Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Allowing Destiny to Unfold

I recently found this piece of writing I did after I had had a stream of clients who had lost motivation for what they'd been doing successfully for a long time, and who were now feeling rudderless, not yet able to find the sense of their destiny-direction. I asked my inner voice, or Inner Perceiver, what was entailed in finding and embodying one's destiny.

Notice the feeling of being "stuck" in the old, of resisting what feels old. Notice that this experience is characterized by a sense of contraction or clenching of your energy flow. Your mind is doing this, by trying to identify and define a whole new pattern before it is revealed experientially to your body. The left brain will truly be the last part of you to know, so let it rest. The new life, the new pattern of destiny, must unfold; it doesn't come to you like a ball thrown from the heavens. It is more like a seed sprouting from your center, and gently, in perfect timing, unfolding its shoots, leaves, and roots. Your body and the world around you act as the soil and water, the training of your mind to let go of projecting into the future for answers and instead to drop into the deep dark within-place is the nutritious fertilizer. Faith in your own soul's plan and ability to evolve you effortlessly is the water and sunshine.

Next, look for the shoulds, have-tos, and can'ts that underlie the contractions you feel. Example: "I have to pay the bills, so I can't just stop and start over, or do something I love. I should be responsible." These are ideas that come from the limited mind, the old sacrificial way of being. Pause and temporarily disengage from these left-brain negative, declarative statements. Then, let go of the pictures connected to these statements that cause grief, like imagining your downward spiral into poverty, illness, loss, and abandonment. Unplug from those images. Take the negative electrical charges out of your personal field, by imagining that they are grounded out of existence in the light of your soul, the same way static transfers from your body to another substance. You might experience these charges as your "buttons" or "triggers," fears that cause instantaneous contractive reactions in your personality and organism. Dissolve them. Move into neutrality and openness.

Next, let anything be OK. Be with things in the moment, just as they are. There is no NEED for change, as all is well right now. When you can truly relax into the truth of that, you will next feel that it's fine for anything to occur, and that what comes to you will arise from your soul's wisdom, which is always evolutionary. Pay attention to what you want to do NOW, and do each thing with childlike interest. You have emerged from the dark forest into the sunlit meadow filled with flowers, birds, butterflies, and a gurgling stream. It is a new, spacious world. And not knowing what's possible to discover, not holding an outcome in mind, simply experience each new thing as though you are a highly alert animal. Hear and relay the inner flow, noticing that it is the motive of both your own soul AND the collective consciousness of all souls, not separating from the flow-through to judge it. It will move you naturally from one experience to another.

Notice people again and rejoin the interaction. See their light and how they would be with fully open hearts. Turn around your judgments to allowings and express yourself freely; give what you want to give, what brings you pleasure. As you enjoy the people more will gather. Enjoy basking in your own light—the soft fuzz of its penetrating healing, effortless creativity, and magic. Enjoy the light of the others. Enjoyment is a powerful attractive force.

Now then, thoughts of new interests and the opportunities to experience them will come. Great people will emerge and you will not feel as though you are the misfit or pioneer in the wilderness forever. You are at the center of a large and loving family with perfect understanding and feeling. Allow it to emerge around you.

We, your family, come to you through your vibration, we speak through your vibration, and all action comes on this wavelength. Do this now: stabilize your desired experience of life. Do it first in your imagination. Imagine sweetness with effortless power to create, which means alignment of frequencies among the dimensions of yourself, so soul and flow can be experienced in all its nuances. Focus on a quality of ideas, then on a specific idea at a time. This acts as a magnet to draw better and better ideas and opportunities. When you receive an idea of what you want, ask for help from the collective consciousness, from all the beings. Don't feel you must ever work entirely alone; this is an old idea.

Destiny is not in the future. It resides in you now and fuels your every move. Do not let old mind habits, the clutter of the ages, interfere with your smooth transition.

Copyright by Penney Peirce, 2011


Susie Surtees said...

Not much more to say after that! Perfect! Thank you Penney.


wow! good stuff!

Dawn Davidson said...

Beautiful. Just what I needed to hear right now. Thanks to Ken Ng for bringing me here. :^)

Charlotte Phillips said...

With tears of recognition...all I can say is...those are the very words my soul keeps telling after day...when I start rushing things. One day I got a meditation ...two figure eights joined at the heart. North...joins higher selves...swooping down south to lower selves as it twist through the heart and then goes the the left past selves and twist again going to the right future selves. Then bringing all of these parts into the NOW...letting it all go. It just helps me to ground myself into the NOW and know all exist right NOW. Thank you for the reminder and tearful cleansing. You are such a clear beacon...
Charlotte Phillips

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

margi sundell said...

"... a sense of contraction or clenching of your energy flow. Your mind is doing this, by trying to identify and define a whole new pattern before it is revealed experientially to your body. The left brain will truly be the last part of you to know, so let it rest." I really needed to hear this, ah, thank you for helping my left brain rest.