Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two Views

At times I see the world situation as hopeless—the hatred, poverty, sickness, ego, greed, inhumanity, control games, corruption—it seems like it feeds on itself and will go on forever. When I try to deal with the political craziness in the world with my mind alone, I get so frustrated that I feel like that old commercial where an egg is frying in a red-hot skillet: "This is your brain on drugs." Except that it's "This is your left brain on fear."

But when I shift out of my left brain into my right brain, home frequency, and heart perception, and remember that I'm a soul living in a field of light and love (pure consciousness and perfect cooperative interconnection with the All), when I saturate with THAT field, the whole view turns inside out and suddenly it's not so difficult. The Field can do the work of shifting the fear patterns, Love is bigger than all of it, and can suck the reality out of suffering with such finality that we will think we just dreamed it, a long time ago. . . It's evident when I'm in my "right mind" that all the difficulties and pain I see in the world are a result of the bad habit we all have of feeling separate and perceiving through a filter of separation.

photo by Nick Brandt

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