Saturday, January 29, 2011

Penney's 2011 Letter Is Available

Last year I began to write a letter about what I sense happening under the surface for the year ahead, and I've just finished the 2011 Letter. It is available as a pdf at my website:

If you'd like to read the 2010 Letter, which is still quite pertinent, it's available at:

And finally, if you'd like to read the Summer Solstic message I sent last June, it's available at:

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Suzanne Slaw said...

Beautiful, Penney. I am relating to/with much of the energy you speak of in this letter, especially the segment where you discuss realting to those of a lower energy vibe that I/you/we are at. I am living a surreal existence---experiencing life/MY life, yet the outside seems, . .in disconnect. I feel a bit "out there" in this revolution/evolution, but know that I am to be completely a part in this process. Your intuition, insights and your motivation to publish to masses has helped many . .I can be sure that you have helped THIS one. Love and Light to you.