Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Haiku Diary: Week 2

my friend is turning into Snow White
little bluebirds and fawns and butterflies
flock to her

I was falling asleep, almost gone
when a hummingbird flew into my 3rd eye
stopped there, buzzing wildly

my friend doesn't "have" cancer,
she is "dealing with it," and that, she says,
changes her inside

up early, fog close and personal
so gray, so chill, so still, you don't know
it's summer

he studies tai chi and sees his movement
happening without muscles, his body
just energy flowing

merging with my workshops as I create them
feeling the ebb and flow, the details of sequence
so I can release the outcome 

I watered the garden deeply
and in the late low sun, the dirt is black
there is a puffy green joy

photo copyright by Penney Peirce

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