Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Fine Line between Prediction & Cocreation

My intuition colleagues have of late been discussing the idea of prediction, thanks to Kevin Ryerson, who introduced the topic. He wrote, "To what extent is prediction drawing cues from the unconscious and sometimes uneducated collective will and extrapolating based on current beliefs, fears, desires and so on?

The intention to predict can potentially accelerate the prediction to become reality by mobilizing collective will and publishing the prediction into the social sphere, which drives it even further. It seems potentially dangerous to influence social will, to 'prove' a prediction is accurate, thus giving a 'you were right' acknowledgment to the people who agree with the prediction, when in fact they are using a creative agency to cocreate the prediction based on the laws of creation in our universe.

Collective conscious cocreation is something we seem to be working on in our world currently. We haven't extended enough successful collaborative models yet. So far we're getting there by default, through media and partisan policitics — the net effect."

We've been thinking about an idea we've begun calling "proactive intuition" where, when someone predicts something, either positive or negative, that same person might take a form of appropriate action to either help it happen or change the situation so a negative situation might not to happen.

Another colleague, Dr. Marcia Emery, responded: Something that has been rumbling around in my head is the notion that the new government will pay more attention to the wisdom embedded in dreams. In time, I envision their intuitive doorways opened to input coming from precognitive, intuitive dreams. For my part, I want to contact officials whoever they may be to let them know how to keep a dream journal, access suggestions via books for dream interpretation, read samples of dream research, learn about the many viable ideas that have sprung from precognitive dreams, and last but not least, let them know of a reputable international organization doing dreamwork (IASD). If you know anyone in government I can contact, please let me know.

I knew this was a viable idea when I received this message in a fortune cookie last night that said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Just as an aside, I first started keeping a dream journal in March 1970 and two months later, my intuitive gateway opened through precognitive dreams that were coming fast and furiously. I want to see dreamwork with an emphasis on intuitive dreams openly honored by those who can use the input for the benefit of all concerned.

So, what's rumbling around in you that you sense might be a precognitive intuition? And is there something proactive you might do to help it materialize?


Melanie Mulhall said...


This is an important topic and I am grateful to Kevin Ryerson for raising it! I believe he has articulated it very well.

To the extent that one picks up cues from the subconscious and draws on an undeducated (and, I would say, sometimes dysfunctional) collective will,there is a responsibility to use some discernement about what it means and what might be done about it.

The subconscious has a way of showing us what sits in shadow--everything we are repressing and denying. It is an extremely useful advisor but that does not mean that the appropriate response is to assume we are picking up on an inevitable future.

This time of year, it might be useful to relate it to Dickens' notion that when Scrooge was being shown Christmas Future, he was being shown the energy of what might/would happen if there was not a change. (In my model of the world, that means a change in body, mind, spirit, and emotions.) So, rather than adding energy to a particular "negative" intuitive hit by feeding the fear it comes from and builds on, one might take the lesson from it (What are we repressing and denying? What needs to be released? Transformed?), and do a bit of positive creation.

I would love to hear more thoughts on this important issue.


Andrea| said...

This is an excellent article.

Quantum physics has proven that nothing can be observed without also changing or influencing the object of observation.

I think it's like that with the future - by observing it, we inevitably participate with it to one degree or another.