Friday, September 30, 2011

Five Levels of Social Consciousness

I thought this was interesting, as seen as part of the transformation process. . . The Institute of Noetic Sciences bulletin, The Noetic Post, Vol 1 No2, reports:

"The five levels of social consciousness that we have identified include:

(1) embedded, where consciousness is shaped without conscious awareness by social, cultural, and biological factors and which is a kind of presocial consciousness;

(2) self-reflexive, in which people gain awareness of how their experiences are conditioned by the social world through reflection and contemplative practices;

(3) engaged, in which people are not only aware of the social environment but also begin to mobilize an intention to contribute to the greater good in some outwardly directed way;

(4) collaborative, in which people see themselves as a part of the collective and begin to work with others to co-create or shape the social environment by collaborative actions, such as collective inquiry, social networking, and learning; and

(5) resonant, in which people report a sense of essential interrelatedness with others—a field of shared experience and emergence that is felt and expressed in social groups and that stimulates social transformation."


Anonymous said...

Hi Penney,

I'd be interested to hear what your thoughts are on the Occupy Wallstreet protests in terms of what they mean for an emerging social consciousness without the US. I'm encouraged by it and just hope it can remain peaceful while they find a focused message.
thanks, Laura

Anonymous said...

... oops, typo - that should have said "within the US".

james burns said...

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Manoj Lekhi said...

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