your job or partner, or the world is about to experience a shocking event like Pearl Harbor or September 11. Or, you are shown an omen to watch for that is a clue to success in a new endeavor.

* Out of body travel: You collapse time and space and visit a distant sick friend you're worried about, have a visitation from a dead relative with a message for you, or travel with a friend who's actually in India.

Recognize emotional symbols
With a little practice, you can figure out how to immediately sense the "charge" that's often present with emotional zone symbols. Here are some examples of images that pertain to emotional processes:

* State of your emotions: Water, lake, ocean, river, pool, swamp, flood, tidal wave, swimming, diving, fishing, drowning, water vehicles, house burning, forest or brush fire, campfire, fire in a fireplace, smoke, explosion, storm, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, volcano, mudslide

* Emotional processes and issues: Babies, children, fish, snakes, lions, tigers, bears, sharks, dolphins, puppies, hummingbirds, otters, horses, elephants, sex, relationships, celebrities, battle, betrayal, hiding, hoarding, being drained, being chased, exposure, nudity, poison, suffocation, paralysis, prison, weapon, trap, losing or finding important items or money

Friday, December 5, 2008

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

The MoneyFlow: Low Frequency or High?

Lately I've noticed myself, along with others I counsel and talk to, feeling "tight" when the subject of money comes up. We say, "Money is tight right now." It's a nearly literal way of describing the energy state we are resonating at currently. Our frequency has dropped. We're contracted and jammed up. The flow isn't moving much. This morning, as I thought about balancing my checking account and FINALLY looking at my investment statements for the past few months (which I've been avoiding for fear of the depression that is likely to beset me), I realized how I've been unconsciously contracting, then feeling "bad," when I think about money. And how this isn't helping new money to flow through my life!

I was writing in my journal and this is what came: Don't contract around thoughts of money; expand instead! Say (and feel): "The money is flowi
ng everywhere in the world in spite of what the news says, and I include myself in that flow. I open myself to be a receiver and giver of the moneyflow. I call the moneyflow over here to flow through me, as well as through the others who've called it. It comes where it's called and goes where I send it."

I saw that I'd excluded myself from the moneyflow by contracting every time I thought about money—losing it, spending it, making it, giving it. I saw that "contracting" was both the feeling of "freezing up" and the feeling of avoiding and going into blankness and distraction. Now I'm experimenting with the idea of relaxing when I think of money; I don't have money really, I have moneyflow; it's an experience of a kind of movement in life. I feel how the moneyflow is part of God's love, and if it's flowing in my life, it's a type of loving experience. If it's not flowing in my life, it's another kind of loving experience—perhaps its absence points my attention to something less tangible that I've neglected. The moneyflow is neutral—if I experience the Love that moves the Flow, and feel it in me, and use that Love as the core motive and content in all that I do, then the moneyflow becomes an intrinsic, natural part of my own lifeflow, or loveflow. As the moneyflow moves through me, it brings creative ideas for making, receiving, using, and giving money. It's so natural. So tied together.

Greed only works to attract money for a limited time, since under the motive is a powerful contracted belief that there can never be enough to feel truly secure, or to feel truly good about oneself. When there is a desire to control the moneyflow, especially to preserve a sense of self worth based on the kind of buss and power money can bring, there is always an eventual downfall, so the soul can discover the true source of worth, and the true kind of power, which is based on one's experience of the simple goodness within. Real power is the ability to call forth, or call out from the unified field, various flows of energy, and to direct them into form with your heart-mind, from a love motive, for the sake of the whole.

Societal fear motivations around amassing and hoarding huge stockpiles of "easy money" are now surfacing into the conscious mind of our culture (current events), as the ravenous, unscrupulous money-monsters (multinational banks, cartels, corporations, etc) we never wanted to look at too closely, who we gave all our power to, are failing. Now they, and we, have a clear choice about examining and recentering in the truth of who we really are, as a way for us to re-identify ourselves as people who come from simple goodness. But because we are experiencing losses, shocks, and lack as a result of these collapses, we are contracting into the personal and collective fears that underlie the part of our identity that's based on what we HAVE. And with every fear we indulge in, our frequency drops. The market goes down, our personal vibration goes down.

Our job now is to reverse the slide within ourselves. Refuse to contract. Relax around the idea of moneyflow and expand into a resonance with the worldwide moneyflow. It's so connected to how we hold energy within ourselves and refuse to let it flow, or how we trustingly release the energy that wants to flow through us to go where it wants to go. To reverse this economic crisis, each of us can start by ending contraction in ourselves.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Stars Are Shifting and So Are We

The following summaries of two major astrological trends affecting us societally and personally—which I like to keep in mind as I sense the energetic flows under the surface of our outer reality—was written by Gary Paul Glynn ( in his weekly forecast. I have edited it for brevity.

Expect the Unexpected: One of the biggest players in the recent presidential election was revolutionary Uranus as it faced off with entrenched Saturn. The excitement and sense of relief that many people experienced can be traced to Uranus’ progressive tendencies. The most common expression of an amplified Uranus can be found in higher levels of volatility and unpredictability when it comes to change. Uranus represents breakthroughs and breakouts from the status quo as well as radical events that seemingly appear out of nowhere. Personally speaking, we need to be aware of the tendency for rebellious and eccentric behaviors as well as the impulse to surprise and shock those of a more staid, conservative disposition. Unusual weather patterns and geophysical extremes are possible along with some unusual twists and turns on the level of politics that mess with our expectations.

Pluto Returns to Capricorn: This week sees Pluto, the planetary symbol of cathartic change and evolutionary transformation reentering Capricorn, the sign most closely associated with institutions, corporations, administrations, traditions, and consensus reality. The focus shifts toward a profound transformation in the structures and foundations we’ve come to take for granted. Perhaps the most obvious death and rebirth scenario we’re likely to see over the course of the next 15 years lies in the global economic framework that came into being the last time Pluto transited Capricorn during the Revolutionary Era (1762-1779) that contained not only the American Revolution, but the Industrial Revolution as well. Now we see these revolutions come full circle as we prepare to move another notch up the spiral staircase of collective evolution. This isn’t to say that this is the end of capitalism, just that a newer, more inclusive model will come into being as we’re faced with dwindling resources and climate change impacting the planet’s very survival.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Plan Ahead! 2009 Conference on Dreams

My intuition and dream colleague, Dr. Marcia Emery, let me know next year's International Association for the Study of Dreams conference will have the theme: Earth Dreaming: 25 Years of Carrying the Dream Forward, and it will be held in Chicago, June 26-30. Marcia will be on a panel honoring Monte Ullman's work with a presentation called, "Revisiting Astrological Indicators of Precognitive Dreams."

This lovely illustration comes from Chrysti, an artist in Raleigh, NC; you can find her wonderful blogs at and

Saturday, November 8, 2008

In the Days After the Election: Interesting Psychology & Energy Challenges

I hear that, immediately after the election, Rush Limbaugh has called Obama a thug, and has misquoted his acceptance speech to make it seem that Obama is scoffing at individuality, among other things. I don't listen to Rush, as I can't stand his voice and violence, but a friend of mine in Germany who only has Armed Forces radio, listens to him as a counterpoint to Ed Schultz, and he says Limbaugh is an "intellectual psychopath" which I think is quite apt. No one calls this man on his outrageously hate-filled accusations.

It is the cleverness of the dying ego—that's what I think the whole nastiness in the Republican party is about anymore. The party used to have integrity, but now it seems to be mainly kneejerk reactions, and a desire to indulge in being able to express bile, rage, and hate for virtually any reason, as though projecting blame is the only thing that's satisfying. The Course in Miracles teaches that projecting blame and punishment onto others is a method the ego-mind uses to keep from having to feel the underlying ego death (and simultaneous soul emergence) and the fears that the ego is trying to keep suppressed.

As a people, we Americans are healing some deep psychological wounds, and many of us aren't willing to admit there's a problem. The country must now go through a "self-recovery" process similar to that which any psychologically wounded individual must. I am really ready for Obama to continue recentering the people and calling up the original motivations of our country's destiny, to help us all pull together and get back to work, to pull jobs back, to pull soldiers back, to clean up our boundaries concerning illegal immigrants, etc. These are all the same things a single person needs to do in a psychological growth process to get healthy again after a period of physical, emotional, and mental abuse. For that is what we've been living through, and like any abused person who stays with their abuser, we've been in denial, big-time.

Where is our national character? Instead of doing the really hard work of honestly assessing our weaknesses and wounds, then finding a way to reactivate our truth and love, people want to be patriotic and proud of their country, which is national ego. Honestly, there's not much to be proud of lately—we've compromised our character in so many ways. And, I don't think we can even be patriotic in the old sense of the word anymore. We need a new kind of national identity, similar to the kind of presence a mature spiritual person has—think, Dalai Lama here—that allows us to be uniquely what we are without being puffed up, defensive, aggressive, and separatist. We have to develop high levels of respect for all other countries and peoples.

I saw Obama's face when he was on The Daily Show the night before the election, and it was calm, eyes soft and large, a wide smile, and literally, light was radiating off his face. There was no racial "color" to his face, just light. I was stopped in my tracks at the sight. I thought, "What happens to a person who has been talking to audiences of 10 to 50 to 100,000 people everyday, several times a day, for 2 years? How much energy has he run through his body, emotions, and mind? How much has he given? And received? Wow! Talk about transformation! What will be interesting now is to see if/how he continues to run the same intensity of energy when not aided by crowds. How will his new energy "skill" translate into the day-to-day business of the presidency?

I think we're going to see a new way of being President emerging. And it's going to be fascinating. It's a different scope than Obama used in campaigning, a penetration into a tight, complex Gordian knot of problems, and it's going to take immense intelligence, diplomacy, new perception, steadiness, patience, vision, hope, and confidence. These are things I think are close to the heart of what caused our country to come into existence--our core values. I hope people of all "parties" can recognize what's real and good, and not be attached to the outer wrapping of the gift, or to just being right. These days, being inflexibly "right" is getting very close to being "dead right." Our fluid world can't tolerate stubborn, immobile ideas that block that intensifying flow.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Intuition and Politics: Seeing Through the Smokescreen of Spin

I wrote this editorial in 2004, but it is just as true today:

I am not a particularly political person, as I've never understood why, when discussing politics, friends and loved ones can become so personally identified with mere ideologies and hotly divided against each other. I'm not too patriotic either, in the old Neanderthal way where we boast egotistically of our greatness at the expense of other nations. And yet, I have always felt fiercely proud of the experiment in consciousness that is the United States. The work of the Founding Fathers, and of the matriarchal Iroquois Nation before them, moves my soul.

I believe this country has a noble life purpose—to serve as a kind of laboratory for enlightenment—and that it has a global role to play as a catalytic spiritual force, not as the domineering, know-it-all boss of everyone. I am fascinated watching this process of national spiritual growth unfold, wondering if we will be strong enough morally, with good enough hearts and broad enough vision, to play our part in the world community and carry it off.

Like anyone on a spiritual path, I seek to live increasingly without fear and separatist thinking, and more from an awareness of unity and respect for life. To do that, I practice measuring what I experience against what I know of how the universal laws function, to see what has natural harmony, and actually works, and what doesn't. With politics, this is a challenging task. The true goings-on of our government and leaders are so obscured by smokescreens of media spin—and outright lies—that I've had the tendency to just tune it out rather than make the effort to use my intuition to sort through the heap of grain and chaff. But we must look deeper. What's really true? Where are the false notes? What only works for the short term? This is especially necessary in these post-9/11, politically divisive times. READ THE REST OF THE PDF. . .

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Take My New 4 Question Survey: INTUITION & YOU!

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Marxist? Socialist? Why Choose the Old Fear View?

I wrote this in response to some of my intuition colleagues, who were expressing worry over Obama's "dangerous," socialist leanings.

I am really, really surprised at those of you who are responding to the superficiality of the conservatives' charged and highly loaded accusations of Obama's being a Marxist, communist, terrorist, etc. Those words are OLD words that describe a highly fear-based reality from at least 50 years ago, when the paranoia and self-righteouosness of a McCarthy and a Nixon could be whipped to such a state that even friends could be turned against each other.

We, as intuitives and visionaries, are supposed to be on the leading edge of the new unity-based, love-based reality—the "new paradigm." Through our ability to experience oneness via intuition, and by our ability to know the unified field via our energy-sensitivity, we are the ones who should be showing others the way into realities that are based on fellowship, mutual support, conscious communion, and the healing of ancient emotional wounds and human suffering. Obama, as I sense him, is a person who lives via his intuition and sensitivity, who is trying to live cleanly and ethically into the new paradigm—as it emerges. He is looking for the new forms, and is not caught in old ones.

You cannot open up spiritually and enter the new energy-based reality that is presenting itself to us, without understanding—at a visceral level—the profound interconnectedness of all life, and that includes people of all political persuasions. If we really want to live this new life, we look for new organizational models that reflect the "new" truths. Both capitalism (and I like what Thom Hartmann says, that we are now in the "cancerous stage of capitalism") and communism, and all other forms of national organization, are by themselves flawed. They are functional in particular ways, and dysfunctional in other ways.

The West functions according to one perfectly good reality, for example, and the East by another. People from both East and West think their way is "the way life is"—unless you travel and work globally. When you do see the sanity of other ways of thinking and acting as perfect designs for specific situations and conditions, it humbles you and expands your perspective. For me, being international has expanded my view of what might happen if varying world views could be merged, if we could learn "how to be" in each other's actual reality constructs.

So, politically, why are we reacting, or snapping back to a time when the world was highly divided and separatist? We are living into a time of global commonality, of shared humanity, where solutions are going to HAVE TO involve everyone and class distinctions are going to have to eventually disappear in the light of our Soul Awareness. Is this Marxist? I think not. I think we are headed toward an evolution of the best in capitalism and the best in socialism and even the core truths in imperialism and in dictatorships, etc.. . . We have to reexamine core motives and concepts, and reinvent politics, governance, nationality, and commerce.

So I'm asking those of you in reactionary mode right now: What are you so afraid of, and why are you choosing to live in a fear-based reality, unconsciously leaping back into the past, instead of being fully engaged in this super-alive moment, creating a new reality directly from soul, something that is fresh and new? Security is an issue that needs to be redefined as well, and it is now in our faces. . .

I feel strongly that this present period offers us an amazing opportunity to reprogram our thinking, to be able to see through the old separatist logic, which is now downright stupid, into an ingenious new way of materializing improved solutions to problems, which are really not just national anymore, but part of a global healing process.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Time of Change: Not Just in Our Imaginations

An astrologer's newletter I subscribe to, Astroflash by Jacqueline Lasahn, just sent the following note. I've noticed that the times seem to be affecting so many people, as well as politics, by making us feel that we need to shed our old "skin" like a snake does, and move on into a new life where our destiny awaits. I tend to think this is part of the natural evolutionary process on earth, that it's just the right time for the shift. But it's always interesting to be reminded that that are specific factors affecting us on subtle energetic levels. In this case, we are experiencing an opposition of Saturn and Uranus, the forces of tradition and revolutionary change. An opposition is 180-degree relationship which, of course, creates struggle, conflict, and the need to shift the tension in the direction of evolution (rather than backsliding to the past). I wrote about this earlier in this blog, but here's Jacqueline's reminder (I've edited slightly for readability):

We are at a threshold of new social, religious and cultural order. The threshold is a process that lasts about 2 years. The changes are at once swift as well as frustratingly slow. The crises we face awaken us to broaden our perspective of the collective, the larger whole of which each of us is a part. The themes: reassessment, coming to terms with responsibility and commitment, the roles we assume in our relationships, social and professional lives. Evolving maturity, seeking resolution. Bright ideas, innovation, technology. Contradiction. Laughter. New creative force. Lightening in the dark. Conflict and struggle. Revolution.

The last time the Saturn - Uranus cycle occurred was 1964-1967. Major transformations of social order and customs occurred: the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Johnson won the presidential election by a landslide,. protests against the Vietnam War, The Beatles first tour of the USA, widespread experimentation with mind-altering substances, "the sexual revolution." That just skims the surface! Our allies now are the willingness to change, innovation, practicality, resourcefulness, and compassion. Breakthrough to what's new!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

OJ and the Election: A Bubble Pops?

During the OJ trial I remember being stunned when I realized that there were 2 concurrent, interpenetrating realities held by 2 groups of people—and that these 2 views were actually creating parallel worlds. In one reality, it was blatantly obvious that OJ had committed vengeful atrocities out of an arrogant desire to obliterate someone who had rejected, hurt, and embarrassed him. In the other reality, he was the unfortunate victim of racist bias, and the shallow, rhyming "If it does not fit, you must acquit" was enough to rally a whole population of people. I was in the first camp, and surprisingly, my conservative father was in the other. No amount of talking could convince either of us of the validity of the other's point of view.

I remember wondering, since what-goes-around-comes-around much faster than it used to, just how long it would be before OJ tripped himself up and got what was coming to him, and why it could even be possible for this bizarre "escape" to occur. It was as though universal law had been suspended temporarily and it seemed so curious to me. When I heard that OJ had been found guilty on recent robbery and kidnapping charges, which came relatively quietly in the shadow of the 2008 election hoopla featuring Sarah Palin's cartoonlike antics, I was stopped in my tracks.

It hasn't escaped me that the election this year has turned into a situation similar to the OJ trial, where perspectives are so highly polarized that no one can hear the other side's point of view. Sarah Palin is parallelling Johnnie Cochran's past performance, using emotion and a particularly noticeable language style to further polarize, incite, and distract everyone. I had the thought that OJ's new verdict, which completed the cycle of his lack of accountability, his relative invisibility, and his sense of having been able to fool everyone, was like a pin that popped a bubble—and that bubble might also pertain to the bubble of "spin" and hypnosis that the McCain-Palin campaign, and the Bush administration, have tried to envelope us all in.

MY sense is that OJ's bubble-popping conviction may have opened many of us to the perception of what's been going on under the surface in our current reality. Perhaps it has subliminally helped us light on the idea that we've been programmed to think a certain way, or to not question certain realities, or be too overwhelmed and distracted to penetrate below the dramatic surface chaos, by the repetitious mantras and soundbytes foisted upon us by our rightwing-owned media.

So, let's all ask ourselves: What's REALLY real? What's really valuable in our leaders? And what are the subterranean motives and the superficial manipulation techniques of those who communicate to the masses? This requires nothing short of focused intuitive ability.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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The Need for Dramatic Change Agents for Seemingly Big Change

One of my colleagues wrote this: ". . .there is a lot of VERY BIG negativity out there that needs to be counterbalanced. There is also the possibility that negative events are required as part of a "cleansing" process that makes sense only in retrospect (and from a much higher perspective of how things work), but increasing the frequency of the system always helps."

I wrote back: "We do hold a collective subterranean belief that big change means big pain. So it seems "normal" to us that a giant October Surprise would be necessary. But in this 'new paradigm' world, all it takes is a shift back to the soul's reality, the heart reality, and the energy is drained from the fear reality. It takes repetitive doing but soon, I find, the body believes you, and your reality stabilizes. If we had a growing # of people doing this and reinforcing each other in the habit, it'd be a much less painful transformation. . ."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Join Me in An Experiment in Positive Imagination for the Next Month

In these times, if we are really to contribute something positive to the world, we must vote — yes — but we must not contribute more fear to the unified field. I hear people saying: What if Obama doesn't get elected? (I suppose the other side echoes this from their point of view.) It is crucial right now, for us to not even IMAGINE a reality we don't want to live in. By imagining what we don't want, then reacting to it with resistance and fear, we send a wave of chaos through the unified field, that hits other people and upsets them needlessly. We also begin materializing that unwanted reality, while blocking the materialization of the reality we DO want. This is the time to choose who we want to be and how we want our world to be.

The world NEEDS to evolve. We must believe that. We ARE evolving. We don't need another 8 years of roto-rootering out the collective subconscious mind and trying to control others through fear. It's time now for the flotsam and jetsam that has been released from the underworld to be swept away. If we are calm, we know this. The reality where Barak Obama gets to do what he came here to do just makes sense. All of us need guidance now in how to unload the old, how to shift to the new way of thinking and being, and how to stabilize the new as our new way of life. This is what's really real. Feel the truth of it. Then invest your attention calmly into the KNOWING of this, into the imagination of how this will work, how it will feel to live through it, how you yourself will feel when you have hope and renewed enthusiasm. Put your whole self into that vision and keep feeling it. By feeling it with your body, your body will become convinced of it, and it will become real for you. If enough of us do this in our personal realities, the realities will resonate together and validate each other and the reality will become collective.

We truly no longer have the luxury of flailing around believing we are helpless victims, and adding negativity and fear into the unified field. It is irresponsible at a core level. If you want to live a productive, good, helpful life, you cannot harm others — even by the way you think. Spreading panic and talking about the possible reality of expanding negativity and evil is actually an act of aggression against your friends. If we are all telepathic — and we are — we do each other no favors by jamming the collective "airwaves" with doubt, cynicism, panic, sarcasm, and vengeful thoughts. All that just takes up space, and challenges our friends to have to see through even more clutter and falsity before they can rest in the sanity of the Flow, in the wisdom of the collective — so they can see what they want to do, from their soul's desire.

I invite you to join me in an experiment to imagine the reality you truly want, and to not indulge in doubt, negative thinking, and fear-based emotion, from now through the election. If you catch yourself adding energy to a reality you don't want, simply hit the PAUSE button and recenter into your inner peace. Reaffirm the sanity of the Flow. Recreate your image and felt sense of the new reality you intend to have. Be bored with the scary reality-pictures, and let them become ghostlike and vaporous. Invest energy and life force into the pictures of the life you know is possible.

If you need a reminder, write to me. Let's do this together!

Art from Janaia Donaldson at
How to Return to Our "Preferred State"
I, along with most everyone else I know, have been affected by the disturbing, accelerating waves of high energy rolling through the energy world, affecting the physical world. Last Friday, Sep 26 through Tuesday Sep 30, there was a doozy! It shook the foundations of our security, personally and societally. I experienced a huge miscommunication and people bailing out of plans because emotional issues surfaced that they didn't want to have to feel. There seemed to be no way to talk through it, to resolve the impasse. I just had to sit with the swirling pain and discomfort, and try to clear the part of the subconscious block that existed in me. My body felt severely contracted, and my heart was racing with fear. Outside on the street, a man started screaming at the top of his lungs: "Shut that damned dog! Fuck you people! FUCK America!" And he went on and on, escalating in his rage. So much fear surfacing — everywhere right now.

I tried to release my contracted state and raise my vibration by centering in my body, breathing, and thinking of my poor little body as being the victim of my mind's and emotion's reactive, negative responses. My poor body was being jacked into an unnatural hyper-negative, adrenaline-loaded state. So I did what I could to take the pressure off it. I patted it, and comforted it. I gave it oxygen and some calm movement, and sat in the peaceful sunshine, looking at the trees and birds, which weren't at all disturbed by politics or finances or miscommunications. Then I remembered the Angels, and I invited them very intentionally into my house and into my personal energy field. I experienced them as standing quietly in various spots around the house, just opening and closing their white wings, spreading calmness and a kind of neutrality that fostered my own ability to feel who I really am. Very patient, totally generous.

I asked the Angels to pass through my energy field. To do that, I knew I needed to make myself very porous. I relaxed deeply, pictured my energy and body being just a floating mass of particles with lots of space between them. Then the angelic presence, which seemed to be like a white mist, began to penetrate and flow through me, like a diaphanous silk cloud. The feeling was so incredibly calming and soothing. And it returned me quickly to an experience of myself as a spiritual being, whose experience of life is untroubled and unfailingly warm.

It took a little time to do this, but it created a great result. I could now see that I was floating in a sea of chaotic energy — the collective panic that was surfacing societally — but it was really just on the surface. Dropping through that surface contraction, I was instantly back in the calm sea of spiritual unity, of the state where everything is actually WORKING FINE. In this focus, there are no problems, just movements into greater experiences of growth and evolution. There is an elegant cooperation among all beings. The surface distinctions of Democrat, Republican, terrorist, peacemaker, etc. don't exist. It's always there — and you can return to it quickly. A funk doesn't have to last as long as it used to. . .

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Comparing the Candidates' Numerological Cycles: Part 2
In numerology, we experience 9 year cycles of time, and these cycles have 3 numbers that influence the sort of consciousness and lessons to be learned. In addition, each year in a 9-year cycle corresponds to 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9. Let's have a look at the candidates' cycle numbers.

JOHN McCAIN: McCain's present cycle is influenced by 1-9-5. He entered this cycle when he was 53, and has experienced 2 subsequent deepenings of the phase beginning at age 62 and 71. He is now in the 2 year of his newest cycle. 1-9-5 needs to learn to experience the power of the individual self (1) with all its accompanying lack of confidence and over-confidence, its impulsiveness and lack of completion, its originality and zeal. McCain has had the 1 in every period of his life, so learning to be himself, put himself out in public, and be a leader has been a big part of his growth in this life. Until now, however, he's had the driving, ambitious 1 in combination with security-oriented and power-oriented 4's and 8's. This helped him develop the "maverick" Mac truck persona he has.

What's different now is that he is learning to understand the 9, which is the opposite of 1; it is about collective consciousness, faith, trust, dissolution of personal boundaries and the personal experience of connection to the divine, the unified field, and feminine energy. McCain's old militaristic persona IS NOT WHO HE IS NOW. He is softening, and in terms of soul growth this is fantastic. He has the potential to be a visionary, to be compassionate, humanitarian, philanthropic, and highly creative — IF he can let go of the previous foursquare definitions of himself and undergo a sort of ego death. Politics unfortunately thrives on categorizing people in boxes that capture and preserve past identities. It will be difficult for McCain to shift out of the box he lived in, and was identified as, for 52 years. The 5 indicates he needs to learn the lesson of fluidity and flexibility, of enhanced ability to communicate and network. The shadow side of this lesson often involves paralysis of some sort, or being restrained and limited by external forces. Or, it can indicate being spread too thin among many points of view, flipping from one to another and not holding steady. McCain's personal year this year is 2, which means he is focusing on relationship issues and how he connects to the world. This is not a particularly powerful cycle for cementing a big win. The cycle McCain is in now, in my opinion, is not that of a strong leader for the chaotic times we face.

SARAH PALIN: Palin's cycles are all the same—2-4-0—for her entire life, except for this one 9-year period that she's in now, from age 40-48, which is 2-8-0. Basically her entire life is one main lesson: connecting to other people in a sensitive way, and needing approval and connections, while cementing the relationships and preserving them to provide security and status. She is driven by the need for security through relating, and most people I've seen with this pattern are charming and ambitious about having important relationships from which they then receive a vicarious sense of self. They are often very good at promotion and sales. The pattern is not varied or complex enough to give her the breadth of experience she needs for the trying and difficult job of President. which she might well inherit. 2008 is a 5 year for her, which means radical change, travel, movement, and breaking free from restrictions. It brings flux and often chaos and confusion as the soup-pot is being stirred up.

JOE BIDEN: Biden shifted into his present cycle at age 53: 7-7-2. His previous years were an interesting balance of a variety of numbers, some of which focus on steadiness and security, on building and strengthening, and some that provide movement and variety. It is a much more well-balanced chart, giving a wider range of experience and a balanced personal character. The phase he's in now is different from his earlier years, similar to McCain's shift to a different kind of period in later life. 7's indicate a need to be in the truth, to find answers that reflect the core truth of the univeral laws, and to be highly ethical and "upright." There is often a renewed focus on higher learning and academic progress, and it sharpens the intellect to the point of brilliance. It also, however, causes the personality to be more internal and private, and people have a greater tendency to hold their own counsel and go within to find answers at a soul level. This gives great analytical powers and attention to detail, as well as technological expertise. This, in a VP, is a great tendency as it provides a powerful sounding board, doublecheck, and extra detail for the President. It also is more comfortable being in a support role, since the need for privacy is high. Biden, like Palin, is in a 5 year, indicating his world has also been stirred up, and he too is undergoing a radical change.

BARAK OBAMA: Obama throughout his whole life, has a strong emphasis on structure, management, organizational systems, and practical results. Like Palin, he seeks security, but unlike her, his drive is tempered by great open-mindedness, humor, positive thinking, and ability to communicate and express himself clearly. His present cycle is 4-6-4, which is the "earth father" and the provider/mentor. He is service-oriented, reliable, real, concerned for family, both his own, the country as family, and the family of mankind. He understands healing, is nurturing, and is actually the "salt of the earth." He will understand real estate, and what promotes stability. He will not back down from challenges—this pattern brings great inner strength and responsibility. His next cycle has the 8 and 7, like Biden, and this means he is driven by the need to materialize systems that embody truth—this, in a nutshell, is his life work. Obama is in a 4 year this year, which is a year of cementing results, of crystallizing the forms that he's been working to clarify for the past 3 years. This is a powerful year for achievement for him.

The 4 vibration (Obama), when compared to the 2 (McCain), always comes off as strong, grounded, tangible, and real. The 2 can feel wishy-washy, or needy, or just soft and receptive. It can indicate a year of conflict, combativeness, or peacemaking. My overall take on this is that Obama has the energy and proper traits we're going to need in the next few chaotic, fear-laden years. His wife, Michelle, is in a 1 year this year, beginning a phase of 8-1-6, which also fits for starting a new cycle focused on executive leadership. Her chart is incredibly powerful and sensitive—she is a hidden asset in a very big way.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Evolution Or Devolution?
by Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman

This comes from my friend Steve Bhaerman (Swami Beyondananda) and his writing partner, Bruce Lipton:
. . .this election is far more than a contest between two political parties, but a referendum on two diametrically-opposed world views. One world view essentially believes that the nature of human nature is 'evil' so consequently we humans must be controlled, if necessary via manipulation, force and the threat of death. In this world view, we are 'sinners', hopeless and helpless without divine intervention. And if we're very, very lucky, the Divine presence will return — to destroy the world. The other world view suggests that we may be 'sinners' only in the sense that to 'sin' in archery means 'to miss the mark.' In this alternative world view, we aren't hopeless sinners, but hopeful 'learners.' Life moves forward. . .with our accumulated awareness, provided we learn. Here too we may call upon divine intervention, but that intervention is to purify our own heart and intentions.

In short, this election is about evolution vs. devolution. Do we evolve to achieve our human potential (our full potential to be human)? Or, do we devolve into machine-controlled slaves who mistake reality TV for reality? This election is bigger than Democrat vs. Republican, even though the two world views are wearing these labels this time around. It's not so much whether a candidate believes in the theory of evolution, but whether they believe in the 'practice' of evolution. And that practice may be akin to the 'community organizing' the Republicans so snidely dismissed. (Someone sent me a slogan that would make a great bumper sticker, 'Jesus Was a Community Organizer.')

Why community organizing? According to cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, the nature of practical evolution is. . .community, cooperation and shared awareness. Ever since the first single cell organisms got tired of the single life and combined forces with other single cells some 700 million years ago, every evolutionary step has involved groups of cells combining to increase efficiency, awareness, and survivability. You and I, for example, are communities of 50 trillion cells that cooperate for the purpose of bringing 'us' to the world every day.

The thriving cellular society beneath our skins boast universal health care, full employment, and truly no cell left behind. Our organs — which can be seen as huge 'businesses' employing millions and sometimes trillions of cells — do not 'compete' against other organs, but work with them to create health and vitality for the whole body. We as a species are on the threshold of a new evolution. Only this evolution doesn't involve growing another limb, or even a bigger brain. Rather it involves learning what our cells learned millions of years ago — the universal successful operating principle for life is "we're all in it together."

Just as our cells have learned to thrive through the common purpose of "thrival" for the entire organism, the next phase in human evolution involves recognizing ourselves each and all as cells in the body of humanity. In the universal 'fractal' reiterating pattern of nature, we find the cell, the individual, the community, and even the planet all have the same requirements: fresh air, clean water, healthy and abundant food. While that may seem like a high-minded ideal, in fact it is the down-to-earth 'real deal' that will determine whether we humans realize our true human potential, or whether our species gets an 'F' in third dimension.

Not only will it give you a new understanding of evolutionary science, but it will explain how the 'invisible' field of ideas impacts our biology and our reality — and how we can change these beliefs from dysfunctional to functional. This understanding is particularly important if we are to see this election — or any other one — in proper perspective.

So, back to the election. What are we voting for? Or against? In essence, our choice boils down to two distinct ways of seeing the world and experiencing reality. 'We're all in this together' vs. 'Every man for himself.' One world view represents the core views of Jesus, and every other spiritual teacher in history (and now confirmed by science). The other is a distortion based on millennia of rule by 'the lowest common dominator.'

When Sarah Palin — or anyone else — 'appeals to the base,' they have the weight of history and unconscious programming on their side. So pervasive is this belief in original sin and the venal nature of human nature, that even those who call themselves progressive often subconsciously don't really believe change is possible.

So the important thing now is for us to keep our eye on the prize, the "thrival" of humanity by working together rather than fighting one another. Interestingly, this is the 'prize' the founders of America fought for, and is expressed in our motto E Pluribus Unum, out of many one. Jefferson, Madison and company did not in any way intend a top-down imposition of this common purpose, but rather a bottom-up realization of it. That is exactly what is manifesting now, and as Deepak points out, why the opposition is so strong and powerful.

In any shadow work, we must first confront our own individual issues — our fears and other shadow manifestations that keep these 'dominator' patterns in place. Remember, we cannot successfully confront in another what we are unwilling to face in ourselves. So let's lose no energy to despair or hand-wringing about how awful it is. It is exactly as it must be. We cannot muster the internal and external resolve to make this next evolutionary leap without the resistance that strengthens us. May the best paradigm win.

Photo copyright by Penney Peirce

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ten Reasons I Support Barak Obama

The following reasons come from the blog of one of my colleagues, Jeffrey Mishlove. I can't say it any better.

Honesty: Obama has consistently conducted himself with dignity, honesty and character during this campaign. In this regard, he shows a striking contrast with his opponent, Senator McCain, whose campaign has been characterized by major media outlets as one of the sleaziest and dishonest in modern electoral history.

Global Stature: Obama will work hard to restore America’s stature in the world. His opponent, Senator McCain, shows many signs of continuing the same foreign policies of George W. Bush that have alienated us from our own allies and have caused people around the world to fear and distrust us.

Economic Solutions: Obama will seek real solutions to the very serious economic problems this country faces. His opponent, a champion of excessive deregulation, carries with him the very same mindset that helped to create many of these problems. And, as Albert Einstein once said, you cannot solve a problem from the mindset that created it.

American Unity: Obama’s campaign, as is embodied in his own life story, represents a serious effort to bring all Americans together – regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or political philosophy. His opponent, while occasionally mouthing the language of national unity, has built a campaign based upon vicious sarcasm and policies that tend to focus on “wedge issues” that divide Americans rather than unite them.

Knowledge: Obama is a brilliant scholar, highly educated, a professor of constitutional law, and very knowledgeable about many subjects including law, economics, and world affairs. His opponent was a poor student whose public statements frequently demonstrate both confusion and an attempt to oversimplify complex issues.

Equal Opportunity: Obama is a Democrat and supports policies that will provide greater economic and social opportunities for all citizens. His opponent is a Republican and supports the same policies that have dominated our country for 28 of the last 40 years (since I have been a voter). The consequence of those Republican policies is that the richest 1% of the population have controlled an ever-increasing share of the economic pie – leaving less and less for the remaining 99%.

Judgment: Obama has consistently opposed the invasion of Iraq. His opponent has consistently supported this unprovoked, expensive and unnecessary war.

Diplomacy: Obama supports a foreign policy based upon diplomacy and discussion whenever possible. His opponent, Senator McCain, has consistently based his discussions of foreign policy upon threats of violence and war (i.e., “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”).

Privacy Rights: Obama believes that the government has no business interfering in medical decisions that women make with regard to their own bodies and reproductive systems. His opponent, McCain, wishes to criminalize a woman’s right to choose.

Maturity: Obama has consistently based his campaign on the pressing issues that Americans face regarding healthcare, jobs, and foreign policy. His opponent -- since he cannot win on the issues -- has consistently attempted to distract voters from the issues by focusing on trivial questions of style, celebrity, language and personality (i.e.,false indignation about "lipstick on a pig" or comparisons with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Numerological Insights about the Candidates: Part 1 — Life Numbers
Interestingly, Barak Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, and John McCain, (as well as Bill Clinton and Al Gore) all have 11/2 as their Life Number (the sum of the birthdate). Sarah Palin and George Bush have 6 as their Life Number. Hillary Clinton has 3.

ELEVEN (Obama, Biden, McCain, Bill Clinton, Gore) is considered the number of inspiration and revelation, and often gives the urge to connect to something higher, to bring down spiritually-based vision, insight, and guidance and give it out to others in the form of teaching, counsel, or service. Many ministers and inspired artists, as well as magnetic public figures, have this number. It denotes diplomatic ability and tact, and a tendency toward creating agreement and peace on the one hand, but also gives the ability to fight when necessary. Twos and elevens (the spiritualized version of the 2) are working on the spiritual issues of understanding DUALITY, opposition, complementarity, conflict, integration, and separation, and reunion. To learn these lessons, the focus is often on finding harmonious relationships, learning to receive/listen and give/express equally, learning to be comfortable with both-and thinking rather than either-or thinking, and to share with and trust others. Challenges often have to do with firming up personal boundaries, overcoming warlike tendencies or the need to dominate, and developing intuition.

When this pattern is well-developed in a mature person, it brings high levels of sensitivity to others and what's happening in the invisible realms. It truly allows the person to feel what it's like to be in someone else's shoes and thus develops great compassion. It brings a strong emphasis on communication and diplomatic understanding as a way to solve problems first, with fighting as a second resort. It also brings patience and true caring about the welfare of others.

When this pattern is underdeveloped, it brings codependency — with a mate, sexual partners, cronies, or a form of the Divine that may be overpersonalized and anthropormorphized. It can mask insecurity about being alone, or being original, or too different. There is a need for approval and agreement that can become unhealthy. There can be contentiousness and pettiness, as well as a strong drive to be attractive and approved of by others. It also leads to flip-flopping and ambiguous self expression.

A mature, well-developed ELEVEN President would promote diplomatic solutions, cooperation, collaboration, cocreation, communication, and likely, bipartisan and cross-cultural, win-win solutions.

SIX (Palin and Bush) is found with people who are learning about integration of heaven and earth, that ordinary life IS the divine. This pattern brings sensitivity to disharmony and a desire to fix things. There may be a strong focus on health, food/diet, the home and family, and the experience of belonging to a group. The life number is commonly found with people who work in the healing professions, with art, and with the formation and management of groups. Since 6 brings such a strong emphasis on family values, men and women tend to become patriarchs or matriarchs, and derive value from having others depend on them. In politics, it produces nationalism and patriotism.

When healthy and mature, this pattern produces people of great wisdom, sensitivity, patience, kindness, and service orientation.

When unhealthy and underdeveloped, the pattern produces people who want to control others by being a dictator or parental authority figure. They want followers, rather than to belong to a soul family in which all members are equal. They become protectionist, secretive, and exclusive.

THREE (Hillary) promotes internal harmony, a positive attitude, and creates an urge to express oneself authentically and originally, often through the voice, writing, and performing in public. Typically, the life lessons are about developing a sense of humor, naturalness and ease, and the ability to encourage others in their self-expression and creativity. There may be challenges concerning fear of persecution for speaking truth to power, and overcoming reclusiveness and shyness.

Fun with Numbers!
Many of you know that I enjoy numerology very much and use it to some degree in the readings I do, since it tends to give accurate information on timing especially. One of my colleagues, Suzann Owings, had this in her January newsletter, The Humm. I thought you might enjoy it. It gives a certain kind of reassurance that there is some deep harmony in the universe. . .

1 x 8 + 1 = 9
12 x 8 + 2 = 98
123 x 8 + 3 = 987
1234 x 8 + 4 = 9876
2345 x 8 + 5 = 98765
123456 x 8 + 6 = 987654
1234567 x 8 + 7 = 9876543
12345678 x 8 + 8 = 98765432
123456789 x 8 + 9 = 987654321

1 x 9 + 2 = 11
12 x 9 + 3 = 111
123 x 9 + 4 = 1111
1234 x 9 + 5 = 11111
12345 x 9 + 6 = 111111
123456 x 9 + 7 = 1111111
1234567 x 9 + 8 = 11111111
12345678 x 9 + 9 = 111111111

9 x 9 + 7 = 88
98 x 9 + 6 = 888
987 x 9 + 5 = 8888
9876 x 9 + 4 = 88888
98765 x 9 + 3 = 888888
987654 x 9 + 2 = 8888888
9876543 x 9 + 1 = 88888888
98765432 x 9 + 0 = 888888888

1 x 1 = 1
11 x 11 = 121
111 x 111 = 12321
1111 x 1111 = 1234321
11111 x 11111 = 123454321
111111 x 111111 = 12345654321
1111111 x 1111111 = 1234567654321
11111111 x 11111111 = 123456787654321
111111111 x 111111111 = 12345678987654321

Sunday, September 14, 2008

More on The October Surprise
Out of curiosity, I googled "October Surprise" and here are a few things I found:

1. Will Bunch, Phila Daily News, 5/6/08
Team Hillary warns of Obama "October Surprise"
This is what Harold Ickes, a longtime advisory to both Bill and Hillary Clinton, told Mark Halperin of Time's The Page tonight:

“We don’t know enough about Senator Obama yet. We don’t need an October Surprise. And (the chance of) an October Surprise with Hillary is remote.”

This remark is dismaying on several levels, partly because Ickes is virtually channeling Karl Rove, who implied something similar in a recent interview with GQ — not backed up by any information of course. Just planting this vague idea in Joe Average Voter's head that there's something about Barry (Barak) — pick your vice, political or personal — that all the kool kidz inside the Beltway know about, and it's going to pop one week before the election, is the only strategy here.

Brian Ross and Len Tepper, 9/2/08
Is the McCain campaign afraid of an 'October surprise' involving vice-presidential pick Sarah Palin of Alaska? The Alaska state senator running an investigation of Gov. Palin says the McCain campaign is using stall tactics to prevent him from releasing his final report by Oct. 31, four days before the November election. 'It's likely to be damaging to the Governor's administration,'
said Senator Hollis French, a Democrat, appointed the project manager. . .

Gary Hart, in Sept of 2006 (!) wrote:
"It should come as no surprise if the Bush Administration undertakes a preemptive war against Iran sometime before the November election. Were these more normal times, this would be a stunning possibility, quickly dismissed by thoughtful people as dangerous, unprovoked, and out of keeping with our national character. But we do not live in normal times. And we do not have a government much concerned with our national character. If anything, our current Administration is out to remake our national character into something it has never been.

The steps will be these: Air Force tankers will be deployed to fuel B-2 bombers, Navy cruise missile ships will be positioned at strategic points in the northern Indian Ocean and perhaps the Persian Gulf, unmanned drones will collect target data, and commando teams will refine those data. The latter two steps are already being taken.

Then the president will speak on national television. He will say this: Iran is determined to develop nuclear weapons; if this happens, the entire region will go nuclear; our diplomatic efforts to prevent this have failed; Iran is offering a haven to known al Qaeda leaders; the fate of our ally Israel is at stake; Iran persists in supporting terrorism, including in Iraq; and sanctions will have no affect (and besides they are for sissies). He will not say: ...and besides, we need the oil. Therefore, he will announce, our own national security and the security of the region requires us to act. . . Only an Administration inspired by pre-Enlightenment fantasy could believe a notion such as this. . . It does not involve much imagination to understand the timing. The U.S. is poised to adopt a Congressional regime change of its own in November. A political strategy totally based on fear can offer few other options to prevent this." (there is more that is worth reading).

by John Havelock, former Alaska Attorney General, 9/1/2008
"October Surprise" is a term used to describe a potential, external event that can control the outcome of a pending American election. We have had (so far) a mini October Surprise with the Georgia affair. Another may be coming up. The surprise scenario presumes the deliberate creation of a national security crisis by a small group of persons or even one person. Control over the American election may be purely incidental to the event or the surprise may be an effort deliberately focused on American politics. Either way, it is an "October Surprise" by consequence.

To take an obvious example, a terrorist group might schedule or postpone an attack depending on the group's assessment of its effect on a U.S. election. America is particularly vulnerable to the surprise scenario this year because, according to well-publicized polls, the uncommitted electorate currently perceives Sen. McCain as substantially more capable of dealing with a military emergency than Sen. Obama, while believing Sen. Obama to be far more capable of dealing with the country's domestic problems. Thus anyone, in or out of the country, in a position to precipitate an emergency with military overtones, has the capability of influencing the outcome of the U.S. election. . ." (more to the article, worth reading)

The "October Surprise" and Pandora's Box
My colleagues and I in The Intuition Network have been discussing the possibility of a big event happening soon (see Arlington Institute, and my post from 10/9). This may or may not be related to a potential political event that many are calling "The October Surprise."

One colleague wrote: "The majority of people I have heard from, been in discussion with, or have read, all talk about an "October Surprise," something that will impact the Election in November and may derail it. There is inconsistency as to what, but these people see it as a tragedy that will be a serious setback for our country. The astrologers I read are scratching their heads to try to understand the aspects they see before and during the Election — it's not quite like anything they have observed before. The majority of these people feel this setback will involve one of our candidates or their running mate. This idea of an October Surprise that could hurt our country is a consistent theme."

Here is my response: I too have had a sense that there would be a last-minute attempt to disrupt the election and prevent a loss of control by the current administration. So, I haven't been feeling that the big event or October Surprise would be a natural disaster, but something that is human-engineered. One astrologer, Philip Brown, M.A., says that:

"We can already see the 2008 Saturn-Uranus opposition forming politically, or at least the foundation being laid for its later manifestation. The Saturn-Uranus opposition will be exact on election day, 2008. This is an opposition we experienced in 1920 and again in the mid-1960’s. Alexander Ruperti, in his book Cycles of Becoming, says of the Saturn-Uranus cycle: 'Habit patterns will always resist change and when the pressure of some creative challenge is felt, the ego will experience a sense of impending doom, generating fear and resisting change.'

"This cycle has a disruptive effect. There is a dependence on the past (Saturn) versus radical transformation (Uranus). The Uranus part of the opposition would destroy that part of the past (Saturn) which is also essential to the future—throwing out the baby with the bathwater. In other words, parts of the past are useful and can be carried into the future, but the Saturn-Uranus opposition wants to overthrow everything and start new. The early 1920’s and mid-1960’s were such times of radical transition and transformation throughout the world." (There is more to the article, and it is interesting. . .)

My sense for many years has been that Bush was the catalyst for a phase of Opening Pandora's Box, or the clearing of the collective subconscious mind, where many old unexamined, yet outlived beliefs and habits had to surface and be dissolved. I knew this would take awhile, but then we would need a phase of making it all conscious and choosing who we truly want to be — a return to heart, higher motivation, and the core values of our country. This is like an individual saying: "What just happened to me?! And what did I learn from this experience? And what kind of person do I want to be?"

The fears have now arisen, the scandals and flaws in human nature have been highlighted by reality TV and scurrilous political campaign tactics, and the old patterns are beginning to look old — at least for many of us. This has been an absolutely necessary part of the overall transformation process. If we are to eliminate fear in ourselves, we must see how ugly and hurtful its tactics are. This is happening in each of us individually, as well as collectively and socially.

I had thought that Hillary would be the candidate who could bridge our country into the new awareness because she has a combination of both styles, and was surprised that Obama, who is so much more in the new consciousness, could have been chosen. For those of us who are ever-hopeful, he appears to be the perfect leader and bridge, but I don't think enough of the country has enough awareness yet to be able to see clearly what's been happening in the past 8 years. Fear still has them in its grip. Denial-thinking is still rampant. I heard the other day that this kind of awareness
(in the campaigns) is attracted to stories rather than facts.

When people have had total control for a period of time, they become arrogant and secretly gleeful, and don't relinquish power easily. That is why I feel the current administration, which has shown virtually no moral character and has maintained its power through lies and manipulation, will not give up. They cannot see the new reality; they are literally blind to it right now. So I fully expect them to fight dirty — dirtier than ever before. They feel their survival is at stake and are unwilling to evolve.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Summary of the Nine Insights from The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield

We're discovering we live in a deeply mysterious world full of sudden coincidences and synchronistic encounters that seem destined.

As more of us awaken to this mystery, we will create a completely new worldview, redefining the universe as energetic and sacred.

We will discover that everything around us, all matter, consists of and stems from a divine energy that we are beginning to see and understand.

From this perspective, we can see that humans have always felt insecure and disconnected from this sacred source and have tried to take energy by dominating each other. This struggle is responsible for all human conflict.

The only solution is to cultivate a personal reconnection with the divine, a mystical transformation that fills us with unlimited energy and love, expands our perception of beauty, and lifts us into a higher self awareness.

In this awareness we can release our own pattern of controlling and discover a specific truth, a mission we are here to share, that helps evolve humanity toward a new level of reality.

In pursuit of this mission we can discover an inner intuition that shows us where to go and what to do, and if we make only positive interpretations, brings a flow of coincidences that opens the doors for our mission to unfold.

When enough of us enter this evolutionary flow, always giving energy to the higher self of everyone we meet, we will build a new culture in which our bodies evolve to ever higher levels of energy and perception.

In this way, we can participate in the coming journey of evolution, from the big bang to life's ultimate goal: to energize our bodies, generation by generation, until we walk into a heaven we can finally see.