Friday, October 31, 2008

Marxist? Socialist? Why Choose the Old Fear View?

I wrote this in response to some of my intuition colleagues, who were expressing worry over Obama's "dangerous," socialist leanings.

I am really, really surprised at those of you who are responding to the superficiality of the conservatives' charged and highly loaded accusations of Obama's being a Marxist, communist, terrorist, etc. Those words are OLD words that describe a highly fear-based reality from at least 50 years ago, when the paranoia and self-righteouosness of a McCarthy and a Nixon could be whipped to such a state that even friends could be turned against each other.

We, as intuitives and visionaries, are supposed to be on the leading edge of the new unity-based, love-based reality—the "new paradigm." Through our ability to experience oneness via intuition, and by our ability to know the unified field via our energy-sensitivity, we are the ones who should be showing others the way into realities that are based on fellowship, mutual support, conscious communion, and the healing of ancient emotional wounds and human suffering. Obama, as I sense him, is a person who lives via his intuition and sensitivity, who is trying to live cleanly and ethically into the new paradigm—as it emerges. He is looking for the new forms, and is not caught in old ones.

You cannot open up spiritually and enter the new energy-based reality that is presenting itself to us, without understanding—at a visceral level—the profound interconnectedness of all life, and that includes people of all political persuasions. If we really want to live this new life, we look for new organizational models that reflect the "new" truths. Both capitalism (and I like what Thom Hartmann says, that we are now in the "cancerous stage of capitalism") and communism, and all other forms of national organization, are by themselves flawed. They are functional in particular ways, and dysfunctional in other ways.

The West functions according to one perfectly good reality, for example, and the East by another. People from both East and West think their way is "the way life is"—unless you travel and work globally. When you do see the sanity of other ways of thinking and acting as perfect designs for specific situations and conditions, it humbles you and expands your perspective. For me, being international has expanded my view of what might happen if varying world views could be merged, if we could learn "how to be" in each other's actual reality constructs.

So, politically, why are we reacting, or snapping back to a time when the world was highly divided and separatist? We are living into a time of global commonality, of shared humanity, where solutions are going to HAVE TO involve everyone and class distinctions are going to have to eventually disappear in the light of our Soul Awareness. Is this Marxist? I think not. I think we are headed toward an evolution of the best in capitalism and the best in socialism and even the core truths in imperialism and in dictatorships, etc.. . . We have to reexamine core motives and concepts, and reinvent politics, governance, nationality, and commerce.

So I'm asking those of you in reactionary mode right now: What are you so afraid of, and why are you choosing to live in a fear-based reality, unconsciously leaping back into the past, instead of being fully engaged in this super-alive moment, creating a new reality directly from soul, something that is fresh and new? Security is an issue that needs to be redefined as well, and it is now in our faces. . .

I feel strongly that this present period offers us an amazing opportunity to reprogram our thinking, to be able to see through the old separatist logic, which is now downright stupid, into an ingenious new way of materializing improved solutions to problems, which are really not just national anymore, but part of a global healing process.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Time of Change: Not Just in Our Imaginations

An astrologer's newletter I subscribe to, Astroflash by Jacqueline Lasahn, just sent the following note. I've noticed that the times seem to be affecting so many people, as well as politics, by making us feel that we need to shed our old "skin" like a snake does, and move on into a new life where our destiny awaits. I tend to think this is part of the natural evolutionary process on earth, that it's just the right time for the shift. But it's always interesting to be reminded that that are specific factors affecting us on subtle energetic levels. In this case, we are experiencing an opposition of Saturn and Uranus, the forces of tradition and revolutionary change. An opposition is 180-degree relationship which, of course, creates struggle, conflict, and the need to shift the tension in the direction of evolution (rather than backsliding to the past). I wrote about this earlier in this blog, but here's Jacqueline's reminder (I've edited slightly for readability):

We are at a threshold of new social, religious and cultural order. The threshold is a process that lasts about 2 years. The changes are at once swift as well as frustratingly slow. The crises we face awaken us to broaden our perspective of the collective, the larger whole of which each of us is a part. The themes: reassessment, coming to terms with responsibility and commitment, the roles we assume in our relationships, social and professional lives. Evolving maturity, seeking resolution. Bright ideas, innovation, technology. Contradiction. Laughter. New creative force. Lightening in the dark. Conflict and struggle. Revolution.

The last time the Saturn - Uranus cycle occurred was 1964-1967. Major transformations of social order and customs occurred: the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Johnson won the presidential election by a landslide,. protests against the Vietnam War, The Beatles first tour of the USA, widespread experimentation with mind-altering substances, "the sexual revolution." That just skims the surface! Our allies now are the willingness to change, innovation, practicality, resourcefulness, and compassion. Breakthrough to what's new!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

OJ and the Election: A Bubble Pops?

During the OJ trial I remember being stunned when I realized that there were 2 concurrent, interpenetrating realities held by 2 groups of people—and that these 2 views were actually creating parallel worlds. In one reality, it was blatantly obvious that OJ had committed vengeful atrocities out of an arrogant desire to obliterate someone who had rejected, hurt, and embarrassed him. In the other reality, he was the unfortunate victim of racist bias, and the shallow, rhyming "If it does not fit, you must acquit" was enough to rally a whole population of people. I was in the first camp, and surprisingly, my conservative father was in the other. No amount of talking could convince either of us of the validity of the other's point of view.

I remember wondering, since what-goes-around-comes-around much faster than it used to, just how long it would be before OJ tripped himself up and got what was coming to him, and why it could even be possible for this bizarre "escape" to occur. It was as though universal law had been suspended temporarily and it seemed so curious to me. When I heard that OJ had been found guilty on recent robbery and kidnapping charges, which came relatively quietly in the shadow of the 2008 election hoopla featuring Sarah Palin's cartoonlike antics, I was stopped in my tracks.

It hasn't escaped me that the election this year has turned into a situation similar to the OJ trial, where perspectives are so highly polarized that no one can hear the other side's point of view. Sarah Palin is parallelling Johnnie Cochran's past performance, using emotion and a particularly noticeable language style to further polarize, incite, and distract everyone. I had the thought that OJ's new verdict, which completed the cycle of his lack of accountability, his relative invisibility, and his sense of having been able to fool everyone, was like a pin that popped a bubble—and that bubble might also pertain to the bubble of "spin" and hypnosis that the McCain-Palin campaign, and the Bush administration, have tried to envelope us all in.

MY sense is that OJ's bubble-popping conviction may have opened many of us to the perception of what's been going on under the surface in our current reality. Perhaps it has subliminally helped us light on the idea that we've been programmed to think a certain way, or to not question certain realities, or be too overwhelmed and distracted to penetrate below the dramatic surface chaos, by the repetitious mantras and soundbytes foisted upon us by our rightwing-owned media.

So, let's all ask ourselves: What's REALLY real? What's really valuable in our leaders? And what are the subterranean motives and the superficial manipulation techniques of those who communicate to the masses? This requires nothing short of focused intuitive ability.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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The Need for Dramatic Change Agents for Seemingly Big Change

One of my colleagues wrote this: ". . .there is a lot of VERY BIG negativity out there that needs to be counterbalanced. There is also the possibility that negative events are required as part of a "cleansing" process that makes sense only in retrospect (and from a much higher perspective of how things work), but increasing the frequency of the system always helps."

I wrote back: "We do hold a collective subterranean belief that big change means big pain. So it seems "normal" to us that a giant October Surprise would be necessary. But in this 'new paradigm' world, all it takes is a shift back to the soul's reality, the heart reality, and the energy is drained from the fear reality. It takes repetitive doing but soon, I find, the body believes you, and your reality stabilizes. If we had a growing # of people doing this and reinforcing each other in the habit, it'd be a much less painful transformation. . ."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Join Me in An Experiment in Positive Imagination for the Next Month

In these times, if we are really to contribute something positive to the world, we must vote — yes — but we must not contribute more fear to the unified field. I hear people saying: What if Obama doesn't get elected? (I suppose the other side echoes this from their point of view.) It is crucial right now, for us to not even IMAGINE a reality we don't want to live in. By imagining what we don't want, then reacting to it with resistance and fear, we send a wave of chaos through the unified field, that hits other people and upsets them needlessly. We also begin materializing that unwanted reality, while blocking the materialization of the reality we DO want. This is the time to choose who we want to be and how we want our world to be.

The world NEEDS to evolve. We must believe that. We ARE evolving. We don't need another 8 years of roto-rootering out the collective subconscious mind and trying to control others through fear. It's time now for the flotsam and jetsam that has been released from the underworld to be swept away. If we are calm, we know this. The reality where Barak Obama gets to do what he came here to do just makes sense. All of us need guidance now in how to unload the old, how to shift to the new way of thinking and being, and how to stabilize the new as our new way of life. This is what's really real. Feel the truth of it. Then invest your attention calmly into the KNOWING of this, into the imagination of how this will work, how it will feel to live through it, how you yourself will feel when you have hope and renewed enthusiasm. Put your whole self into that vision and keep feeling it. By feeling it with your body, your body will become convinced of it, and it will become real for you. If enough of us do this in our personal realities, the realities will resonate together and validate each other and the reality will become collective.

We truly no longer have the luxury of flailing around believing we are helpless victims, and adding negativity and fear into the unified field. It is irresponsible at a core level. If you want to live a productive, good, helpful life, you cannot harm others — even by the way you think. Spreading panic and talking about the possible reality of expanding negativity and evil is actually an act of aggression against your friends. If we are all telepathic — and we are — we do each other no favors by jamming the collective "airwaves" with doubt, cynicism, panic, sarcasm, and vengeful thoughts. All that just takes up space, and challenges our friends to have to see through even more clutter and falsity before they can rest in the sanity of the Flow, in the wisdom of the collective — so they can see what they want to do, from their soul's desire.

I invite you to join me in an experiment to imagine the reality you truly want, and to not indulge in doubt, negative thinking, and fear-based emotion, from now through the election. If you catch yourself adding energy to a reality you don't want, simply hit the PAUSE button and recenter into your inner peace. Reaffirm the sanity of the Flow. Recreate your image and felt sense of the new reality you intend to have. Be bored with the scary reality-pictures, and let them become ghostlike and vaporous. Invest energy and life force into the pictures of the life you know is possible.

If you need a reminder, write to me. Let's do this together!

Art from Janaia Donaldson at
How to Return to Our "Preferred State"
I, along with most everyone else I know, have been affected by the disturbing, accelerating waves of high energy rolling through the energy world, affecting the physical world. Last Friday, Sep 26 through Tuesday Sep 30, there was a doozy! It shook the foundations of our security, personally and societally. I experienced a huge miscommunication and people bailing out of plans because emotional issues surfaced that they didn't want to have to feel. There seemed to be no way to talk through it, to resolve the impasse. I just had to sit with the swirling pain and discomfort, and try to clear the part of the subconscious block that existed in me. My body felt severely contracted, and my heart was racing with fear. Outside on the street, a man started screaming at the top of his lungs: "Shut that damned dog! Fuck you people! FUCK America!" And he went on and on, escalating in his rage. So much fear surfacing — everywhere right now.

I tried to release my contracted state and raise my vibration by centering in my body, breathing, and thinking of my poor little body as being the victim of my mind's and emotion's reactive, negative responses. My poor body was being jacked into an unnatural hyper-negative, adrenaline-loaded state. So I did what I could to take the pressure off it. I patted it, and comforted it. I gave it oxygen and some calm movement, and sat in the peaceful sunshine, looking at the trees and birds, which weren't at all disturbed by politics or finances or miscommunications. Then I remembered the Angels, and I invited them very intentionally into my house and into my personal energy field. I experienced them as standing quietly in various spots around the house, just opening and closing their white wings, spreading calmness and a kind of neutrality that fostered my own ability to feel who I really am. Very patient, totally generous.

I asked the Angels to pass through my energy field. To do that, I knew I needed to make myself very porous. I relaxed deeply, pictured my energy and body being just a floating mass of particles with lots of space between them. Then the angelic presence, which seemed to be like a white mist, began to penetrate and flow through me, like a diaphanous silk cloud. The feeling was so incredibly calming and soothing. And it returned me quickly to an experience of myself as a spiritual being, whose experience of life is untroubled and unfailingly warm.

It took a little time to do this, but it created a great result. I could now see that I was floating in a sea of chaotic energy — the collective panic that was surfacing societally — but it was really just on the surface. Dropping through that surface contraction, I was instantly back in the calm sea of spiritual unity, of the state where everything is actually WORKING FINE. In this focus, there are no problems, just movements into greater experiences of growth and evolution. There is an elegant cooperation among all beings. The surface distinctions of Democrat, Republican, terrorist, peacemaker, etc. don't exist. It's always there — and you can return to it quickly. A funk doesn't have to last as long as it used to. . .