Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Latest Issue of Intuitive Way eNews is Out!

You can read my latest editorial about "Screen Addiction" in the January 17 issue of my newsletter, at www.penneypeirce.com/newsletterarchives.htm

Each newsletter contains an editorial about what's happening just below the surface of our awareness. You can sign up at www.penneypeirce.com/newsletter.htm

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Mero said...

Our thoughts can only react to the contents of our memory. Starting from a conditioned part of our conscience. This means that each thought is formed by the past and no thought can be truly new. It can only be the result of an addition of two different thoughts that nobody has thought before, but that thought can only arise from the past and therefore from our conditioning. Something really new can be born only if we manage to get rid of that content from the past. This does not mean that this content will have disappeared from our consciousness, but simply that it does not dominate our thoughts. This potential for insight or foresight is called intuition. Most of us do not take into consideration the fair value of this potential. Many are so attached to their manner of thought that they do not open up for another manner of observation and perception. This preserves the past and therefore their conditioning.