Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finally! I've Created a Cool Product for You!

If you've followed my posting of quotes from my various books on Facebook, you'll probably enjoy this new product I've created. Every selection is unique and high-quality and it's a full book's worth of material.

PENNEY-A-DAY Subscription

Direct to Your Inbox for 365 days!
Do you wish you had a daily reminder to help you raise and stabilize your frequency? Penney will be your companion for a moment each day to help you remember to stop, center, and be present to what's deep and real. For pennies a day, this specially-designed, beautifully-formatted subscription service brings you fresh and encouraging ideas—a different focus for each day of the week—to keep your intuition, imagination, and personal vibration fluid and clear.

• Day 1: A Vibration-Raising Quote from Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration

• Day 2: Dream-Stimulating Quotes: one from Penney's dream books & one from another recognized authority

• Day 3: An Inspiring Poem: selected for the ability to shift you to a higher state

• Day 4: A Recentering Thought: focus on one simple empowering truth

• Day 5: Intuition-Enhancing Quotes: one from The Intuitive Way and one from another recognized authority

• Day 6: A Mindfulness Practice: an affirmation and exercise from Penney's daybook, The Present Moment

• Day 7: A Quieting Prayer: selected for beauty, heart, sincerity, and energetic power

Find out more about it at

"white feather floating by" photo by Penney Peirce May 2010

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