Friday, August 20, 2010

New Italian Translation

I just got word that my sweet little Dream Dictionary for Dummies is being translated into Italian. The Dummies books are always deceiving; they contain so much more content than their title implies. As a kid I used to like to read the dictionary, but I never thought I would write one!! Actually, it was a really interesting experience, and a great intuition development exercise. After much reviewing of what's out there, I decided that most dream dictionaries were either really antiquated and the meanings had little relation to what was going on today, or they were geared more to Freudian symbology and were not really about one's personal growth and transformation process. 

So I decided to find the most common symbols, ones that weren't highly repetitive of each other, and look intuitively at what they meant in terms of our physical growth process and life, our emotional process and life, and our mental/spiritual process and life. So each symbol can be understood through many dimensions of experience. Then we added in an abbreviated version of the key content I'd had in Dreams for Dummies, and voila! A great, small-sized pocket reference book.

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