Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Becoming Transparent: Preparing to Live in the Permanent Present Moment

The dream woke me at exactly 3am, as is the case with every visionary dream I've ever had. In it, I was camping in the desert, "holding a spot" for what seemed like a week or two, just waiting and maintaining a steady vibration, following some sort of higher, intuitive orders. My mother was with me, and as we lounged in our folding plastic chairs, she told me she was worried about the future.

I was reading a book, written in a series of different sized dots and circles. Looking at the pages, they were literally covered edge to edge by a field of these spheres, some yellow, some blue, some purple—looking very much like a closeup of round cells under a microscope. And yet, it made perfect sense to me and I read it by tracking through the field, following various sequences of rotations of the spheres, like tracing the flow of oil through a complex series of gears.

I said to my mother, "Oh, Don't worry. It's not going to be that bad. See? It says right here. . ." And I proceeded to describe what the book depicted. There was a "cosmic event" happening WAY WAY out in the far reaches of the universe. In fact, it had already occurred and had set in motion this particular sequence of rotations, where the collision or spin of one celestial body affected another, and then another, and another, until the wave of spiraling energy would reach our own solar system and planet. When that happened—and it wouldn't be too much longer now—the book said that people would attribute the result to erroneous causes.

The dream scene suddenly shifted and I was standing in a room talking to a male colleague, a healer who was dressed in a gray business suit who had just returned from the big cities of the East Coast. "Those suits are really solid!" he exclaimed. And I thought, the business mentality is hard to get through, or maybe the bodies themselves are like suits. He looked at me and said, "Well, you look fine; you're right on schedule." I looked down and my left arm was transparent up to the shoulder.

As I saw this, memory suddenly flooded into me about what was really going on.
We were approaching an important time in the history of the planet. There would be an "event," related the the cosmic event from the far-distant universe, that was called "The Void." I knew I'd been living all my lifetimes, and preparing diligently, to be able to live through this event. In my consciousness, it was something exciting and joyful, yet I knew many people would lose their lives. "How could I possibly have forgotten this!" I thought.

Then a voice said, "To survive The Void you must become like the void." And I knew then that we were all in a process of becoming transparent, every inch of us. To be transparent meant to hold nothing to yourself, to release all ego, to be soft and adaptable, porous and permeable. To be transparent meant that we would learn to live in a state without the need for fixed identity, without a set history, without limitation, without beliefs, without fear and reactionary behavior. Those things make us opaque, solid, and dense.

During The Void, which I sensed to be somewhere in the first twenty years of the 21st century, there would be a powerful phenomenon akin to the stopping of time. It would primarily occur in the higher dimensions, the mental and emotional planes, yet it would have an effect on our physical bodies.

I knew that as we experienced this "Pause," we'd have no idea how long it was lasting, because time would not exist. It's like we would blink out, then blink back in again. Those of us who had become transparent—in other words, who were fluid, fully in the moment without expectations or projections into future or past, and who held no fixed ideas—would simply flow with the situation, not experiencing much of a disruption to our ordinary way of being, since we already knew the sort of timelessness or timefulness inherent in the present moment.

People who were still living with the concept of linear time, projecting into the future, rushing to meet deadlines or dipping nostalgically into the past, would have their worldview shattered. There would be a tremendous flood of energy running through the planes of existence, through the "energy bodies," and anywhere there was too much holding on, or holding back, or holding out, that mental fixation would act as an impurity in the system, causing an implosion. With no holding patterns, the energy would simply flow through harmlessly, giving the "transparent" person an experience of heightened divinity and light.

Those who were still "opaque" with fear and controlling behaviors, would likely die from the overload.
And yet, there was no tragedy. Those who died physically in the blink of an eye, would not realize what had happened consciously, and they would reincarnate right away onto a planet that was of the same vibration as the one they'd just left. Their earth would function in much the same way as it always had. Those who blinked back in, having absorbed the huge new dose of light, would reincarnate onto an earth that was more etheric, yet seemed just as familiar to them. Neither group would suffer alienation. In effect, there would be a bifurcation of the world, and two planet Earths would exist side-by-side in parallel realities.

Since this dream, which happened about twenty years ago, I have wondered about the process of becoming transparent, wondered if I were making progress. In the past few years, though, I've had a stronger sense that this was indeed happening. More people understand what it is to live in the present moment, and how this kind of centered consciousness literally changes the rules of the world.

We're learning about the new paradigm consciousness, and how powerful the unified field is as a medium of awareness. The more we keep ourselves centered in the now, the higher the frequency of our consciousness. The higher the frequency of our consciousness, the less capacity we have to suppress fear and hold negative beliefs. This means that all the interferences, the impurities in our systems, are now rising to the surface to be dissolved. Misunderstandings ask to be re-understood.

We will see an increase in voluntary loss of ego and overly-structured identity. More people will become beginner shape-shifters, reformulating themselves easily again and again, as the needs of the collective pull new interests and desires up from the collective unconscious. If you are in a period of loss right now, don't worry. It's really a period of gestation, a gift that allows you to drop into your own deep waters and feel what wants to be real NOW.

A friend of mine said she had a dream where she was inside a cocoon, very tight and alone. Suddenly it exploded and she was a swan swimming peacefully on a glassy lake, with many other swans. She said she realized that what was coming would be an experience of greater connectedness with like-minded others, that she would no longer have to do everything alone.

Here are some things you can do to further this process of becoming transparent:

Center yourself repeatedly inside your body, in the moment, and see what you already know about whatever's just been on your mind.

Absolutely STOP self-doubt thoughts, yes, but's, cynical or critical thinking, and negative comments.

Saturate yourself in thoughts of what you love, what excites you, what brings simple pleasure, what opens your heart.

Release other people's ideas that you mistakenly carry and hold as your own.

Release opinions, beliefs about your identity, or what you think you have to do.

Visualize yourself uncluttered by shoulds, old ideas, and negative feelings.

Let yourself experience spaciousness, openness, expansion, clear light all around you.

Let go of any ways you hold on, hold back, hold forth, hold out, and hold up.

Remember: In any now moment you can be transparent.
Just focus your whole self into the moment and breathe diamond light, radiate diamond light, and relax any urges to control yourself and the world.

You don't have to know who you are. You're much bigger and more complex than you could ever imagine. The soul will make you into whatever is needed for the next moment of life. Go with it! Discover yourself as you become, then discover yourself anew.

Copyright by Penney Peirce


BrotherGee said...

Your dream describes the "Null Zone" or what some call the "Zero Point", when Creation pauses at the end of a downward, involutionary arc prior to beginning an upward, evolutionary arc. Next stop, the Etheric Plane (and beyond, for some).

Your description of two earths is also correct. In fact, two earths have always existed: one physical, one etheric. Due to our focus on the physical world, not many have been able to view the etheric one.

We are getting closer to these events. People such as yourself are becoming ever more sensitive to the fact that time is growing shorter and shorter. Continue to sound the bell for all those who may be within earshot.

Your Service is appreciated.

~ g

Anonymous said...

It is miraculously comforting to read your words, Penney. It is such a thrill to relate to someone in this moment. This is exactly what the Doc ordered.

One Higher Love said...

Penney, reading these words brought me to tears as they resonated on a deeper understanding and knowing within me.

It is interesting because in my hypnotherapy practice, similar messages have been coming through from the higher realms to my clients, so much so lately that I expect to hear more of it with each session.

I also wanted to share here an experience that I had a couple of weeks ago where I was driving my car on the freeway and literally saw/witnessed a 'gap' in time. It was very brief but it validated that time/space/dimensions are shifting here on this Earth plane.

I have so much gratitude for you and your words, much Love to you.

Carrie said...

I had a dream similar to this a few months ago. I was outside and there were others around. Symbols started exploding in the sky like fireworks and I understood that they were miraculous blessings beyond imagination. Blessings raining down onto all. Some people kind of looked stunned and sort of like they were sleep walking. Then a huge table opened up full of a bountiful banquet and people were enjoying the fare. Then I was in a library and a woman was reading to me from a book. She said, when this happens, some will not be able to see the miracles. Others out of fear will try to explain it away. Then as these beautiful explosions were raining down on all of us, I told my husband about my guidance in the library. It is hard to put into words what he said back to me, but I think I needed to tell him in the dream in order to integrate it into my mental body.

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Peg said...

Loved this post, Penny. It put everything in perspective for me today. I want to tell you about a dream I had one week after I talked to you on the phone...
I was standing high on a cliff and there was flooding down below. There were a lot of people with me on the cliff, and also a lot of people down where the flooding was. The water looks clear, with jagged rocks visible just below the surface, so it looks dangerous. Someone is with me who does not want to help me, but I ask her to help me anyway by holding my glasses and keys. She reluctantly obliges me. I jump off the cliff and my jump forms into a perfect dive, hitting the water without feeling the jagged rocks. I break the surface just fine. Then everyone, above and below, are all together in one place, and that person who held my things for a while gave all my possesions back to me.

I felt the dream was telling me that it was OK to enter the "void". Don't be scared, your life will be re-established once I put my perceived limitations behind me. And also that I wouldn't be alone anymore.