Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Future of Print

The University of Cincinnati magazine features this article on our evolving print media by John Bach. Thinking about coming innovations seems really good to me because I think we must now do everything to stimulate our imaginations and really use our imaginative ability to create possibilities for our own new lives. Here's the first part: Imagine a mobile device that looks and feels like paper yet delivers books, your morning news and even high-resolution color video. Now picture yourself rolling it up and stuffing it into your pocket.

UC experts say that is an accurate description of where publishing is headed over the next decade. Furthermore, research in UC electrical engineering labs is helping to get it there.
Using a technique called electrowetting, UC's Andrew Steckl is sleuthing a way to print complex circuitry on bendable paper stock or e-paper. Unlike competing devices, Steckl's rollable display — which stacks pixels as opposed to arranging them side-by-side — will show more than washed-out grays and deliver full-color multimedia, while being easy on the eyes, even in bright-light conditions.

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