Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Haiku Diary for July - Week 1

I've decided to write a haiku diary, one haiku a day (not exactly perfectly aligned to haiku rules), as a sort of creativity and mindfulness practice. Here's the first week:

hollyhocks arch o'er the walk
tall and strong in hot summer sun
so fuschia! come!

alone, I wash a dark load
I pick the ripe strawberries, eat some
a hummingbird hovers

the path around Deer Island
is half hot, half cool, half green, half gold
the hawk makes a circle

the fireworks fizzled in the fog
the cold wind brought us together
we cut into a watermelon

I read, I meet words and numbers
I merge with pictures patterns ideas answers
then resurface, hungry

one day in the sun and the dirt is dry
the vegetable garden sends a tiny sound
of open mouths, ready

a young man in a farm town
loyal to family and far from spiritual peers,
is paralyzed yet poised to leave

 Artwork: Wishing Tree, by Ken Bushe

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Teresa said...

What a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing!