Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New page on my website

I've added a new page to my website: www.penneypeirce.com/associates.htm

Here I am going to list other books, CDs, and DVDs by people I know that I feel are good frequency matches to my books. If you have ideas for other listings, please let me know. I'll be adding to it steadily.

Pearls of Wisdom

I intersected with a colleague of mine, who I hadn't seen in years, at the Shamanism Conference in San Rafael some weeks ago—Roweena Pattee Kryder, who lives in New Mexico now. She is an amazing renaissance woman, like a cross between Bucky Fuller, Galileo, Georgia O'Keeffe, Sacajawea, and Queen Hatshepsut. She did a fabulous presentation, weaving together many strands: quantum physics and consciousness, the divine feminine, astrology, the chakra system, Buddhism, art, and more.

I find I learn now from subtle interesting ways that people phrase ideas, from small juxtapositions, and surprising combinations of words. So I found myself taking quite a few notes during her talk. Here are some of the thought-provoking things she communicated, quite casually, I might add, as she spoke:

• You experience conflict because you don't see the connections.
• Release opens receptivity.
• Paradox is wisdom.
• Creativity, symbols, and archetypes unite the inner and outer worlds.
• Energy becomes space (due to radiance).
• What do we do with the gift of Life? Expand it through creativity.
• Hey! Loosen up your marbles!!
• The World Soul is a realm.
• We're living the end of the split between subjectivity and objectivity.
• The imaginal realm bridges us between the physical and spiritual; here we KNOW consciousness can change reality. Here there is no growth or decay; it's not transient.
• Fear, aggression, and lust are signs of separation; it's a soulless view.
• When we speak, it's important now to fill our language with words that describe Qualities, not Quantities because this is the language of the heart.
• We need to develop the capacity for "compassionate witnessing" and spontaneous clear perception.
• "Sourcing" means seeing spiritually.
• The unconscious needs to be more conscious.
• Everything is created within itself.
• The aura is pure light and is totally restorative.
• All present moments are simultaneous.
Each one of these short phrases deserves contemplation and "feeling into". . .

Image: Roweena Kryder's Siberian Shaman's Drum

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Answering Questions

I wonder if you can explain something from your book. Towards the end of Chapter 4 there's the paragraph about free will and no force being able to prevent someone from being their full self if they want it...just before the Jeff Rennicke quote. I can't figure out how will power works against that. If you want something shouldn't the wave/force not stand in the way?

I think back to the great Rolling Stones quote about not always getting what you want, but sometimes discovering that you're getting just what you need. I think there's a difference between the mind wanting something and the soul intending something. Sometimes the mind and soul match up, but it's often true that when fear influences our desires—for example, I want to be rich so I don't have to experience old buried feelings of lack of self worth—the mind can strive toward something that is not the best solution for our personal evolution. The mind may exert will power to "try" to "make things happen" the way it thinks they "should."

The soul, on the other hand, may want us to experience and understand the connection between thinking about lack and creating lack. And once that's understood, there's a new revelation about how thinking about and appreciating what we already have can lead to us "having" more, without the willful striving. We see that being rich is not the goal—or the solution to lack of self worth—but that we can create wealth if it's fun for us and useful for us. So what I mean by "being our full self" has a lot to do with the realization of our innate freedom, and ability to imagine any reality into existence. If, however, there are old limiting fixed beliefs in the way of the Flow—what I call "clutter"—these will have to be cleared first. Because the limiting belief (I can't have very much because I'm not worth it) is the first set of instructions and it counteracts the new desire (I want much more than I have now).

In other words, the Flow/the Wave is always moving us in the direction of our evolution. If the mind counters that, the Flow will be blocked or stalled temporarily 'til we get with the program.

Also wanted to ask how being in the moment and not projecting into the future gels with the law of attraction, where you are asked to picture the thing you want.

The Law of Attraction, if we don't understand it well, can lead us to assume we're "attracting" what we want from outside ourselves, from a place that is separate from our present reality, either through time or space. And then, inadvertently, we use will power to achieve our intended results. What I'm trying to clarify in Frequency is that all realities exist as potentials, at different frequencies, within you RIGHT NOW. By placing attention on an idea in your imagination, and seeing that as in your present moment, then keeping your attention on the idea and imagining it with sense impressions, still keeping it in your present moment, then imagining it as physical and solid so your body becomes convinced it's real, the thing you're creating will suddenly show up as a physical thing, or a "real" situation, still in your present moment.

When you see everything as already in your present moment, will power and force are not required. All that's necessary is to validate the reality of cooperation: the unified field cooperates within itself, meaning that others help you attain the realities that will help you learn and create what you want to learn and create. Then your experience becomes one of great joy and love of both giving AND receiving. I think this is what the Law of Attraction tries to say, but in my opinion it isn't phrased clearly enough. And today, we want to get rid of the idea of separation and linear cause-and-effect functioning as much as possible—because it's slowing down our transformation process.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun Astrology Site

If you haven't discovered www.astro.com, you're missing some good stuff. Try the free interactive horoscopes, especially the travel charts (astrocartography), at http://www.astro.com/horoscopes.
Enter your birth data and select a map: Europe, USA, Asia, Australia, etc. Then click on a line and it will tell you what type of energy you're likely to experience there. . . I've found it to be quite accurate.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Penney in Portland and Santa Cruz

I just wanted to let you know, in case you're in the neighborhood, that Friday, Sept 11, I'll be in Portland, OR at the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, Portland, OR • 503/256-5000.

Then on Thursday evening, Sept 17, I'll be doing a talk and booksigning at Gateways Books in Santa Cruz, CA, at 7 pm, 1126 Soquel Ave • 831/429-9600.

Would love to see you!

Quotes from Frequency

If you are on Facebook, I invite you to become friends with me; I regularly publish quotes from Frequency there, and to date there are close to 60 of them. Hope you like this picture; it sure raised MY frequency!!!

7 Tips for Improving Your Performance with Intuition

By taking a moment to focus on what's going on just below the surface of the object-and-event world, you can prevent unnecessary mistakes and wasted time, find accurate answers more quickly, communicate without distortion, light upon workable innovations, and market yourself more contagiously. Here are a few shortcuts to tune in to your intuitive self:

1. Make space for surprises. Learn to identify your judgments and attitudes about the way the world works, who you think you are, or how it "should" be—and be able to suspend those ideas temporarily. Maybe life could teach you something new if you let yourself become innocent, like a child again—with "beginner's mind."

2. Become friends with your feelings. Just as there is no such thing as failure (there's only feedback), there are no "bad" emotions. Emotions are simply energy coming from your body bearing messages. Feelings and emotions will move through you and evolve to their next level of expression, if you don't label them, eventually turning into an Ah-ha!

3. Consciously pause between actions. Throughout the day, remind yourself to drop into the here-and-now and feel the world from your body's simple perspective. Life is proceeding in harmony. There's something "just right" about each situation. What is it?

4. Cultivate the habit of acknowledging yourself and others for good deeds, successes, uniqueness, and beauty. Speak words that benefit others and the world, that describe what's real in the present moment. Intuition flows when you see the glass half full.

5. Develop the "warrior's attention." Like a great samurai, be alert and present 100%, in each moment, 360 degrees around you. Be ready to act, without any biases. Practice "engaged indifference."

6. Learn to check with your body and your "reptile brain" to see what you instinctively want to do next. Don't assume that once you've decided, the choice will last forever. Check in many times throughout the day: "Now what feels right? Am I totally comfortable, at the deepest level, with this course of action?" Intuition first occurs in the body, and what's true always has "juice." Let go of needing things to be nailed down in advance. You can still have a vision and goals, you can still make plans, but let it all be fluid. Visions and plans evolve constantly. Affirm to yourself: "I know what I need to know exactly when I need to know it." In any given moment, there's just one piece of information, one urge, one action, that's a perfect fit.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Last week I watched the documentary, "Helvetica," about the rise, and fall, and rise again of the popular typeface. As a graphic designer, I remember the impact the Swiss typeface had on our thinking. It is so clean, so beautiful, so hard to wreck it through improper use. I enjoyed listening to the designers and typographers talk about their work and their points of view. One man said that in the "early days" graphic designers, as well as every other kind of designer, thought of themselves almost as healers, healing the visual clutter and "illness" of society's communication blight. I remember thinking this too, as I was captivated by good design. We would improve society through clarity and elegant usefulness, by creating healing environments, objects that would delight us while we used them, and logos and graphics that would focus our minds into harmony instead of chaos!

I found it fascinating how, because of its goodness, Helvetica became over-used and identified with establishment thinking, since it was so often employed for signage and government institutions—because it so eminently readable and neutral. It became ubiquitous. Designers rebelled and moved toward hand-drawn lettering, experimenting with organic shapes, ala Peter Max. They wanted type to look like what it was conveying, rather than to be a neutral carrier of meaning. What was surprising, then, were the interviews with the young designers of today, who are rediscovering Helvetica and attempting to reinvent it by using it in intelligent new ways. Full circle: 1957-2009.

There are some things that are classic, and they are classic because they are universally true, and simple, and represent beauty, clarity, and other universal, spiritual characteristics. We may rebel against a style, but what is beautiful will always re-emerge, will always communicate across cultures, will always be "real" in some greater way.

Tennessee Frequency Group Report #3

I'm passing along the progress reports from a small group of women who having been meeting to work with the material from Frequency on a weekly basis. The first posting is on July 5. The second is on August 24.

Dear Penney,
We continue with our Wednesday gatherings and extraordinary experiences. This past week during our "baseline" elevator meditation, Ieshia experienced astral travel with a young male guide. Her husband is in PA, and she visited him, his family, her family, and a friend. It was visibly obvious she was "tripping" and she was so hot I turned on the ceiling fan to cool her. After the Diamond Light meditation we took a pie break — to ground her.

I do know that Ieshia has been somewhat cautious of other dimensions, though she is intuitive and tuned in to them. The safety of Frequency and her own home frequency, where she finds comfort experiencing the multidimensional is beneficial. Sharing it with like-minded, on-the-same-page friends in our gatherings is a blessing that cannot be measured, I'm sure, as I speak for her, here.

I find that I am less open to multidimensional contact on my home frequency. Without invitation I do not "receive" other frequencies as much as I was before. This is a blessing, as I get on with what I want to create and manifest in my life today. I have been offered an opportunity to utilize my abilities in this area doing readings in a metaphysical shop that I was "instructed" to approach. This honors and directs the multidimensional energies, I feel.

I have new energy for "old projects": a book of short stories now with a publisher; a screenplay from 1990 I'm polishing for John Templeton Foundation's call for "uplifting, spiritual" scripts; research on a project I've toyed with for three years, now putting notes in files, etc. and planning to write it for a state of Nevada Screenwriting Competition, deadline next spring.

On the more mundane, I took a job that promised $20 for each set appointment for a home improvement company. First paycheck, I was paid for those that resulted in an appointment, but not each one set. I might have misunderstood in the excitement of being hired—but my husband was hired and trained the same day. He heard at both instances just what I did: $20 for each set appointment. I called for a meeting with my superior—she was "so sorry you misunderstood." I told her I was too because I was interviewing for another job at the same time. So I had to walk away from it. I quit.

I am resolved to stop supporting the acceptance of lying. It doesn't allow me to remain in my home frequency to be a codependent to falsehood. Though Lying has become acceptable in our society (I fear). I have had this experience before with an employer's not-quite-the-truth to get me into a job. My sister, a nurse in Chattanooga, TN, had this happen to her two years ago.

Anyway, my home frequency is Truth as I see and feel it. Now, when anything comes up, I check in to be sure I am "there" and see what my answers and actions will be. It is Awesome!

Thanks again,