Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Penney's Summer Solstice Frequency Message

I have received a variety of emails with messages from spiritual sources about what is happening right now energetically on the planet. Some of it aligns with what I've been getting and some of it feels distorted. This is what came to me as I asked for a clearer perspective:

"There is no membrane around the earth, no rip in any fabric surrounding us, and no explosion of the grid or the matrix is about to occur. The plan for human evolution does not strategically change by decree of hierarchical beings. There is only the changing of the song-waves or song-tones sung by the hearts of all those who are excited about the return of Memory—and this includes the highest of the high and the most humble of the common. Accelerations are not engineered but happen of their own accord, naturally, a cocreation of all beings, human and otherwise, and their concertlike mix of harmonious vibrations. Accelerations are the result of INFUSION, not manipulation.

The earth is surrounded with an aura of consciousness, composed of the awareness of many beings, occupying many times and dimensions. Some are beings who have lived on earth, some have not and are simply interested in what is happening here. These Watchers and these Earth Ones create The Gathering. More high-vibration beings from other parts of space and the dimensions are now arriving to join The Gathering, or the Collective, around the planet. There has been a "clarion call," in other words, a certain frequency of consciousness has been reached, which translates into a recognizable tone or radiance, that acts as a wakeup call that says, COME—COME TO US IN VIBRATION. The arrival of these beings adds more high-frequency energy to the earth and all forms of life that live upon Her. This helps speed the shift of consciousness that you call transformation.

A large number of souls may soon begin to leave the planet, through natural causes and natural upheavals. . .

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Nancy said...

I just found your blog, and find this information fascinating. I watched your interview with Healing Mudras and that what you had to say resonated with me. Thanks!