Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Penney and Her New Book on Youtube

There are now 2 little videos on youtube, where I talk briefly about the content of my new book, FREQUENCY: THE POWER OF PERSONAL VIBRATION. I think you're really going to like it — it's like an advanced Intuitive Way, and it takes the material from The Secret and the Law of Attraction much further. . . It will be available February 3 but you can order it on amazon now. Oh, and by the way, Rev. Michael Beckwith wrote the most amazing forward for the book!!



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Melanie Mulhall said...


I have been recommending your books for years (particularly The Intuitive Way) and I am thrilled that you have a new book coming it! Your timing is impeccable with the subject matter.

I have just looked at the videos. Ten years ago, you would not have had such tools to get the word out. Despite some bumps on the road lately, we live in an amazing time.

I'm keen to see the new book!

Melanie Mulhall