Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Passing of Great People

Not only did Sai Baba, who many consider a Christlike figure, die this past weekend, but I just have news that an old friend, John Kimmey, has also passed. John was dedicated to spreading the word about the Hopi prophecy, and bringing transformation into reality. You can read about him at http://www.dancingawakethefifthworld.com

I wonder how the passing of people who are major light-holders actually affects the planet and those of us still here in bodies. Perhaps as we become higher frequency ourselves, we will not feel them as gone, but still radiating their essence, in perhaps an even purer way, through the earth's field, or energy body. It makes me think of the many many souls who have incarnated during this time of transition, to assist others and the planet itself, in making the shift to higher frequency awareness and energy. Surely they themselves have benefited from the focused work, but I also think about the fact that they may not be in a physical body to experience what transformation will feel like on the planet. And is that something truly desirable? Anyway. . .so my musings go. My deepest feeling is of gratitude for these lives, and the many other lives that may go unnoticed, of souls who dedicate themselves to helping the conscious evolution process. Bless you all.


Anonymous said...

I feel that they are now comfortable enough to go. Death is like taking off a tight fitting shoe- whomever is leaving knows that we have arrived and that there is no need to wait longer.

Laurie said...

Good question, Penney: I wonder whether it's desirable to be in a physical body to experience the transformation on the planet. And yet, from what I understand, we can only experience transformation through physical being. I trust those of us here will receive light and support from the high-frequency folks on the other side!