Tuesday, June 29, 2010

July East Coast Frequency Workshops with Penney Peirce

Please join me at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York for a weekend Frequency Intensive, July 16-18. Download the 1-pg pdf flyer!

Right after that I'll be doing a 2-week program in Baltimore, which includes the following:
Jul 20-Aug 1: Private In-Depth Intuitive Counseling Sessions (90 or 45 minutes)
-- Ellicott City (Pamela Sabatiuk 410/203-2256)
-- Parkville (Cheryl Oed 410/668-4773)
-- breathe books (Susan Weis 410/ 235-7323) 45 min only
Fri Jul 23: Evening Group, An Intuitive Look at Future Trends, 7-9pm, Ellicott City, $30. Call Pam, 410/203-2256
Sat Jul 24: Workshop, An Inner Journey into Number Frequencies, at breathe books, 11am-1:30pm, $45, 410/235-7323, 810 W 36th St, Hampden, Baltimore
Wed Jul 28: Evening Group, Exploring Non-Ordinary Powers, 7-9pm, Ellicott City, $30, Call Pam, 410/203-2256
Sun Aug 1: 1-Day Content-Rich Energy Intensive, JOURNEY INTO TRANSPARENCY: A Daylong Workgroup Dedicated to Clearing the Clogs, 9:30am-4:30pm, Sherwood Farms, Cromwell Valley Park, Towson area, $120. Call Pam 410/203-2256

Hope to see you!!

Power from Thin Air

This article from the June 10, 2010 Economist discusses the power of vibrations in the air. . .Wireless technology: It is already possible to send electricity without wires. Can devices be powered using ambient radiation from existing broadcasts?

In 1898 Tesla proposed a "world system" of giant towers that would form both a global wireless communications network and a means of delivering electricity over large areas without wires. But Tesla's backers, including the financier J.P. Morgan, pulled out. They worried that the delivery of electricity through the air could not be metered, and there would be nothing to stop people from helping themselves. However, both Tesla and his backers may be vindicated, as researchers find ways to pull power out of the air without paying for it—a technique known as "energy scavenging" or "energy harvesting".

Thanks to The Arlington Institute's Futuredition Newsletter.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Penney's Summer Solstice Frequency Message

I have received a variety of emails with messages from spiritual sources about what is happening right now energetically on the planet. Some of it aligns with what I've been getting and some of it feels distorted. This is what came to me as I asked for a clearer perspective:

"There is no membrane around the earth, no rip in any fabric surrounding us, and no explosion of the grid or the matrix is about to occur. The plan for human evolution does not strategically change by decree of hierarchical beings. There is only the changing of the song-waves or song-tones sung by the hearts of all those who are excited about the return of Memory—and this includes the highest of the high and the most humble of the common. Accelerations are not engineered but happen of their own accord, naturally, a cocreation of all beings, human and otherwise, and their concertlike mix of harmonious vibrations. Accelerations are the result of INFUSION, not manipulation.

The earth is surrounded with an aura of consciousness, composed of the awareness of many beings, occupying many times and dimensions. Some are beings who have lived on earth, some have not and are simply interested in what is happening here. These Watchers and these Earth Ones create The Gathering. More high-vibration beings from other parts of space and the dimensions are now arriving to join The Gathering, or the Collective, around the planet. There has been a "clarion call," in other words, a certain frequency of consciousness has been reached, which translates into a recognizable tone or radiance, that acts as a wakeup call that says, COME—COME TO US IN VIBRATION. The arrival of these beings adds more high-frequency energy to the earth and all forms of life that live upon Her. This helps speed the shift of consciousness that you call transformation.

A large number of souls may soon begin to leave the planet, through natural causes and natural upheavals. . .

You might also like to read Penney's 2010 Letter.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Solstice Ceremony for awkening the Galactic Serpent

I'm passing this on, as this seems to be a special time for this sort of human-earth-sky merging, as witnessed by Bryan's recurring dream, which he shared on my facebook page:

A crowd of people look upon a woman, dressed in a robe and garb and kneeling with her back to the crowd. The crowd step aside to allow room for a huge orange and green serpent slither by. The serpent approaches the woman.The woman embraces the serpent, opens her robe and nurses the creature while lovingly stroking it's head. The crowd stands and observes and a sense of aw and respect is felt reverberating through the otherwise silent mass of people. 

Join Alberto and Linda in a Solstice ceremony for erasing karma, and celebrating the awakening of the Galactic Serpent in the Andes. We will gather in the sacred valley and holy mountains on Monday June, 21, from 5:00 to 5:30 pm Eastern Time (USA).

Forgiveness is the gateway to erasing karma. In the midst of our summer expeditions to the high Andes, we will join the Laika Elders for a revolutionary ceremony of forgiveness and erasing karma that you will be able to feel and receive through the web! We envision participants from all over the world attending the Webcast. Think of what would be possible as thousands of us come together for this extraordinary ceremony that will shed light on the fear and strife that afflict so many today!

Visit our Munay Ki website and follow the link to the webcasting page to participate. The webpage will be offline until the ceremony starts on Monday afternoon, but you can bookmark it now.

In Munay,
Alberto Villoldo

Friday, June 18, 2010

13 Indigenous Grandmothers

I'm passing this along, a bit late, but the recording will be available after Saturday.


I am truly delighted to invite you to the first-ever Virtual Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. It's a FREE teleseminar event in honor of Summer Solstice focused on prayer, healing and wisdom for the world at this time.


I see the work of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers as vitally important. The coming together of this group represents the fulfillment of many prophecies and they have been tirelessly traveling the world to hold ceremony and prayer to heal ancient wounds and restore a sacred relationship with Mother Earth. They each represent prayer lineages that offer essential medicine for our times.

This call will be an opportunity to not only listen to members of this group in a sacred council format and get their latest guidance and insights, but also to add your prayers and intention to the blessing of this event. You'll also be invited to form miniature councils with other participants after the Grandmothers have completed. By joining together live, we can create a powerful wave of love and prayer to spread across the world. The Virtual Council Call will be on Saturday, June 19th. However, even if you cannot participate live, you can sign up and get free access to the recording afterward.

Please do share this invitation with friends and allies - all are warmly welcomed to participate. The more people who participate in this free event, the greater the blessings that ripple outward from it.

Many blessings,
Amy Ahlers
Director of MaestroPath
www.MaestroPath.com (http://www.maestropath.com/)

Event Co-Sponsors:
The Center for Sacred Studies, The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, MaestroConference, The Shift Movie, Four Years Go.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Personality Types

If you'd like to find out what type you are in the Meyers-Briggs personality system, you can take the test here:


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gnat in the Bath

a gnat is in the bath with me
I'm just letting the day, and my mind, go
into the water, expanding into deep space,
when it zigzags toward my face,
then lands on my hand.
I remember don Juan told Carlos Castaneda
the gnat was one of the disguises of The Ally
and in the Second Attention it could grow
to Giant proportions, so I am honored
to be chosen.
I wait with it;
it takes off again, spiraling and tracing
a path of spontaneous beauty,
up left straight right down over
each tiny turn sends a pulse
that hits my face
like a code, like Morse code
dot dot dash
its path a message
a symbol
of a direction I may indeed travel
but in a Giant way
in my new now.
Why does it shift?
What currents don't I see?
I want to move this way
and choose my landing spots this way
and have relationships this way
I want to invite Giants to treat me with kindness
because I know the true nature of the

 poem copyright by Penney Peirce, June 15, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Penney Peirce Teaches at Omega Institute, July 16-18

I will teach a weekend workshop, FREQUENCY: THE POWER OF PERSONAL VIBRATION, at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, July 16 - 18.

All of life is vibrating, and you can learn to work with your personal energy frequency to improve your work and your life.

Penney Peirce, a pioneer in intuition development, guides us in becoming more sensitive to the information encoded in the energy field around us. We practice methods for translating this invisible guidance and use “frequency sorting” to let go of old habits and relationships and become who we really want to be. We learn to:

• Feel our personal vibration and “home frequency”
• Free ourself from low vibrations and keep our energy level high
• Ease ourself through the 9 stages of the transformation process
• Interpret the nonverbal “energy information” our body receives
• Use “frequency principles” to solve problems
• Improve relationships using principles of resonance and “frequency-matching”

This workshop is open to those new to energy work and intuition development, as well as experienced practitioners.

Course 2902-909/Tuition $295
register online at www.eOmega.org or call 800.944.1001

Friday, June 11, 2010

John Kimmey Talks about Hopi Prophecy

John Kimmey, a longtime spokesman for the Hopi elders, has released this article. 
"According to the Hopi Prophecy we are in the latter days of The Time of Purification. We are in the process of resolution of polarities we have caused through our limited comprehension of universal principles. The ancient prophecy of the Hopis provides us with a number of specific significant future events and their corresponding instructions. These instructions serve as a guide to our responses to these events. The Time of Purification began with the release of the first nuclear explosions in 1945. The event known in the Prophecy as the Third Great Shaking is our present point with which our attention must be focused. There are two eventualities to be considered.

The first phase, it states, could be the best case scenario and could conclude this cycle, known as the Fourth World, in harmony with the intention of Great Spirit (the Universe). It is said that at this time the polarities will be so extreme that it will appear that all things will seem to be opposite to the True Path of Life.

I was told that good would be called bad, right would be considered wrong, that wealth would become poverty, and that men and women would tend to choose living apart. We are obviously in that predicament now. The instructions accompanying this condition are very clear. We are to identify the polarities in our personal lives and to begin mitigation of our issues, those both contrived and inherited, with deep intention, practice, and patience.

On the universal scale, the polarities will become obvious as the physical world responds to this imbalance with severe disturbance of the natural cycles that have always maintained a solid state system within Nature. What we have recently termed “earth changes” will involve all four elements. Today we are suffering massive fires, especially in draught areas. The winds will intensify and become unpredictable. Floods will occur in areas where they are not typical. Earthquakes will become more frequent and increase in intensity. And the very polarity of the geomagnetic field and the resonant frequency fields of the earth will create global changes. Presently, the drift of the location of the North and South Poles is moving significantly faster than has ever been previously monitored.

Politically, human behaviour, by its very nature, is demanding change. The old order principles by which we govern and are governed must be changed. Our economics is based upon exploitation ever since the industrial revolution. As our resources dwindle and populations increase such antiquated principles as Profit, Private property, Possessiveness, and Competition must be replaced with their opposites. The prophecy urges us to gather ourselves and be good to each other. They warn that the time of the lone wolf is over. Our common problems have foreshadowed our common differences. We can only survive if we cooperate on achieving common goals.

On a spiritual/cultural level we must abandon all belief systems that maintain exclusivity. Religious chauvinism is the present excuse for waging war. Ideologies, such as democracy, oligarchy, pragmatism, socialism, etc. all reflect the antiquated forms devised to uphold the old principles of the Fourth World . Sectarian principles of governance and religious dogma must be replaced with a global holistic approach to preservation of the environment. The greatest spiritual polarity, the ultimate challenge, is reflected in the vast differences in the Eastern theology and that of the West.

The Western traditions foster mandates on behaviour (i.e. The Ten Commandments). A higher authority outside of us demands the nature of our thoughts and actions. Deviation is considered a sin and generates condemnation. It also implies that we are all, by our very natures deviants, therefore condemned. Only the most righteous will earn a place in Heaven. The belief systems generated from this theology only require meeting the present circumstances and are seldom influenced by projected long term consequences.

The Eastern traditions reflect a very different, direct opposite point of view. The authority is not a conscious entity apart from us. It is an integral aspect of human nature, know as Mind. The purpose of life is to develop Mind so that it will lead us out of the collectively generated illusion known as Maya, and enter the expanded state of Mind known as enlightenment. Since everyone has the same opportunity and ability to reach this highest state a universal wisdom and compassion are generated and re-established with every successive generation.

Resolution of this polarity is the most challenging and necessary function of our evolutionary destiny. We must become one family, not next door neighbours. According to the Prophecy the Third Great Shaking creates the opportunity for such resolution. It states that the people of the red symbol, with red hats and cloaks will come first out of the East, small in number, bringing wisdom and knowledge to this land (The West). We are urged to accept these teachings and to integrate them into our present lifestyle, making the necessary adjustments to regain resolution. From the early sixties to the present we have seen the teachers arrive from the East, bringing their teachings to the West with great intention and vision. Many of us have adopted these teachings and are now practicing in our unique Western fashions. Some have already attained the enlightened state and are among the present generation of teachers and gurus. The teachings of indigenous peoples are included as Eastern in this regard. We Americans have become challenged by these Native American teachers to take the teachings to heart and to indigenize our way of life. Many seekers have responded, have become initiated onto the Red Road, and quietly go about their new lifestyle cautiously apart from the mainstream. I am one of those.

Grandfather David, my Hopi teacher, told me of this crucial time in these words. One day you will wake up and it will be too late to make your changes. I immediately perceived that we have all the time in the world and not a moment more. I refer to this Fourth World, a cycle with its own agenda in time and space. After that moment we will lose our power over the outcome. We will become merely victims of that outcome, our survival contingent upon the quality of our hearts. In Eastern terms, we will become fused to our karma. This marks the last moment of divine grace, our communion with our Source.

According to Prophecy, at this irreversible moment, the force of the red symbol will assume another form, with an opposite objective. We can anticipate that the red hat people will come out of the West. They will come large in number. They will fall out of the sky like rain and overtake the land in one day. They will have no mercy for anyone and will enforce a way of life on us that we would never choose for ourselves.? When this message was finally delivered fifteen years ago to the Secretary General of the United Nations and sixteen delegates, they speculated that it might be the Chinese. The Elders, at that point, were dutifully retaining their options. They were warned not to speculate but to concentrate upon the instruction of preparation and compassion.

This occurrence will trigger the most crucial event in the Prophecy. It is where an ancient relative returns to the Hopi Mesas carrying a stone tablet that will complete the migrations and seal the cycle known as the Fourth World. He is known to the Hopi as The Pahana, The Purifier. His ancestor was of light complexion so he is also known as the Great White Brother. It is his function to purify the world of all the wicked people.

When I first heard this I immediately referred to the second coming of Christ, then to the Maitraya Buddha, then Nostradamus, and on into many end time mythologies. It is the Judgment Day taken literally as the Prophecy calls it the Day of Purification. It is said that the only survivors will be the “one hearted,” those paltry few who have hearts pure enough to qualify as seeds for the Fifth World. Even if there is only one pair of one hearteds, maybe a brother and sister, Great Spirit’s promise of a human presence in the Fifth World will be kept and Maasawu, the Great Spirit of the Fourth World will meet them and usher them into the Fifth World.

Our spiritual connection with our Mother Earth and a sense of a common destiny with her will be challenged. Each person will have to deal with that reality. Each will be tested. The prophecy instructions explain that our relationship with our Earth is fundamental to our being. We must embrace her spirit and take our instructions from her. Those that choose the other path will discover that they have been deceived. They will become the playthings of a heartless race, and yes, their life spans will be extended so they have longer to suffer.

The consequence of choosing to remain with our Mother will be an ever growing connection with all biological life forms. We will become true Terrans. Our newly awakened sense of oneness will evolve our deeper communication abilities and endow our relationships with ever more satisfying results. As the Hopi elders said, WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.

In conclusion, we are now being humbled to see that all our technology and our culture of science have led us into a belief that this sacrosanct culture possesses empirical knowledge of the world and its systems. Yet, upon reflection, we know that the generation of this “knowledge” was assembled by many generations of individuals who pursued the Truth with little or no accountability to the perceptions of our pre scientific ancestor cultures. This realization now could save us. The only stewards of this Earth with a track record of sustainability and harmony for thousands of years are these very ancestor cultures. The Hopis warn that annihilation of the remnants of those cultures will definitely eliminate human participation in the Fifth World.

If this radical divergence from our comfortable relationship with our culture of science seems outrageous, just note the statement given by Dr Micheo Kaku, quantum physicist, some years ago. He stated that the foremost physicists are now consulting every thirty days in order to consider all the new discoveries and conduct a complete revision of science.

This crisis is demanding that we employ a previously overlooked faculty of human nature, namely our Divinity. This faculty has always been active but almost completely ignored in this last century. It is through the filter of our hearts and emotions that we can reawaken this reliable source of Truth. This is a personal process and not an institutional one. The reason that religions have so much influence over our psyches is that we have sold our hearts, and our personal communion with Great Spirit to what the Hopis call the high priests of the two hearteds. Those would be the institutions of science and religion.

Grandfather explained to me, When Creator created the world he gave each life form a Way to be in harmony with all other forms. When humans were created, we too were given a Way. That Way is known as the True Path of Life. By returning to the adherence to Natural Law we will return to that Path, our birthright. Astonishingly, not only the Maya singled out this 2012 date, now looming so close. Similar Last Days prophecies are found from the Hopi, Navajo, Cherokee, Apache, ancient Egyptians, Kabbalists, Essenes, Qero elders of Peru, Subsaharan Dogon tribe, and the Australian Aborigines."
Bird Kachina by Tom Perkinson

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Planets Are Adding to Our Desire for the Shift

This is reprinted from Jacqueline Lasahn's AstroSpirit newsletter.  

Uranus, the cosmic awakener orbits the Sun in the course of 84 years. At times disruptive, the restless voice of Uranus agitates us to act on ideals of personal freedom, individuality and collective change. During the next 10 months, Uranus moves into Aries, back into Pisces and then onward into Aries. This passage stimulates a unique bridge between the last sign of the zodiac: ultra sensitive and boundless Pisces and the first sign of the zodiac: Aries the warrior of elemental fire.

Jupiter's orbit of 12 years now brings this luminous planet to move in alignment with Uranus. Jupiter expands and exaggerates Uranus' expression. Together they jump-start vision, rapid change and a leap in consciousness. On June 8, Jupiter and Uranus
join together at 0 degrees Aries, the point of the Spring Equinox. This marks the inception of unprecedented change that will continue to rise and mount with added complexity and challenges as Saturn and Pluto are deep into the mix.
Progressive, pioneering discoveries involving science and technology are bringing rapid advances to our world. An example of a previous Uranus Aries ingress was the discovery of gold in California in 1848 which sparked the Gold Rush. In 1969, Neil Armstrong said "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." An appropriate statement for the lunar landing and the concurrent Jupiter Uranus conjunction. Technology has evolved to be enmeshed in every part of our lives. What new energy can bring us forward into a bright future? What new technology rashly implemented, leaves destruction in it's wake?

It is time for humanity to give up the illusion of separateness and awaken to the awareness and responsibility of the collective family of humanity. It begins with accepting diversity and affirming the creative potential of each individual. There is a fire of new life energy rising within each one of us. This is a time of
accepting uncertainty and opening to new awareness. It's not about feeling ready, life prompts us, even pushes us. There may be an emergency where we respond with our reflexes. We may be surprised with new opportunities for growth that take us beyond our imagination. We are called to be authentic  to our own vital core, rather than depending on external security. It is time for us to take the initiative, to be courageous and bold, to step out, to step up and to make a difference.