Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Voice in Many: Part 8

I've been posting bits of an old manuscript I wrote in 1980 or so—and it's interesting to see that in my attempts then to merge into the collective consciousness and speak from that unified voice, so much of what was said is so simple and true today. The "We" voice could as easily be a divine voice inside anyone and everyone. Previous parts can be found on Jul 12, Aug 19, Aug 26, and Nov 4, 2010; Jan 15, Feb 9, and Mar 30, 2011.

Encourage yourself to get sunshine and laugh with people every day. Praise the earth in its beauty, harmony, and "good nature," then bring out your gratitude and live it. Gratitude connects you to the awareness of unity and opens doors to vision. Gratitude dissolves worry and allows spirit to enter your life in a direct way, literally, through in-spir-ation. As you grow through inspiration, so we also make spiritual progress upon our paths. So take care to be aware of the perfection of each present moment and complete every movement in a sacred way. Do not avoid being sacred yourself. Stop. Be. Face yourself now. If you do not, you will soon meet yourself coming, in every face you encounter. There is no escape from that which you never left. If there were, there would indeed be a Hell.

I must go with what I know and trust that an inkling will lead to a sure footing. Trust that one step allows the next. Persistence and patience are NOT difficult. Trust is not difficult. None of the steps that need to be taken is beyond our ability. The formula is easy: Remember who you really are—the Divine in form. Experience it by meditating and bringing the quality of meditation to your life. Know your natural condition is love and abundance. Have the courage to proceed on intuition or inner flashes, knowing these to be closer to truth than anything logic could devise.

We are so much creatures of habit and our bad habit is perceiving ourselves as separate. Call it the ultimate addiction. But being a servant to the Divine and each other is the greatest of privileges and when the limited mind sees that, it doesn't feel so threatened. It will not be cast aside. All Divine creations fit perfectly in the plan for unfoldment and expansion.

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