Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Frequency of Grandkids

Subject: Feeling Good

It occurs to me that focusing on grandchildren is an excellent way of getting yourself to a place of feeling really really good and happy. And that, I have found, makes finding and staying in the home frequency much easier. I knew that having grandchildren would be wonderful but I didn't know how much more they would add to my life than what I anticipated.

I have finished reading Frequency and am getting my daughter a copy. I am looking forward to purchasing more of your work.

Thank you,
Anne H, Pittsburgh PA

Debbie Ford Echoes Frequency

A friend forwarded me Debbie Ford's latest newsletter, which echoes so much of what I've been talking about in Frequency. She says it nicely, and I thought you might enjoy it. I've edited it slightly.

Ego Management
Sometimes I feel like I'm in the ego management business — in the midst of finishing a new book, building two new websites, creating an amazing webspace for my coaches, leading workshops and trainings, making brochures, Twittering and updating my Facebook status, mothering, and more. It can be overwhelming and bring up the most earthly behaviors — mine and others. Of course, I'm in denial when they're mine and appalled when they're somebody else's. That's the way of the ego, the way of the shadow and its mighty defense called projection.

I woke up this morning asking, "What's the answer?" How do you get through life each day when you're in overwhelm, when there is more on your plate than you can handle, or when life is just not behaving as it should? It is your soul's journey to bring into balance all of what you are — the coexistence of opposites, the divine integration of the sum of all the parts. It is the soul's journey to enroll the ego in the quest for the ultimate victory — the evolution of your own individual consciousness. But the journey must begin by choosing between two forces: one has the power to lead you to new heights; the other can keep you pinned down to a past that is filled with limitation and dread. Don't be fooled. You're living either an ego-driven life or one that is soul centered.

The soul discerns with a laserlike sharpness. The ego judges and rejects with disdain and aggressiveness. The soul takes responsibility.The ego blames and transfers responsibility. The soul moves through life with grace. The ego moves through life with sloppiness, chaos, and drama. The soul feels good about who it is and what it wants and needs to sustain itself, to grow and evolve. The ego never has enough; it can never leave well enough alone or see beyond the current circumstances. It is entitled, confused and feels stuck.

The ego is tirelessly swimming against the current, while the soul sits back and floats in the direction that life is moving in. You're either being guided by your soul or driven by your ego. At any time, you have access to either of these lifestyles, and to all the experiences and emotions they bring with them.

So I realized that all there was for me to do in the midst of the turmoil was to choose the journey of my sweet soul — to tune in, to listen even more deeply and to stay committed to a higher vibration — the vibration of love, peace and soul's success. So of course I'll ask you like I asked myself, "What can you do this week to make this human experience more loving, more honest and more soulful?" I hope you remember that, in the midst of an ego attack, you too can choose a higher vibration.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Refrigerator Note #4

Harmony shows in everything, if you see it.

Following the Flow toward Destiny

Even when we're not that aware of what our destiny might be, we're aimed at it, or it's drawing us toward it. The closer we get, and look back over our life, we see the good sense, the "joke" that even when we thought we were wasting time, or drifting about, we were actually on purpose, that it's pretty hard to stay off purpose for long. It's just downright hard to move forward when you're off purpose. The other night, in my journal, I wrote about how one of the main flows of my own life has unfolded.

"First there was an urge to create and express. It was private. It satisfied me without me being recognized for it. I drew, I wrote, I made things and arranged things. I kept on making sense of it all, by myself. Then I started speaking of my ideas and insights, loosely in innocuous conversations, and people responded; they joined in. I talked more. I wrote more. And soon I took sharing to the level of teaching—what a surprise that people found small benefit in my perceptions and words and idea clusterings. That settled in and became normal. I found what I was thinking was a barometer of what others were thinking and this encouraged me to continue sharing—in a way that reassured me that I wasn't egotistical.

After all, this was a way I could experience communion and comaraderie with others, which I so enjoyed. Yet underneath, the soul seemed unrelenting in its desire to translate insightful experiences into paragraphs, poetry, and phrases that could change consciousness. I dreamed that someone told me I was a "verbal healer," that I could utter one phrase that could shift a person into their deep memory of themself, into their 'Aha!'—and they would open to receive who they really were. This idea felt good.

Then, after awhile, I stopped my flow. What about silence? What about spaciousness? What about Being? What about not having to do so much? Did I have to affect everyone positively? What's left if I don't do good? "People will continue to evolve on their own," the voice responded. But will I know who I am? Now this got shaky. No words. No insights. No wisdom. No translation? Am I still here? I dared to collapse my reality and discovered a smiling, neutral, immensely loving presence, observing and also participating, simultaneously. A presence that is entertained by everything, and also beyond amusement. It's so nurturing in its encompassing-ness and in its uncompromising attentiveness. Nothing else is needed. All things welcome.

Now the describing reemerges. The shaping urge. The joy of sounds and the creation of meaning and new pathways in the brain. I am affected and I affect."

Art by Janaia,

Sixth Sense Devices

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