Friday, July 25, 2008

The Energy Is Shifting—in You, in Politics, in the Way Life Works
For the past few months, I have been feeling an energy buildup, like water gathering behind a dam. I've been quiet internally as though my body is saturating itself with a new sort of energy or living environment, as if its seeking to fully understand and become something new. This week, quite suddenly, a stirring began, marked by disturbances and snags in the outer environment. Twice the number of people suddenly began calling for appointments, the water heater broke and the guy brought the wrong size, had to come back with the right size, then installed it so the closet door wouldn't close, and had to come back again to do it right. Then, after arranging special times for urgent appointments with clients, they didn't call: "I forgot, I thought it was next week, I thought you were calling me, etc." Then I misplaced a check and still can't find it. Communicating with the people about production of artwork for my new book has been like ships passing in the night; no matter how clear I think I'm being in written communications, there is a misunderstanding. Now, on the fourth try, it's come together. Emails aren't getting through, or coming through with no message. "Could you please send it again?" It feels like a bad case of Mercury retrograde.

Stable friends are now experiencing severe shocks to their reality as they release last remnants of old behavior patterns, like being the hero, caretaker, strong one. As they pull out—even without really realizing they're doing so—the people around them are reacting, attacking them, guilt-tripping them, trying to force them back into caretaking and providing. The subconscious mind is checking: "Are you sure you don't want to keep on doing things the same old way? Are you sure you want to move on into something that's unfamiliar?" 

The same thing is happening in politics. Look at the widening energy frequency gap between McCain and Obama. One is moving on into highly expanded new territory, reconnecting with the vision, while the other is trudging along mouthing hollow put-down statements that have no real energy. One is super-real, one is flat. This is what's happening in our own realities. There's an old reality that's become boring, flat, and restrictive. We're deciding right now to shed it. This is an act of courage. We're deciding right now to step into a brighter reality where we can be our true selves, no matter what "the weather" looks like out there in the world. We've decided to change the "weather" inside our own personal field first, to make ourselves comfortable, and stop any form of self-sacrifice. This is what's up. This is the crucial edge right now. And of course, it makes us feel shaky; we rock into the new, then back to the old, then into the new, then back to the old. Perhaps this is why we feel the snags in the way the world is functioning right now—it's just a symptom of deeper change.

But the energy buildup is releasing. For people stepping into their destiny, things are going to flow with great synchronicity and happiness. For those resisting letting go, it will feel temporarily painful and frustrating, then there will be another, more intense wave that will sweep them up and they'll move into the flow, too. Watch for a greatly increased flow, in all areas, from mid-August onward.

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