Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Michael Brown's 2010 Letter

I feel a strong spiritual kinship with Michael Brown, as if what comes through his mind and from his source is identical to mine. I had loved his 2009 letter, but got distracted and forgot to read his 2010 Letter (go to his site > Writings > 2010 Letter). I highly recommend it; it lines up so strongly with everything I feel. It's so valuable to have people say things from slightly different angles—you get more depth of understanding.

Here are a few excerpts, edited together by me for continuity: "When I place my attention on the numbers of the year 2010 a definite feeling dawns within my heart. The only word I have for this feeling so far is, ‘sparkle’. . . .The feeling around 2010 is communicating to me that something I assume lost is not—it is returning—unexpectedly—like a visit from a dear friend who had long since vacated my day-to-day memory bank. This is the essence of 2010: what is assumed lost is rediscovered—what is unknowingly forgotten is remembered—and what is thought hidden, revealed. Something ancient is restored and renewed. All unfolding unexpectedly—and all given with our only effort in being willing to open our heart enough to receive. We metaphorically turn around and there it is, unexpectedly, right in front of us, in pristine condition, just as if it had never been gone—rediscovered, remembered, revealed, restored, and renewed.

". . .as we enter and traverse 2010, it may at times appear as if it is getting colder. It is not. We may at times feel as if we are becoming more unconscious. We are not. And, there may be moments in which all appears hopeless. It is not. Don’t believe the hype! . . .Throughout 2010 deliberate vigilance is therefore called for. This is not a time to fall asleep on our feet. We are all tired, and we ought to be. After all, we are consciousness completing a vast journey from seeding to fruition. Our limited mental body capacity cannot even contain the immensity and profoundness of this greatest of adventures. Only the heart has the capacity to feel the extent of this, and to tear up our eyes with the immense sense of relief accompanying such accomplishment.

"As we enter and move through most of 2010, the one word that is therefore our greatest friend is, ‘application’. ‘Application’ is the frequency of 2010. When we use the word ‘application’ in relation to the energy of 2010—we are referring to ‘consciously and consistently applied action which supports the positive influence of structure in our lives whose intent is to uphold personal integrity’. 

"It is also beneficial to remember that because we are on a very precise and deliberate evolutionary schedule, that the sunrise representing this particular completion point of our evolving awareness is already spoken for. We do not have to spend one moment trying to make it happen. Any effort now aimed at trying to achieve experiences like ‘enlightenment’ or ‘awakening’ is futile. It is a waste of our personal energy. Trying to ‘become enlightened’ during 2010 is like trying to get the sun to rise an hour before it is scheduled to appear upon the horizon. Such behavior is misguided and pointless.

"2010 is the year of adhering to a simple daily routine that is our trusted route in. Throughout 2010, as dark as it sometimes appears, as cold as it sometimes feels, and as hopeless as it may at times appear, our task is to continually remind ourselves of the bigger picture, and to sparkle accordingly. 

"Many shall identify with the unconsciousness of the pre-dawn darkness and deny, and even try to prevent, the reality of the imminent rising of the sun within us. It is therefore important we remind ourselves that we cannot save or rescue another from their experience—no matter how much we love or care for them. To try and do so is to enter their madness and so to become equally susceptible to the consequence of crashing.  

"Take note too that what now fills the subject matter of all major news stories relates to ‘ethics’. This scrutiny of ethics in all aspects of our human experience comes to a head mid-year, and then begins to recede. Many sacred cows fall with it, and all emperors are shown to have no clothing. This is because our movement as evolving awareness shifts on Nov 3rd 2010 from ‘aligning our ethics’ to ‘participating as conscious co-creators of our shared experience’. Therefore, let whatever we choose as our daily application—as our route in to presence—also be a means to hone our co-creative capacities.  

"Throughout 2010 anyone paying close attention—which is another way of saying ‘anyone who remains present with the felt-aspect of their experience’—will be able to peer through the apparent darkness and perceive the landing lights of the runway up ahead. This ensures conscious landing into multi-dimensionality. Throughout the year there are also going to be a string of ‘legitimizing events’. Legitimizing events do not do anything for us—they simply arise to confirm the validity of what is truly unfolding. They contradict the mass media and its political intent to convince us that all is going to hell. They also contradict the madness of sustaining a belief in mortality-based awareness and the destructive behavior it encourages. These legitimizing events will be overlooked by those stuck in the mental plane, and therefore missed by many.. . .One of the legitimizing events will be a sudden surge of a personal awareness of what peace is. 

"2010 is our year to individually sparkle, like the lone morning star heralding the coming of the sun. By years end all who live by their heart’s governance shine brighter than ever and become the undeniable light of their world experience." 

illustration by Sarah Hoolander 

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