Monday, August 30, 2010

Past Lives, Parallel Lives, Future Life: All in the Vast Present Moment!

Plan Ahead! I am teaching a WEEKEND TRAINING at Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA in the Berkshires, Oct 1-3. Why not join me there for the fall color? 866-200-5203 

You will learn to enter and play constructively in the amazingly real "imaginal realm," which exists at the heart of the present moment. So much of what becomes meaningful about who you are and what's possible to do comes from your ability to access fresh ideas and make them real—and that includes sensing other lives you may be living somewhere in time. Penney Peirce, an expert in expanded perception, will guide you in a variety of journeys through the inner worlds of unlimited knowledge and creativity to access information about past and parallel lives so you can discover an expanded experience of how big you really are.

Then, to increase your ability to move to higher frequencies of the present moment, where your potential reality and important insights and are stored, you'll learn to travel the territory of the dream world, make sense of symbols, and interpret both night dreams and daily reality as messages from your soul. You'll form a trusting relationship with your Inner Perceiver, and receive glimpses and a felt sense of your Destiny—the ideal experience you want, love, and deserve—so it can begin to materialize smoothly in your Now.


Nancy said...

Sounds like a great training. Maybe some day.

kevin said...

data came up for me over a period of close to 40 years suggesting that I lived as a knife fighter,who died in Texas in 1836, an inventor and flyer who died in 1912 of illness and a confederate politician right in the middle of those 2 lifetimes, that overlaps both of them. that 1st lifetime might be hard to compare to the other 2, since the only photograph purported to be of him is likely a picture of his brother instead. weird huh. Kevin