Thursday, October 2, 2008

Join Me in An Experiment in Positive Imagination for the Next Month

In these times, if we are really to contribute something positive to the world, we must vote — yes — but we must not contribute more fear to the unified field. I hear people saying: What if Obama doesn't get elected? (I suppose the other side echoes this from their point of view.) It is crucial right now, for us to not even IMAGINE a reality we don't want to live in. By imagining what we don't want, then reacting to it with resistance and fear, we send a wave of chaos through the unified field, that hits other people and upsets them needlessly. We also begin materializing that unwanted reality, while blocking the materialization of the reality we DO want. This is the time to choose who we want to be and how we want our world to be.

The world NEEDS to evolve. We must believe that. We ARE evolving. We don't need another 8 years of roto-rootering out the collective subconscious mind and trying to control others through fear. It's time now for the flotsam and jetsam that has been released from the underworld to be swept away. If we are calm, we know this. The reality where Barak Obama gets to do what he came here to do just makes sense. All of us need guidance now in how to unload the old, how to shift to the new way of thinking and being, and how to stabilize the new as our new way of life. This is what's really real. Feel the truth of it. Then invest your attention calmly into the KNOWING of this, into the imagination of how this will work, how it will feel to live through it, how you yourself will feel when you have hope and renewed enthusiasm. Put your whole self into that vision and keep feeling it. By feeling it with your body, your body will become convinced of it, and it will become real for you. If enough of us do this in our personal realities, the realities will resonate together and validate each other and the reality will become collective.

We truly no longer have the luxury of flailing around believing we are helpless victims, and adding negativity and fear into the unified field. It is irresponsible at a core level. If you want to live a productive, good, helpful life, you cannot harm others — even by the way you think. Spreading panic and talking about the possible reality of expanding negativity and evil is actually an act of aggression against your friends. If we are all telepathic — and we are — we do each other no favors by jamming the collective "airwaves" with doubt, cynicism, panic, sarcasm, and vengeful thoughts. All that just takes up space, and challenges our friends to have to see through even more clutter and falsity before they can rest in the sanity of the Flow, in the wisdom of the collective — so they can see what they want to do, from their soul's desire.

I invite you to join me in an experiment to imagine the reality you truly want, and to not indulge in doubt, negative thinking, and fear-based emotion, from now through the election. If you catch yourself adding energy to a reality you don't want, simply hit the PAUSE button and recenter into your inner peace. Reaffirm the sanity of the Flow. Recreate your image and felt sense of the new reality you intend to have. Be bored with the scary reality-pictures, and let them become ghostlike and vaporous. Invest energy and life force into the pictures of the life you know is possible.

If you need a reminder, write to me. Let's do this together!

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Janaia said...

I was surprised to find my art on your site and glad it expresses the sense of working together to transform the world.

Can you edit the credit to say the artwork is by Janaia Donaldson, found on I have notecards available with this image, as well as other paintings.


Isabel Sala said...

Hi Penney,
Your book "The Intuitive Way" came to me some weeks back. In the precise moment of course... I am Spanish and live in Valencia (Spain), so I apologize in advance for my grammar or spelling mistakes.
I would like to expres in the first place my deep gratitude to you for the insights I have found out through your book, web site, and now through this blog.
Secondly and regarding the issue you are talking about in this especific post, I am very much sure that Barak Obama will be the next President of the US. As you say it is very much important to intentionally address our energy to the reality we want, and I feel that expresing it out loud, or writting it, in a way helps, so I'm doing it.
Here in Europe, everybody wants Barak Obama to win. I think we feel (more or less conciously...) that he is the person who can lead the US (and rest of the world...) to a new era of thought and feeling, more human and more nature friendly. And people is excited about. I am too.
So I am with you in this. And I am pretty sure thousands of people are, even if they don't write you back to tell you.
By the way... Come on people, you please write and say something!: let's all of us put our drop of water to get the big ocean to exist...!.